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  1. check out the Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan CCCMI.net. There are rides from May through October. Trails for the rides will have estra arrows to maek sure you don't get ;lost and sweep riders to make sure you get home. You can ride at your own pace or If you show up and don't know anyone talk to the folks at sign up they'll help you find someone to ride with. (You can ride with me if I'm there). Hang around after the ride and you'll meet people to ride with next time.
  2. I was thinking that maybe sicass had the connectors your looking for.
  3. You could also try sicass racing in MI. They have head\tail light kits for most KTMs. It may not be in their catalog, but I would give them a call. http://sicassracing.com/store/
  4. michigan

    You can find all of the MI DNR ORV maps and GPS data here: http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-350-79119_79148_80650-38330--,00.html
  5. That's similar to mine and the manual. FWIW, I made a little jumper so my low\tail light is on all of the time when the bike is running and then I use the switch to turn on the hign beam. While I'm plated, here in MI we are allowed to ride on the side of the road in nothern counties if we have a headlight/taillight that is on. I have also noticed on comng traffic in the trails seem to see me better.
  6. The xcw should already be wired for lights. Assuming all factory, follow the harness that comes off of the headlamp switch. Hard to tell from the picture but it looks like there are 4 pins in the connector. My guess would be 1 ground, 1 parking light " the little 194 bulb", 1 low beam and 1 high beam. From what I remember from factory is ground is obviously always connected, parking is always on, low beam/tail light is controlled by the switch and high beam is not used. I you need high beam to be "legal" I would run low beam\tail light always on and run the high beam off of the switch.
  7. I'm in Michigan so not sea level, but close. I am a mid level trail rider, so I don't see alot of WOT; I run N2ZJ (2), 165 main, 35 pilot, AS about 1, fuel 60:1. 2008 300 XCW.
  8. With all respect, and agreement, that the rider can always make a difference; and good rider can ride anything. There is something to be said for new tech. My "new" '08 KTM 300 xcw is easier to ride than my "old" '98 Yamaha WR400. The 300 is lighter, has better brakes and hydraulic clutch; so I'm a little faster and I don't get tired as fast. I this case technology wins by a small margin.
  9. So I started to look up Oruxmaps, the app is only for Android so I didn't go further. It does seem to track more data than other GPS apps.
  10. Filterx referenced avenza as not a "true" GPS prior to yoru response above. I'm no expert on GPS, but have a lot of experience with Avenza, including uploading all of Michigan DNR ORV maps to the map store (all free). Avenza used the device GPS, like any other mapping program like Google Maps or Map Quest and does not need cell service to work. Avenza is based on Geofenced PDF maps (maps with boundry corrdinated built in) and google maps technology. So for Avenza to work you need to load a map of the area you to use it in. Once you are inside of the boundry of the loaded map the GPS is as good as any other device. Avenza also offers features like drop pin, measure distance, record tracks, find a coordinate and open in google maps. All that seems like "true" GPS. Oh, except the last one; my garmin could open up to Google maps My other experience with with an older garmin, and it was pretty much the same; load a map and then you can see where you are.
  11. Just to be clear when you use "rugged" are you describing an attribute of the device or an app? The use seems mixed in your respoonse. As previously stated I use an iPhone in a Outter Box; that combination is very "rugged" and has survivied small amounts of dirt, rain and crashes. As far as apps go, a developer has to work with each phone version's capabilities, operating system(s) and carriers build versions; so it's certainly possible that the app may work differently or have different features. I Used the Avenza Maps (my goto) on both iOS and Android with no issue and little difference in function. Similar with Polaris Ride Command, I briefly tried it on iOS and Android and didn't notice any significate difference.
  12. the the simple truth is asking which mobile device will get the same result as with oil to 2 stroke ratio; everyone has an opinion based on their situation. In most cases any will do. I use iPhones because they work with little issues. Starting this year I will be using an iPhone5 (no cell service) with avenza maps as my main GPS device with an iPhone8 and paper maps as backup. I put the phone in an Otter Box case and mount it to the bars with a Nite Ize HandleBand Smartphone Handlebar Mount (Sorry aobut the name dropping but the combo works and was proboably less than $30). So far the Handleband worked great plus I use the lanyard form the Otter Box as saftey strap just is case. There have been a few comments that mentioned the Avenza maps application, here in Michigan ALL of the Michigan DNR ORV maps are available from the map store and so far they are very good; BUT I alway bring a compass and map just i case.
  13. Since the OP said his problem was power, start there. The KTM 250/300 engine is very tunable. Pipe, jetting and power valve spring/adjustment make a huge difference in how the power is produced. Since you said top end was new let's assume that's not an issue. Stock jetting, mapping and power valve is where I would go next. Here are a few of thoughs; 1. Not a jetting expert, just my personal experience. Stock jetting is usually "fat," I am one down on the needle and one main jet smaller than stock on my '08 300 @ 60:1. Are you mixing fuel/oil ratio to KTM recommmended? If it's if not what KTM recomends it will have an effect on the actual jetting. (DO NOT start a discussion on this, I don't care what ratio everyone else is doing) 2.Check the mapping plug under the tank. I should be connected for "High" output and disconnected for "low" output. 3. Powervalve adjustment/spring can make a HUGE difference in how the engine makes power. There is a brass adjuster (KTM calls is a dolly) that sets when the valve starts to open and auxillary springs that control how quickly the valve reaches fully open; both in RPMs. The dolly is typically some where between 2 turns in to flush with the casting. In starts opening later, out open sooner. Auxillary springs typically are green, yellow and red; "slowest" to "Fastest." Factory setting is about a 1 1/2 turns on the dolly and yellow spring. How you combine them changes the performance. If you want smooth torque and control; turn the dolly inward and use the green spring. Valve starts to open later and takes longer to reach fully open, this is what extreme enduro riders use and is also good ofr gnarly technical single track If you fire breathing monster; turn the dolly out to flush and use the red spring. Valve starts to open sooner and takes less time to reach fully open, this is good for lots of room and holding on tight.
  14. Not sure waht's going on in Alabama, but a good condition 200x 200 EXC will go for more than $1800. I can't say about the piston skirt issue, but I know of a few people in my area that are still riding the KDX (some faster than me on my 300XCW). They had a reputation for being a very good trail bike and Jeff Ferdette won a lot a races on them.
  15. while all cams have the same designed lift and duration, they are all not manufactured the same so the valve clearance msut be checked each time a cam is replaced. Futher, the tiiming marks for the 2004 Yamaha cam will not work with a 2002 head; as I understand it the head design and cover are diffferent requiring the marks to be in a different place on the gear. Counting the teeth would not work for the same reason. You would basically have to eye it up. The link below is for swapping the cam in a 400/426; I have used these exact instructions successfully 3 times; so if the 250 heads are different this should be very similar for the 250. . https://www.southbayriders.com/forums/threads/106199/