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  1. I'm have trouble getting the power valve adjustment for preparing the spring and getting the 20" clearance . I loosen the 4mm pinch bolt on the top arm and rotate the arm towards the back of the engine get my clearance then tighten the pinch bolt back up, but the spring just pulls the arm shut and I loose the clearance . Can someone please explain how to adjust this please.
  2. magoo34

    1996 cr250 rattle

    No sorry I have no video , it does it in nuturel at idle and as engine revs rise.
  3. magoo34

    1996 cr250 rattle

    I have a 1996 cr250 that I totally restored a couple of years ago , even though I rebuilt the engine , crank, piston , replated the cylinder , it's always had a rattle . Not loud enough to stop me using it but it's there all the time , my friend has the same model and his has no rattle at all .. I even had the cylinder off a second time and put another new piston in but still the same. Any suggestions on what it can be ?
  4. magoo34

    2006 450 pops and bangs

    I took it out and cleaned but didn't replace it..
  5. magoo34

    2006 450 pops and bangs

    Hi guys .. I am currently working.on crf450x 2006 for a friend .. The bike is extremely low hours and like new . It was put in storage a few years ago and was running perfectly , the guy drained all the fuel from the tank and carb so it was totally dry . My friend recently got the bike round mine to get it up and running. We filled it with fresh fuel . Now it pops and bangs and has a huge flat spot . So I went to work , checking valve clearances (all good) valve timming (all good) had the carb off and luckily I have access to a sonic cleaner so thouroly cleaned everything to do with the carb . Fired it up expecting a sweet running motor but just the same . It's as if it's running really lean . Checked for air leaks by spraying carburettor cleaner around the intake area while the engine was running and no sign of leak .. in truth I don't know where to turn now. Any suggestions please ?
  6. magoo34

    2006 crf250 problems

    I need a t of help plz , I'm helping out a friend here , he has a 2006 250 that's always been a bit hard to start , so I said I will look at it for him , first stop was check the valve clearances with were ex 0.008 and inlets 0.011 so I adjusted them to ex 0.011 and in 0.005 , next I checked the valve timing which was not spot on if I'm being honest , at tdc the mark on the exhaust side of the cam gear was about 1mm high to the mark on the head , so there is a small bit of chain stretch there . I took the carb off and cleaned it , I found the pilot jet was blocked cleaned all that .Drained the fuel and put fresh in it . I went to start it and nothing , no spark , has anyone got the spec numbers for the coils and ignition system plz ? Also if anyone can see something ive missed feel free to tell me plz ..
  7. magoo34

    13 350 pops on overrun

    I will give it a good look over today . what's a "user setting tool ?
  8. magoo34

    13 350 pops on overrun

    The bike is totally stock .
  9. Not sure if I have a problem or not but my 13 350 pops on overrun from high rpm when I come into a corner, is a this normal ? Also it sometimes has a lumpy idle. I've got fresh gas and replaced the small inline fuel filter. Also checked for an air leak by spraying carb cleaner all around the intake area while the engine idling and listening for a change in the engine note but there was no change..
  10. magoo34

    47y/o Vet Rider need Fitness Advice.

    Thanks for the advice , I hear what your saying about riding , but over here in the uk the weathers so bad (wet) that tracks near me won't be open for a good few weeks .
  11. I'm 47 years old , I'm 5ft 8 and 180lb which is about a stone over weight for me ,I've been ridng mx most of my life . This year Ive enterd my mx clubs vet championship and am 100% focused on winning it . I've just joined a local gym . At the monent i ride the static bike for 30 mins and hit the C2 rower for 30 mins is this enough ?. .How often should i train ? And most importantly of all how hard can i push myself ? When i was younger and used to train i used to do it to the point of exhaustion ,i was super fit back then .but i'm not to sure thats a good idea just yet . Any other recomendation for wieght loss and fitness ( ive changed my diet to low fat ). Thanks In advance for any help .
  12. What was the reason for the rebuild ? Was it just a rutine service or was there a problem ? I'd put money on the vavle timing being 180* out .
  13. magoo34

    2013 sxf 250: Fork preload adjustment

    I thiunk there a pre load shims at the base of the springs on the 13's , but i have no idea of what the setting should be .
  14. I've been riding mx for a few years now , i'm a B class rider ,but the one thing that holds me back is a feeling that im gonna loose the front end in corners and i always end up dabbing my foot to hold me up . i loose confidence to corner faster ., Its not the bike as ive always kinda had this on any bike i've owned .