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  1. tahoemoto

    XR400 tire recommendation

    Pirelli MT43 trials for the rear and Michelin S12 front. You won't be disappointed.
  2. tahoemoto

    2010 Honda Dual Sport

    KTM or Husky both have 50 state street legal bikes.
  3. tahoemoto

    Sheet Iron this weekend?

    Thanks to Trav for making it funny. To Fletch for the road side antics. To Tim for being the "drill instructor" and keeping us going when we didn't want to. To Paul-Mark-Eric for hanging tough, finishing on Sunday with a busted up knee and finally to Charlie "for god's sake light a match" for breaking 2 bikes. HAHAHA:p Do it again next year as long as it's not over 90 degrees. Cheers! Thanks. way to rub it in. I don't think Paul-Mark-Eric will ever forgive me.
  4. tahoemoto

    Castrol GTX

    I love oil threads. Everyone has an opinion. Rotella synthetic for me unless its really hot out then I run the non synthetic Rotella.
  5. tahoemoto

    2001 xr 400 jetting for WhiteBros exhaust

    I wouldn't put the WB on at all. Way too loud. My bike has one and I hate it.
  6. tahoemoto

    A trick to cold starting my 400

    I thought the bike keeps running with a pumper. Even upside down. Don't tell me that's just a myth:ride:
  7. tahoemoto

    xr400r oil change

    Run Shell Rotella T Synthetic. It is one of the few actual synthetic oils out there. (For all you oil pros, do the research before you bash me)
  8. tahoemoto

    IMS warning!

    No Husky, but Clarke is the way to go.
  9. tahoemoto

    Trails closing in Tahoe NF

    It has nothing to do with dirtbikers. It's because it is the Republik of Kalifornia. Nevada... lots of good riding...for now anyway. Come on Sharpie rant some more nobody does it better.
  10. tahoemoto

    Street Legal in Nevada

    I just transferred my XR400 from CA to NV. It was pretty easy since it was already plated, but if it wasn't they look for everything (see silverlakerider's post) As far as the registration process, it is a toss up as to which state was harder. In CA it took me 15 minutes, in NV it only took me 10.
  11. tahoemoto

    CA Plate

    I lived in Truckee for 12 years until I was priced out. I just moved to Reno.
  12. tahoemoto

    CA Plate

    I just got rid of my CA license plate for one of them Nevada ones. In and out of the DMV in less than 15 minutes. The only bummer is it cost more than CA.
  13. tahoemoto

    Sheetiron 300

    I just got my number in the mail #453. I sent it in on the April 14 so I guess I'm lucky.
  14. tahoemoto

    Sheetiron 300

    Sent my form in. Maybe this year I will actually go.
  15. tahoemoto

    Has your CA plate been revoked?

    Hey, I know a pretty good frien in Nevada that even has an old back in the good old days plate. It could be the same old friend.