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  1. Dirtmizer

    2004 DRZ400S

    I did replace that oring and yes ride them and store them right
  2. Dirtmizer

    2004 DRZ400S

    UPDATE: the DRZ is up and running so far no issues, replaced carb internals, various o rings that were swelled up, new battery, new air filter, old one was mush, new manual petcock, pulled the cam cover and coated cams with some comp cams assembly lube, installed fresh oil and at the last minute had to remove the pipe and pour the varnish out, almost forgot about it, fired right up and ran great, thanks for all the help. Now Im back to trying to get their other bike running right its an 06 DR200SE similar situation as the DRZ all new stuff but it wont idle consistently, have a thread going in the DR forum on that one. thanks
  3. Dirtmizer

    2006 DR 200 SE wont idle

    Hey everyone, I am trying to help out a neighbor with her DR200 it was sitting for 4 years with gas in it so it was very gummed up, I did a carb rebuild with stock internals and now the bike will start but it will not idle consistently, they did have it back for a couple weeks and it ran but it was hard to start and keep running, they ended up running it with the choke on accidentally so now it will fire briefly and shut right down, must have fouled a plug?? also the pipe discoloration makes me think its lean. I am at 800 feet above sea level so was considering some minor jetting changes, Im not after more power just want the bike to start, idle, and not get to hot. I was considering bumping up the pilot jet hoping that would help with the startups and idle, any thoughts?
  4. Dirtmizer

    2004 DRZ400S

    No to Raptor petcock? DRZ is bone stock with 500 miles on it. 2004 DRZ400S
  5. Dirtmizer

    2004 DRZ400S

    I guess Ill let it dry out good and button her back up...fingers crossed. Thankyou for the reply.
  6. Dirtmizer

    2004 DRZ400S

    Hey everyone I have a question, Im helping out a neighbor with his DRZ, its been sitting since 05 so I pulled the carb and ordered new jets etc …. then I noticed a stain running down from the starter gear cover on the magneto side when I removed it almost a gallon of gas poured out, same thing when I pulled that left side crankcase cover, I assume the needle and seat is faulty also going to change the petcock also (raptor), I assume the magneto has been soaking in gas for at least a few of those five years, also notice the oring on the starter gear cover is mush, Im wondering if the magneto is junk also wondering what other negative effects the gas may have had on the internals, spark plug was black and gooey, with the amount of gas that came out of the lower end Im thinking it was up in the cylinder some aswell. What do you guys think? Thanks.
  7. Rebuilt master cylinder, cleaned caliper changed fluid still after period of time front brake locks up till u release pressure at caliper then good for a while???? any ideas? could the rider be riding the brake and boiling fluid? would that expand fluid and cause lockup? maybe a fluid return restricition? its a friends sons bike trying to get some ideas for him. Thanx.
  8. Dirtmizer

    03 CRF 450 R Crank

    Have to replace a crank in an 03 , any suggestions on where to buy it and the required gaskets? would like OEM crank but also would like to get the best price. I have a few sources but want to make sure I'm not missing something. Thanks.
  9. Dirtmizer


    Thanks, lots of good ideas.
  10. Dirtmizer


    Has anyone used vinegar to clean out their drink systems? ifso what is the mixture of vinegar vs water? how long do I leave it in the bladder etc... thanks all. P.S. I did a search and couldn't find anything much on the vinegar.
  11. Dirtmizer

    KX85 master cylinder

    Hey guys and girls, I just took off the front master cylinder on my sons 05 KX 85 (to replace the bars) that has only 4 trail rides on it, no racing, and the threads on the master cylinder are junk, the bolts did not want to come out easily and I guess they ruined the threads as I unscrewed them, whats up with that? does anyone know of an inexpensive source for an oem repacement?? I can probably just run a larger tap through the threads. thanks:foul:
  12. Dirtmizer

    KX 85 sparky???

    Hey guys anyone have any experience with a sparky? I need to keep costs down so I'm considering this over a Q or Turbine Core. They look like they could loosen up and fall off though, maybe a sheetmetal screw would be a good safety lock?? also I don't see one listed for an 05 KX85 does anyone have a good source for this part? Thanks
  13. Dirtmizer

    RM 85 spoke tightening

    I agree with red rider to make a short story long, think of it this way, your threading the nipple on to the spoke to tighten and drawing the rim closer to the hub in the process. righty tighty lefty loosey. maybe this will simplify it for you?! Good luck
  14. Dirtmizer

    TPS/jetting stumble??!!

    Hey I do the same thing with my 03 but I unplug when I'm home were I ride dirt roads and some street, (steady speed) then plug in when I travel up north for some real riding, (runs great in the trail) I don't ride much at home but when I do its much better unplugged. I would love to just leave it unplugged if it won't hurt anything.
  15. Dirtmizer

    Front Tire Help!

    I also ride in Michigan and I prefer the 773, but it wears pretty fast, I just used a maxxis IT on the rear with a 773 up front with no compaints, but I think one of the best all around is the 756 front and rear.