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    Stubborn Chain Bolts!

    Take the wheel off and hammer a socket over the bolt , or thread the jam nut out and use it to remove the bolt. If possible work it back and forth with penatrating oil
  2. Klim are the best I have tried. Zippered vents ,pockets,leather burn gaurd in the boot. Got mine for 89 on close out and no loud colors
  3. Cutting knobs like the OP might create better floatation and lateral traction on sand or maybe not but it's worth a try.I encourage this type of innovation and thinking this is how we have the cool aftermarket products we have available
  4. We would cut every other row of knobs off tires like the teraflex or m5b and it would make very significant improvement in traction on soft dirt or sand climbing hills and act like a standard tire everywhere else vs a paddle. Random pic I found with modified M5B tires
  5. I used to do it all the time for hill climbing rear tires. Give it a shot ,trial and error and see what works.
  6. mec500

    Training wheels for quads ?

    I used training wheels when teaching both of my girls. It took five minutes to get the feel of the the bike without them but they had the throttle and brakes already mastered. Training wheels hinder nothing and a useful tool to teach kids to ride. I took them off the first second I thought my girls were ready. And they both have been riding without since age 4. Letting a child with no throttle or braking skill take off with unlimited throttle is asking for a wreck start slow
  7. mec500

    Plastics gouging frame.

    I've been using gorilla tape to stop the abrasion. Works perfectly
  8. mec500

    Bearing grease - which one?

    The head set ,wheel bearings and linkages are all low speed low load aplications and you could probably get away with using bacon grease if you cleaned and repacked annually. I use marine grade NLGI #2 aluminum complex. The biggest cause of lubrication failure on a bike is water or dirt contamination.
  9. mec500

    Brake fluid compatible

    Don't cheap out on brake system parts. Disassemble, inspect and repair. The elbow might be cracked or have a seam that interferes with the oring or the oring is cut,pinched or something else. Fix it right. Do not use silicone, JB weld or anything else to patch something your life depends on
  10. off road bikes are designed for a standing rider. You can be a great rider and sit bUT you could not use the bike to its full potential limiting yourself.
  11. mec500

    Gifts for motocross rider

    There is only one thing he wants and it won't cost you a dime
  12. mec500

    My mom doesn't understand!

    Most pharmacys sell drug test, prove it.