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  1. DPR250R

    Can I locktite the oil filter cover bolts?

    Is there really a thread about this?
  2. DPR250R

    09 honda crf 450r stalling problem

    Someone else had a similar issue here. I think they had access to a properly working 09 CRF and tried swapping parts over. I think they came up with the fuel pump being the issue.
  3. DPR250R

    450R motor in 450X frame

    MXA did something similar a while back. The cases are different if I remember correctly.
  4. DPR250R

    Leak jet/jetting

    To follow up... 60 seemed to make it worse on the stand. I decided to order the R&D pump kit. Also... the original poster has a 2008 CRF450. The carb design is different... you can't compare his bike to our 2005's.
  5. Really? With the rivet ground and the arm wired? I just gave up and ordered the R&D AP kit. I really dont have time to order a bunch of leak jets and try them out. I only get to ride 2 or 3 times a month and can't do any tuning at my house. I am the first one to say spending 100 on a pump cover is a waste of money... but in my case I have to take my time in to account. The kit comes with the adjustable leak jet cover and arm spring. I feel better about a spring then either the o-ring or wire around my linkage. Thanks guys for your feedback.
  6. Thats cool but I won't have access to a 90 til afther this weekend.. did you try any other leak jets?
  7. All input does... thanks!!! What are the temps were your at?
  8. I have these leak jets to choose from... 55, 60, 75 or 100... 2005 450... stock... I won't be able to get my hands on a 90 or 80 by this coming weekend. I don't have a place to test before paying my way in to the track. Those guys that have tried a bunch of leak jets with this mod... which one would you go with if you had only these to choose from?
  9. DPR250R

    Leak jet/jetting

    What tracks are you riding? This was happening to me at Ace and Walden... Let me know how the 40 works for you... I will be able ot try the 60 next weekend. Hope to race Ace. I was thinking of trying a flywheel weight.. but I think that is masking the real issue.
  10. DPR250R

    Leak jet/jetting

    I want to go leaner.... why does this not happen when it is cold? gets worse in the heat? I am not denying your bike runs great.... and thats cool. Search and you'll see what I mean. I do not have any hesistation.. I have a pop stall issue. Which both Rekluse and Burned have pointed out could be a rich leak jet condition. We'll see....
  11. DPR250R

    Leak jet/jetting

    I think that is going in the wrong direction. The posts I have found seem point to running too rich of a leak jet. The problem gets worse with heat. We will see soon enough though.
  12. DPR250R

    Leak jet/jetting

    I am having the exact same issue. I decided to try a #60 Leak jet. Searches have turned up the possibility of the leak jet "putting out the fire". As in the jet is too rich and when fuel is sprayed during throttle application it is causing the bike to stall. Please report back with your findings. I have yet to ride again with the leaner jet.
  13. I really thought I tried every which way possible. I sent it back... got the other one today. Part number is for a 2005-2007 400EX.... its a Sunstar sprocket... but Sunstar does not have anything listed for the 650L. So I check the JT site and the part number is the same for both the 2005-2007 400EX and the 650L I will try it out this week probly some time and reprot back....
  14. After getting the wrong sprocket set TWICE I fonally got it pretty much finshed and gave it back to him today. He is very happy.... wanted to say thanks for all your help. The hesitation did get better as it warmed up and does not seem to be present when riding... but to me something is still slightly off.... I am guessing it is what you others are describing. I never had so much trouble ordering f**king sprockets... ***??? After getting the 650R sprocket set sent to me.... they sent another set. This time the rear was right but the front was wrong. It slid on but the locking plate was useless cause the splines lined up perfectly... so the sprocket could just slide right off. I found a thread here about there being a Part's Unlimited part number error.... and this was a sprocket in Parts Unlimited packaging. Anyways... put it together with the 48T rear and stock 15T front. When I get the 14T front I will pop it on and hopefully it will wake up a tad more. De-Snorkled (or should I say De-Squared) the air box as well.... Thanks again all!!!
  15. OK... did more searching and found a write up on de-snorkling.. You guys consider that a snorkel?? To me a snorkel is like what is found on most stock quads. A pipe from the air box that runs along the frame and ends up near the handlebars... Looks like I got more work to do in the morning Shouldn't all this be in a FAQ section? You guys probly get tired of answering the same questions over and over...