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  1. Very Nice. Looks good. I have some follow-up Pics to post. I cracked my tank late last year and just now got my 426 back together with a new Clarke Tank and Graphics. Many thanks to MX642 for the help... Will post Pics soon...
  2. Even a good stock 426 makes a good trail ride in my book. I have rode mine on tight single track, slow going stuff on 98 degree + days and have never overheated, not once. Just do a search on the forum and you will see what mods have been done to make the ride even better.
  3. You have come to the right place. There is more on the topic you mention than you may ever care to read. See: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3706078#post3706078 I have done the Mod with some help and the mod is hands down the best mod that can be done on a 426. CAM you need is an 03 450 OEM Exhaust. Read on!
  4. Thanks for the response and confirmation. Culver does sound like the ideal race for him to get started but looks like it is going to be too far for us. The race in Greencastle or Columbus is a possibility. Many of the courses around here are just too hilly or difficult for a beginner like him. (We are outside of Evansville in Southern Indiana) The youth races are definately more tailored for his skill set. It still doesn't make sense to me that there is an AMA Motocross school boy class (14-16) that a youth can ride a 250f in - but no school boy class in an AMA off-road event such as a Hare-Scramble or Grand-Prix. I may just have to ride with him in the beginner or C-Class and ride behind him and help him out in the next event. The problem is that I am not a C-Class or beginner rider and was really hoping he could race in the youth class in the morning where I can spectate and help him out and then he could do the same for me in the Adult race. Thanks again for confirming and good luck at Culver!
  5. Searched... and couldn't find an answer on TT and have been doing some checking on the AMA Website. My 14 year old son is interested in racing a Hare Scramble race. Going by the size of his bike (03 YAM WR-250) I don't think he is elgible to compete in an AMA sanctioned Hare Scramble youth race. I believe the 4 stroke limit is 150cc and 125cc for 2 Strokes. Being 14, he is elgible to race in the Amateur (Adult race) in a class suited for his level - His is definately a beginner class or C-Class rider at best and I really don't think he has the skill set for an adult course nor would I want him getting run over by Pros & much faster adult riders while getting lapped. He belongs on a youth Hare Scramble course and in a youth race regardless if he was on a 125 2-Stroke, 150f or 250f. What I don't understand is that the AMA rule quote says: "The minimum age for amateur riders is 12-years. In all off-road events, a rider must be 14-years or older to ride motorcycles above 250cc. The age of the rider is determined as of the date of the event, except in youth competition" If I am reading the quote above correctly, a youth rider 12 and above can race in a non-youth (Adult) AMA Hare Scramble race but has to be 14 to race a motorcycle above a 250. The largest 4-Stroke I have seen at an AMA Hare Scramble youth event is a 150f. The largest 2-stroke has been a 125. It seems that given my son is 14 and is riding a 250f, he is between a rock and hard place (Been there many times myself ) and can't race his 250f in a youth class on a youth course (Where he belongs) and has to race in a class with Pros & adults on a larger and more difficult course. I hope I am not mudding up the water. I have asked several people at several different AMA races and have gotten several different answers. Does anyone know the details on this and if I am correct on the AMA rules? I was really hoping he could race his WR-250f in a youth class or school boy class where he belongs but going by the rules, his bike is too big and he has to race in an adult amatuer class. For non AMA sanctioned off-road events, this is not a problem. Likewise if this was an AMA Motocross event, he would be fine on a 250f in the 14-16 school boy class. If all the above is true, do I have to go purchase my son a 150f or a 125 2-stroke for him to compete in an AMA youth hare scramble race? PS. I appologize if this should have been posted in the General Forum versus the Off-Road pro-racing...
  6. You will have to wait and see.... If you didn't get it, it could be at my house PS. I am hoping for a set of some new Dunlops and a Steering Stabilizer after that last ride! MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL AND ALL - A Goodnight!
  7. Can anyone recommend where and who to buy from? Been searching and haven't been able to come up with much from Factory Effects and others. Seems like everything out there is for a YZF. Would like to stay as close to the stock tank graphics look as possible. I don't think the tank graphics from a YZ will work and look right since the tank is smaller. Could be wrong. All I need is the Gas Tank Graphics. Thanks for the input. - RCD
  8. Thanks to all who replied. epeabs - You are the man! This is exactly what I was looking for. An English only version that can be printed. - RCD
  9. Does anyone out there have a link to a PDF for a 2003 WR250F service/owner's manual? I have searched both the YZ and the WR forums and the only link that works is a link to a Yamaha Aussie site. The Aussie/Europe version is helpful but you cannot print it out or edit out the other languages. Thanks, RCD
  10. Zuch - Already been to that link. The PDF and ZIP links for the service manuals do not work...
  11. Av - Thanks for the reply but I am looking for an english only version. I had already downloaded that one which is the aus version. (With the multi-language, it is going to be too many pages to print) Looks like I am going to have to hack out the english portions from the PDF. Wasn't sure if someone had already done this or had downloaded from the link zuch mentioned when the linkwas working... Thanks for helping. - RCD
  12. Does anyone have a link to a PDF for a 2003 WR250F service/owner's manual. I have searched both the YZ and the WR forums and the only link that works is a link to the Aussie/Europe version) That one will work but I would prefer a PDF with English only as I am not multi-lingual, can't spell, and don't want to print 800 plus pages. PS. Forgot to mention that I am a new owner of a 2003 WR250F. What an all around great bike! Thanks - RCD
  13. Pretty Simple, KDUB has to win the remaining two races and Reed has to finish down in the order. Anything is possible. The killer in St. Louis was that Millsaps, Ferry & Hill all crashed out and were never in contention for the win. They all want to win and wouldn't have gone easy on Reed. This really hurt KDub as Reed had nobody other than Andrew Short pushing him. I couldn't believe that Millsack took out Lewis and himself. He is a great rider and I think could have won but I am just not sure where his head is a times. (He also took out Wey in the heat race) You get all these guys racing and banging bars together and it is going to make things difficult for both Reed and Kdub. In addtion to KDub winning, Millsack, Ferry, Hill and the others need to ride better and be in the top 5. This is what will really help KDub out.
  14. Not exactly... Check the results for Anaheim 1, San Diego, Indy and Irving/Dallas. This year will be Windham's best chance and possibly his last. Especially with Stewart and some of the up-coming riders in the mix for next year.
  15. I have an open 3-rail trailer and just use a football under the front fender between the forks , then tighten the tie-downs. Seems to keep the bike more stable and reduces having to really crank the tie-downs as much. I would think this has to be a good thing on a long haul. I don't use anything but tie-downs on the smaller kids bikes.
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