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  1. dave4127690

    lets ride at nemx

    ....which one would that be?
  2. dave4127690


    Yea im pretty close, I was wondering the same thing, isnt it a club where you have to do a few jobs a year or somethin?
  3. dave4127690

    atco. mx park?

    I dont mind if its slippery as long as it isnt muddy to the point where I stall even in 1st occasionally, it sucks- I guess thats just because its an 80 with no low end torque
  4. dave4127690

    atco. mx park?

    how does it handle water?, njorvp and blue-d are allways a mess after a little rain
  5. dave4127690

    POLL! What do you prefer to ride in?

    mid 60's to 70's with clear skies, with a ridiculously immaculate loamy track that is on the drier side of damp (just not muddy)
  6. dave4127690

    Chad Reed

    Australians..... I love you guys.... and your accents , can everyone just step back and take a look at the big picture, racing is exciting, and no one wants to watch some short dude win almost every race.. people want to watch a race where there are battles for places, more specifically for 1st and 2nd place. Yea im not saying rc cant just sweep everybody, im saying its gonna get boring after a while. Seeing chad and ricky battle in close proximity is quite possibly the most exciting part of this season IMO. Ok now that I got the moral out ill choose my side-leave chad alone he didnt do anything, just because he's in somewhat of a slump right now doesnt mean you guys should bash him for being 2nd best (at the moment), he just needs some confidence to get back on his game, when chad is on.. he is ON and that produces some good f*&%&n racing because he'll battle with rc at a similar level of aggressiveness (sometimes) get this aussie some happy medicine or confidence booster
  7. dave4127690


    Pshh I wish i had someone like that, If you want to learn more about the bike, i guess more specifically the electrical system just so you have some prior knowledge about what your about to get yourself into, check out howstuffworks, I never had anyone to explain to me how an engine works, i just have the internet. Any other 15 yr olds here done their own top end with out any help?
  8. dave4127690

    125's competible?

    Well... I came off an 85, and once I outgrew it, I wanted a 250f really badly because of the usuable power. Although there were times when I could ride the 85 aggressively in which case I was flying. I want to get a 250f so I can get my riding technique down, but if I were to race later, I would want a 125 for the fun factor... anyone else go from an 85 without mastering it to a 125 and find it easier to ride than the 85? I know the 125s have more bottom than the 85 and have a slightly smoother hit to them, I just dont want to make the mistake of getting the wrong bike again? , Ive been debating about this for so long that its driving me crazy
  9. dave4127690

    atco. mx park?

    what are the jumps like?
  10. dave4127690


    that thing looks awesome, how much does one of those run?
  11. dave4127690

    Anywhere to Ride in or around Phoenixville, PA?

    Im not too far from pheonixville either -random 15 yr old who loves riding
  12. dave4127690

    New Look

    I remember someone on TT having a sweet yellow yammie.. cant remember who though
  13. dave4127690

    No clutch in shifting?

    i thought you just give a blip of the throttle timed correctly with when you touch the shift lever to downshift to match the engine speed with the selected gear ratios?
  14. dave4127690

    Is the 250F getting a baby brother?

    he got killed?
  15. dave4127690

    Any tracks in NJ not underwater?

    Really? sweet, I was thinkin of going on saturday, it'll be a bit cold but I havent ridden in almost 2 months...hows that for withdrawal