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  1. Hlavkb

    Frostbite questions

    Definitely bring the 450. While the 690 is very capable it's still a street legal bike, racing it will eventually break it. I learned the hard way!
  2. Hlavkb

    Eddieville Moto GP 6hr NOV. 13

    Some rain will be nice for dust. Flattrack means no MX track?
  3. Hlavkb

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Went to Reiter this afternoon. Very wet but fun once you get warmed up. The northern area was under work but looking great, some of the single track was just brutal though. The section in the red square wasn't as fun, a lot more pulling the bike over obstacles than there is riding.
  4. Hlavkb

    KTM 350 SX-F (2014)


    its pretty good
  5. Hlavkb

    KTM 350 SX-F 2014

    its pretty good
  6. Hlavkb

    Mountain snow?

    I was up there Sunday too, there wasn't that much snow. Nothing at windy pass or quartz mtn, but some patches in the shady spots. Tracks: http://my.viewranger.com/track/details/MzcyNTMxMA==
  7. Hlavkb

    Semi - O/T - Anyone commute from Monroe?

    in 2007 I commuted from Monroe to Fremont. Time of day was a huge factor in how bad traffic was, with 7-8am being the peak. I left 6am/5pm and spend roughly 3+ hours on the road each day, (1+ heading in, 2+ heading back). It wasn't worth it. I'd try to find a place closer to Snohomish/Clearview. You get similar prices/housing/taxes, but avoid the Maltby to Monroe trip, which can easily take 30 minutes during rush hour. Monroe does have backup options for commuting (203->520 via Redmond orri90 via Fall City, us2-hwy9) but they are only slightly better than waiting on 405.
  8. Hlavkb

    Golden Spike

    http://photos.stumpjumpers.org/GoldenSpike/2012-GoldenSpike It looks like the pics are being uploaded now!
  9. Hlavkb

    Golden Spike

    That's me tangled up in some guy's bike just after the photog: (0:54)I also recorded that nasty crash on on the holeshot of 200C
  10. I have a flatland skid plate in the mail... Can you elaborate on your issue with the mounts?
  11. Hlavkb

    Its coming!

    Bike week seemed like an afterthought last year. Maybe 3 vendors just chilling...
  12. Hlavkb

    Buy a 2010 690 or wait for 2012

    The upper handle bar clamps are a warranty item; the old ones were known to break. If you have a divot on the top of the clamp you have the post warranty part. Enjoy!
  13. Hlavkb

    690 Enduro Parts bike

    I'm interested in the fairings, seat, and headlight assembly. What is their condition? Price? Thanks!
  14. I have the RR rear brake pedal, it's proven itself to be quite strong. One design flaw is the reduced diameter for the mounting bolt. Admittedly, it'd take an extraordinary impact to cause this damage. RR sent me a free replacement, said I was the first to incur such damage. The pedal itself had a significant gouge, so the impact must have been extreme. I'd definitely recommend the pedal!
  15. Hlavkb

    mechanical grip

    Can you elaborate on your "12% slip = max traction" statement? What do you mean by slip? Just curious, thanks!