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  1. I too will be at color tour. Look for a 300 xcw with 827 on the number plates.
  2. You can get pre-printed ORV stickers for most of the motorsports type places (dealers, accessories..). I'm not sure if the state has a mail order option, but the CCC will send them to you through the mail (I know, I said CCC again). You can also get them any where hunting/fishing licenses are sold; they print them at time of sale. FWIW, I prefer the pre-printed stickers; the printed stickers can fade or bleed if you get cleaners or degreasers on them. For me most of the rides for the rest of the your will likely be more north. Based on your 3 3-1/2 hour preference (totally understandable), next year I'll be on the west side for the Spring Ringer and the CC Kids ride. Give me a PM if you make out to one of them. Just popped into my head, you should check out the western michigan trails riders. Nice group of people from the area you prefer.
  3. It really depends on where you are and the road your on. As far as roads go, it depends on the county or local city, for example in St. Helen they have a local ordanace in the city the allows more than the state Public Act that allows counties to allow riding on the side of certain roads. Interstate and "M" roads are excluded, further you have to have a headlight and tail light. There also three types of "trail" on the MI DNR Maps Motorcycle Only, ATV and MCCCT. Motorcycle Only and ATV only require the stickers (both), MCCCT uses a combination so the requirement depends on where you are. Going back to my post above, CCC events pull permits and work with local LEOs to put on a ride. This allows them to get permission to ride on the certain road sections but not require the headlight/taillight or license plate. A CCC ride is planned by one of the chapters; the chapters plan the route, mark the trail, provide gas stops if needed and sweep riders to ensure everyone makes it back. Depending on the event there could be 60 to 200+ registered riders. Many of them include additional activites like raffels, bike rodeo games, hot dogs. I think you said you where looking for a place to ride Weekend on Sept. 9th. I suggest you check out the Classic Ride. It will be a motorcycle only ride, no lights or plate required. Here's a link to the flyer:
  4. Was following up on my CCC Classic Ride post and read this one. You guys should check out the Cycle Conservation Club of MI (CCC): there are rides coming up on weekend of Sept. 9th and 23rd. The 9th is the Classic Ride, it will be single track and stage from the Lansing Motorcycle Club grounds (Home of the Jack Pine Enduro). The 23rd. is the Color Tour, it will be more open using the Rose City, Ambrose Lake and Ogemaw Connector. It stages at the Bent Wheels grounds in Rose City. Come as a group or come by yourself; either way there's new people to meet or sweep riders if you like to ride alone. I'll be at both (working the Classic Ride), if you go let me know and/or look me up. KTM 300 with 827 number plates.
  5. The Classic Trail Tour September 9th and 10th will be staged at the Lansing Motorcycle club grounds located at 720 E Johnson Rd, Lake City, Michigan; GPS: N44 28.76 W85 04.80. There will be two loops east and west of the North Missaukee Trail system. There will be a marked kids loop available. Also a Vintage motorcycle show with trophies awarded. For more information see links below:
  6. Mark, tire pressue seems backward. I typically run 12 -15 in front and 10 -12 in the rear; Michelin S12s with HD tubes. Softer rear that the tire be more compliant (grippy) on all terrain.
  7. Doc_d provided some really good information. Here's my 2 cents: MCCCT is not an organization, it is an acronym for Michigan Cross Country Cycle Trail. You can find in on maps for the MI DNR, VVMapping or the Avenza Mapping Site. Personally, I use the Avenza Mapping software on my iPhone (works with any smartphone); all of the MI Dnr ORV maps are available in the map store and it works very well. No need for a Garmin or other GPS unit. For single track there are a lot of choices, I like North Missaukee Trail. I've also heard Evart can be challenging. Both are close to other trials. If you head over to the West Branch/Rose City area the trails are more open but there are many choices that connect up. You could be in the area for a few days and not ride the same trail.
  8. I went a few years ago. It's held on private property owned by a gentleman named Bruce. Nice guy, we keep in touch and have been trying to get get otgether for a ride. Anyway, Burce has a great set-up of varying terrain; great fun to ride. Alot of what you will learn is obvious, but even Pros have a coach to make sure you're doing it right. If your new to trail riding riding you should also check out the cycle conservation club (CCC). There are lots of opportunities to ride as a family in a safe environment. First ride of the season in weekend of May 6 in Atlanta MI.
  9. Jeramey, You know more about the mapping than I do, but if a geofenced map of MI, or at least the area that included the 150 miles, and has sufficent detail (assuming that exists) wouldn't that work?
  10. Take a look at AvenzaPDF maps. Main site is: The software is free and you can use it with iPhone/iPad, andriod or windows phone based devices. The way I understand it the software uses both Cell and/or GPS to track your location, it is then presented of PDF based maps. I know there are all kinds of free maps for michgan in store. You can also import 3 maps from other sources. Last, once you choose map you can drop pins and I believe you can enter in a location (point) as a destination. I use this software all of the time with the MI DNR ORV maps and it works great.
  11. Michigan

    There are lots of options to ride here in MI. What is you prefered type, MX, Trails, Enduro.... I'm in Macomb and predominately ride trails with the Cycle Conservation Club, plus an occasional enduro.
  12. Clear Lake Bar on Clear Lake Rd. If you use something like google maps, zoom in on Ambrose Lake. Then follow Piper Lake Rd/20 West into Clear Lake. Not sure, but most of the roads are open with proper stickers, head/tail lights on shoulder. If you have a plate (I do) it's no problem. Oh, and the foods good too!
  13. I bought 2 oz. leak proof bottles from REI, they were $2 - $3 a piece. 2 oz to one gallon is 64:1 so I over fill the bottle a little and should be pretty close to the factory 60:1. These bottles are small enough you can carry them in hydration pack, or strap to forks or frame. I'm looking at ways to put one or two in the airbox. Most important is to make sure you use a bottle that can stand up to oil. Not all bottles can do that.
  14. There is a gas pump at the bar in Clear Lake, next closest is Rose City.
  15. wr250F is pretty easy to plate. Assuming all of the original parts are there; you will need to add a brake switch and a wire to the exisitng harness, a horn and a mirror. In most cases that will "slip" by. I plated 2 WRs that way. Doc_d, not to be a jerk, but I didn't think a stock xcw could be plated. Any chance, a kit was added by the dealer.