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  1. Ah, hello there! I've lived off your advice on advrider for a while, so why not here too Thanks!! That's what it looks like right now. Just a pity as I have so much in this bike already it's getting silly... If I cannot find a cheap/easy way to lengthen them then shortening the rear is the only option - a pity as it works just soo so well as is. So unless any great ideas here then new triples are what it looks like....
  2. Hi, I'm not sure which forum to post this in, as I have CRF450 forks on my XR650R!... But this is all about CRF450 parts/bits, so will try here My XR650R has a custom Wilbers shock which I love, however it has an extra 2.5cm of travel. This was fine on my XR with it's standard crappy forks as they are physically longer than CRF450 forks. However now that I have transplanted the front end to a 2006 CRF450R set of forks - the ride height is all wrong, and no amount of adjusting the rear shock works - the whole bike is tilted uncomfortably forward. It's not so bad with full luggage for Morocco desert trips, but other than that is annoying (hard on my nuts...!!). It's not helped by running a 24l tank, and being a big chap... I have put the rear shock on max sag and fiddled with it's settings, but I start to ruin ride quality (especially in fast rough stuff) before I get close to helping the bikes' overall "stance". The CRF forks have upgraded springs, I think 0.54kg from memory. These work well for my size, in fact I'm really happy with the forks themselves in terms of their travel & operation. I have set the preload near it's max (which is to try to sort the ride height - not because they actually need max preload), and the forks are pushed down in the triples the max amount. Any ideas of a cheap/easy way to lengthening the fork height? I don't care about length of travel - I have enough, it is the physical stance of the bike that I'm trying to correct. Ideally something like extended fork caps, but I cannot find these for the 2006 CRF forks. Like this: http://www.traxxion.com/Extended-Showa-Fork-Cap-for-GSXR/ Or do I need to look at a new top triple or something? Hope not as that gets $$$ fast and I'm hoping for a cheap trick. Spacers in the forks? What size? Ideas appreciated!!
  3. bigkuri

    Honda XR650R 2006

    From a 2006 XR650R only the frame, plastics, and swingarm remain. Wilbers extended rear shock, CRF450 fork conversion, new (18 hour) engine, etc...
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    From a 2006 XR650R only the frame, plastics, and swingarm remain. Wilbers extended rear shock, CRF450 fork conversion, new (18 hour) engine, etc...
  5. Errrr..... Ok, so you are talking about TWO different bikes. Like they are not the same model. The XR650R were the same for all model years, the only changes were some internal engine things (clutch bushing etc). So you can tell your friend he is an idiot!.... (bugger, did I just say that?....) I suspect he has one XR650R and one XL650 - very different....
  6. I thought an electric start from a Honda 650 quad bike bolted right on? My SM wheels & over sized front disc are for sale, but I guess you live in the States; I'm in London
  7. She's looking great, really starting to come along. What a labour of love, I'm just tweaking mine and just that is taking weekends & weekends to get anywhere... When polishing the frame (and engine?) did you think of some sort of clear-coat? What is the factory finish on these anyway?
  8. One of mine went like that - rattle/vibe at high revs and only under heavy load - exactly like sand dune riding. It was the gearbox worn - also went through a countershaft seal started leaking, and you could move the countershaft in and out about 4-5mm Good luck!
  9. Sorry - travelling with work, so away from internet, bike, & bulb! On eBay I searched on Cree LED motorcycle bulb, and just ordered the H3 one, but think should have gotten the H4 one. Doh...
  10. The LED bulb is from eBay, arrived today bit I don't think it'll fit as the base is wrong
  11. I recently bought a LED bulb which will hopefully just fit straight in replacing the filament bulb. No idea if it'll work, or if it'll even fit - was a bit of a blind guess on a whim.... Should arrive next week. A solution like that would be perfect for me - I try not to ride at night, and if doing so is usually as something went wrong. So is occasional only, so just replacing a bulb is ideal.
  12. Hi All, I'm posting for a friend of mine who has just bought a very today year 2001 TE610E There are a few OEM parts needed; headlight glass, new crab needle and a few other bits, a few hoses, sparkplug cap, and loads of rubber cable grommets. We tried to find a Husky. Part dealer online, and aside from wemoto, drew a blank. Any advice? Much appreciated Rick
  13. Thanks for that info SoCal - great stuff. I found a complete rocker cover (inc rockers etc.) that did the trick. The Cam measured within spec, and the tensioner fitted correctly, so it's all buttoned back up and working WELL! It still needs a lot of work. A lot cosmetic - frame painting, and engine painting. I think that the cam, rockers, and rocker-arms all still need replacing pretty soon, as the second hand rocker cover was just "ok", but not great. I also suspect that the oil pump needs replaced, and your post sort of adds weight to that thought.... But it'll sit outside for a couple of months now as just too cold to work on it outside in the street! I'll either try to get it registered/plated in the mean time, or sell it - I was a bit slow working on it, so ran out of warm weather. I need a working town bike for winter though! We'll see....
  14. I've been thinking about the rocker-wear... I figure it can only be one of two things: - Bent or sticking valve, or - Oil starvation I checked the valves, and all seem ok (just by feeling them, pushing them etc.). So given the neglect of the bike I figure oil starvation caused this. Sound theory? Still wondering what parts I'd need to replace - the rockers and bearings are not as expensive as I feared, but wondering how far to reasonably go?... (see my list above). Cheers!!
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