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  1. dochawken

    Starter removal

    I put that starter in more positions than a New Orleans hooker and still could not get it out...from that time forth I just immediately remove the carb, clean it really good before reinstall. Too much stress otherwise.
  2. dochawken

    Starter removal

    Have no idea how you removed the starter without removing the carb. I turned that damn thing in every position imaginable at it would not exit the right side. Tell me your secret..
  3. dochawken

    Starter replacement?

    Just put my buddy's rebuilt starter in my pig..works great..paid him for the rebuild kit and we are good to go for a jaunt today. Nice to have good friends!! Ride safe!
  4. dochawken

    Starter replacement?

    Thanks for the reply..battery and solenoid check out. There is a 4.5 volt drop at the starter..for me it is easier to replace..then rebuild the old one at my leisure...My riding partner has one at his home that he has rebuilt..will try that one tomorrow
  5. dochawken

    Starter replacement?

    Bike started this morning but turned over slowly, like dead battery. Checked the battery and it was 12.8 volts..voltage drop on start to 10.2 volts. I am think the starter is failing. Is it easier to rebuild or just buy a new one? I replaced the brushes last year..I am thinking the armature is shorted. Any advice appreciated.
  6. dochawken

    All those seeking a good CDI for your pig

    I was fortunate when my CDI went out, it happened within 1 mile of my home. But earlier in the day I was 100 miles from home. Very fortunate
  7. dochawken

    Pulse gen replacement

    Do most replace the PG at the time they replace the CDI? I have almost 40 k miles, is the life expectancy for the PG about at this level?
  8. I had a major disappointment trying to buy an aftermarket CDI for my XR650L. The first 2 just would not work, simply blew the 10A fuse. I found a company that assured me that their CDI would work well and also had a 1 year warranty. The company DB Electric..simply go to their website. The CDI is 40$ with free shipping..and they work!! Ride hard..but safe
  9. dochawken

    Pulse generator testing

    We stop importing poverty from Mexico and the rest of the world, this will end. On a more positive note, I purchased an after market CDI from DB Electric at 40$ and it fired right off, runs great. They apparently test them before shipping, are very pleasant people that speak English, would recommend the company to all 650 riders. As always Brian, I appreciate all the good you do on this forum. Best always...
  10. dochawken

    Pulse generator testing

    What do you think they have in those boxes, 10-12$ manuf cost? An American company could manufacture and sell a reliable unit for 50$ . With emphasis on reliable...130$ for a unit with no warranty is a farce..at nearly 200$ local shop..it becomes nearly criminal. It reminds me of the time I was darting around with my carb and lost a very small O ring..called Honda..they had it...6$...I bought a pkg of 12 at NAPA for little over 1.50. Old tech, selling like it was part of recent space ventures.
  11. dochawken

    Pulse generator testing

    Why has no company within the US begun to manufacture a CDI for use on these machines? Even a small electronics firm should be able to produce a very reasonably priced alternative to Honda. This is old tech..
  12. dochawken

    Pulse generator testing

    Ahhh never mind...just realized you were referring to the PG connector and not the connector on the CDI..[emoji12]
  13. dochawken

    Pulse generator testing

    Hey Brian..can you post a picture of what you are describing? It is on the side of the connector next to the body of the unit? The 4 prong connector or 2 prong?