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  1. Alright I'm ready to put this engine back together and have heard both stories, so which do you do: put oil on cylinder/piston/rings or install them dry? I don't want to have to tear this thing back down so I need ya'lls help. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Charlie. One more question, what do I need to do to break it in after I get it back together? Any certain kind of oil or just what I usually run?
  3. Ok I was gonna post some pics of my piston on here but I don't guess I can figure out how. Anyway I ordered a new piston and ring kit cause the piston didn't look really good to me. The skirts were scored pretty good. Is that normal? But I measured it with a mic all the way around and it was the same. There is no grooves in the cylinder, its slick. Do I just need to hone it out?
  4. Thanks Charlie. You say re-lap the exhaust, are they steel or TI? Also do I need to replace the cylinder gasket? If so I was thinking about putting new rings in while it is tore down this far. It has a wiseco piston in it. Do I neen wiseco rings or OEM or put a new piston and ring set in? I think I'll go with the Kibblewhite SS intake valve set.
  5. Alright, after shimming my valves, getting it timed right, cleaning the jets it still wouldn't start. The compression seemed weak so I figured it needed a valve job since one intake had zero out before shimming. I tried a leakdown test but since I never done one before I guess I was doing something wrong because it kept trying to push the piston down. So I decided to go ahead and pull the head off. Now what do I look for. Can I visually see if the valves needs replaced cause it actually don't look bad just looking at it. I have not took the valves out yet. One more question...would SS intake be my best choice and is the exhaust usually ok? If not would I need to go back with TI or SS on them? Thanks for all help. I wanna ride!!!!!
  6. Thanks I got in time perfect now, valve clearance is good .006 intake, .010 exhaust. I'm gonna clean the jets in the carb since its been setting a while. I got a pretty blue spark also, so now there should be no reason this bike wont start now right??? (fingers crossed)
  7. On a 06 CRF250R does the timing marks on the cam supposed to be straight across from one another or even with the top of the head which is angled? And cam lobes pointing to the rear...right?? I may be off 1 tooth on my cam. Will that cause the bike not to crank? Will all these timing marks only line up on the compression stroke? Thanks for the help.
  8. Ok my bike has been sitting up since the end of last year cause the valves needed shimming. I drained the tank and carb before I let it set up also. I finally got the time to shim them I got the intakes @ .006 and exhaust @.010 When I first took it apart and got it to TDC the dots on the crank and case was not perfectly aligned also on the cam gear the marks was not perfectly straight both were off slightly. It was running that way so I left it that way. When I got it together, put fresh gas in it will not start. I kicked till I thought I was gonna have a heart attack it will hit every now and then. Tried using the hot start still nothing. I can't choke it cause the choke will not stay out. I need some ideas please I'm sure i'm missing something. Thanks
  9. Ok if I just replace the intake do I need to put new springs on the exhaust valves also? And what about the shims, do I use the ones that is already in there? or how do I know which ones to use?
  10. Any suggestions on what kind of valves to get without spending alot of money and would stainless be better? can I just replace the intake or do I need to replace all four? Thanks for the help. I kinda figured that was gonna be the answer when I seen that one at .000
  11. I checked the valve clearance on my 06 crf250r and both exhaust valves is at .007 and the intake is (left side) .005 and (right side) .000??? idk my feeler gague only went down to .002 and it would not slide in. Is that ok for the exhaust? Do I need to just shim the right side on the intake? or does both need shimming?
  12. Tried to bump start it and still no luck. I gonna check the valves anyway just to be sure. Does my jetting sound right or do I need to try going up or down on the sizes?
  13. I have a 06 CRF250R that was running perfect this summer when the temp was in the 90's and 100's. It cooled off some and it is really hard to start, the temp has been in the 70's now. The only way it will start cold is if you use the hot start. I thought it might be flooding cause I smell gas while kicking it. I have had the carb off and cleaned it but nothing changed. The main jet is 170, slow jet is 42, needle is in the 3rd clip from top, fuel screw 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 out, seems to run good there with no bog, altitude is 460 feet, has a FMF PowerBomb header also. I have not checked the valves only because it was running too good before and would start on the 2nd or 3rd kick every time. My question is what do I need to check for causing it not to crank and possibly flooding while kicking? I am not giving it any gas while kicking either. Oh, and after it finally starts and you ride a while then try to start it back up, it is still really really hard to start. Didn't mean to write a book here, I just wanted to have enough info. Thanks for any help.