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  1. pattch

    '05 drz110 slow to return to idle- help!

    I have the same issue, the bike sat for along time and carb got all gummed up. Cleaned carb and all jets, new gas and it is slow to idle down. I will check the O rings. The plug shows lean.
  2. pattch

    Another CA plate WR450

    I will never get rid of my plated 01' 426 until Yamaha makes a plated 450. Congrats.
  3. pattch

    Ran it out of oil!

    Yah:p I'm a Yamaha guy.
  4. pattch

    Ran it out of oil!

    My neighbor ran his bike out of oil and it is locked up. The dip stick reads empty.......I have not pulled the plug to see how much or if any oil is left. He wants me to pull it apart and see how bad it is. What can I expect?
  5. pattch

    Love my new gear combo 15/48

    I need to re-gear my 426. It's Dual Sported here in California and 55-60 mph is all I can get with stock gearing. I put a 15 up front, but had to remove the case saver to make it fit. Will the chain still fit with 15/48?
  6. pattch

    Blah - No plates for 08s

    Same here..........my 01' will be with me on long time!
  7. When I changed the oil I found metal shavings in the filter! I know it cant be good.........but how serious can it be. 01' WR426
  8. pattch

    Which Generation WR Do You Have?

    01' Cal Plated......will have it forever.
  9. pattch

    Grey Wire

    ^^^^^^Same Here!
  10. pattch

    hard to start at elevation

    Adjust you air fuel screw!
  11. pattch

    19" wheel on WR?

    Great info. I have been looking for a spare for my 01' WR426 and all I can find are 19". Anyone need a 18" paddle tire.
  12. pattch

    Soft Front brake

    I have the same problem on my 01' 426 and will try those solutions.
  13. pattch

    Kennedy Meadows

    Thanks for the input.
  14. I was at Lake Isabella and the bike just would not start. Had the whole day planned to dual sport. When i got home @ see level it started the first kick which is rare for that bike. Any suggestion for the next time.