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  1. Last race was really muddy. So I fastly clean the bike and just after it the bike was impossible to start. Need near 50 kick to start but once hot he start well. I thought some water clog the air filter. But today same trouble. Still hard to cold start. Inspect air filter is clean. I plan to inspect valves, fuel filter, spark, compression but if some ever get same trouble with some input please let me know. I'm really tight in time this week
  2. DarkCRF

    Z50R vs CRF/XR

    Sweet really good answer. Thank you
  3. Plan to buy a bike for my little daughter I plan to buy a CRF/XR but some offre me to trade is really clean Z50R 1995 for my useless TRX250 1986 Want to know the difference between Z and XR bike ?
  4. DarkCRF

    13:7.1 piston gas

    I ever run something near 14.5:1 in my 2010 with 91 octane Now with 15.1:1 I run 20% Torco 112 / 80% Shell 91 mix
  5. DarkCRF

    Best/Important mods for 2010 CRF250R

    Removed the backfire screen, exhaust, remap, rear linkage, respring suspension
  6. DarkCRF

    Fuel Injection VS. Carburetor

    EFI x 1000, constant power delivery, smoother ride, ride and forget
  7. DarkCRF

    2013 crf250r Pro Circuit Cam

    u4.4 cost too much here, VP isn't distributed in my area
  8. DarkCRF

    2013 crf250r Pro Circuit Cam

    I run PC cam in my ported C4MX head 15.1:1 comp with 25% torco 112 / 75% Vpower 91 and bike was awesome. But this is a 2011 bike with 50mm TB
  9. DarkCRF

    crf 250 yoshi rs4 2011 to fit 2010

    Best way is to change the subframe
  10. DarkCRF

    yoshimurA pipe on a crf 250 2010

    You can run it stock, but a remap will help use the full potential
  11. DarkCRF

    Oil change problem crf250r

    Heavier oil weight will affect cold starting, I use 0w40 when the temperature drop to 30 and the bike become really easier to kick. When I still have some I still use it until my can is empty, when I'm going back to 15w I notice the difference immediately. But this shouln't change how it start when hot
  12. My girlfriend is only 5'3'' 110 lbs and she really like is CRF250R 2011, but she can kick 20 times before fired it up. the bike is already pretty easy to start, I can start it easily in 2 kick when warm, but I'm 5'10'' and weight 185 lbs. Bike setup : 1 inch dropped suspension (can't really drop it more) Full fmf 4.1 with megabomb Twin air filter No backfire screen ProX velocity stack Hotcams stage 2 Sisneros remap ECM
  13. DarkCRF

    Crf 250 2012 top end ticking!

    how much hour on your top end?
  14. DarkCRF

    Crf 250 2012 top end ticking!

    https://s16626.endeavorsecure.com/cart.htm?cartShare=4ce640c5-9353-4e37-9b84-10d57febf422 Everythings exept crankshaft and piston part
  15. DarkCRF

    Crf 250 2012 top end ticking!

    Dont worry. Same noise since 100 hours