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  1. moose_338

    Yay another rebuild after 3 or 4 hours..

    His seizing issues are no fault but his own. Running a small bore two stroke wide open down roads will kill it every time.
  2. moose_338

    Yay another rebuild after 3 or 4 hours..

    Yes sir I ride nothing but the streets sadly I'm in an urban area with no forests or anything
  3. moose_338

    Acceptable Connecting Rod Wear

    Almost like it could be wear from the result of a casting flaw in the rod itself.
  4. moose_338

    Kick Start Jammed

    Take it apart, only way you're going to find out.
  5. moose_338

    KX 125 forks

    Asking the real questions here
  6. moose_338

    01 kx65 mid range power

    It's also for his kid and I am sure he already knows what you had to point out.
  7. moose_338

    01 kx65 mid range power

    read the op again
  8. moose_338

    01 kx65 mid range power

    Little two strokes have not much else but top end. You can try finding a reed cage spacer or a flywheel weight, either one of both would tone it done some. I would suggest maybe adding a tooth or two to the rear sprocket to get him up into the power sooner.
  9. moose_338

    2001 KX250 compression problems

    Air leak, it running better on the choke confirms it. Best way to find it would be to spray something flammable around the intake. Carb cleaner or something. You'll notice it will smooth out when you spray near the leak. And no pics of the cylinder?
  10. moose_338

    2001 KX250 compression problems

    Do you think maybe you should wash the bike before tearing the top end off of it? And don't hone that cylinder please. It's plated and will not take honing very well. Use WD40 and a scotchbrite pad to deglaze and then wash with soap and water till it is clean. By the looks of that piston I would like to see pics of the cylinder before it goes back together, it may need to be replated.
  11. moose_338

    Yz125 Octane question

    You did this your self then or are you taking him at his word?
  12. moose_338

    KX85 low end/powerband issues.

    Also if your serious about this you could send the cylinder and head off for port work, eric gorr could probably work his magic for more low end with some porting.
  13. moose_338

    KX85 low end/powerband issues.

    The power valve is there to increase low end pull. If you don't know exactly how they work I suggest you look up how they change the port timing and what it does to the power of the bike, I dont have time to type it all out before work or I would. Honestly though it's a small bore two stroke, it will not ever have anything much in the way of low end power. You are on the right track though, adding a flywheel weight and reed spacer are some of the best options. I would use booth and then try adding a couple of teeth to the rear sprocket. I'm not much of a mini guy but you could look into aftermarket pipes that increase the low end as well, not sure if they are a thing, but worth a try.
  14. moose_338

    Yz125 Octane question

    Run 91, that guy you bought it from is retarded. I would give it a new top end too, I tell this to everyone that buys a new bike. If this guy ran 87 in his bikes who knows how well he took care of them. A fresh top end is good insurance against a shattered piston skirt.
  15. moose_338

    Coolant leak at center of engine base

    If you do take it in to have it looked at/warrantied, don't mention the overheating and riding it hard part. This may be an assembly issue or manufacturing defect. I had something similar years ago on my brand new 2006 KX250 when I got it, would die randomly within two hours, stopped running altogether within I'd say 8 hours. Turns out what we think happened was some idiot at the factory didn't tighten the bolts on the stator, it feel loose and took it and the fly wheel with it. Kawi fixed it for me and sent me a pile of kawi swag along with a fair amount of wear parts to say sorry. And I got several phone calls from head office to see that I was taken care of, they really seemed upset that it had happened. So don't lose hope just yet.