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  1. No I had ridden it a week prior to this.
  2. I have an 08 yz450f. Bike ran well the last time I rode. I re packed the muffler, and also rtv'd the pipes. The bike is starting to stall when I let off the throttle now. It seems to have more popping on decel than usual. I packed the pipe the same way I always have. Not to tight and exactly how fmf instructions say. It almost seems like I am having pilot jet issues?
  3. I have a 08 yz450f that I just did the top end on. Everything including new piston, new sleeve, and new cam chain, and the gaskets.. During the first start, the engine had a clanky knocking noise. It sounds like a piston slap, like a metal on metal sound. The sounds builds with the throttle.
  4. sk8bd117

    08 yz450f cam chain issues

    Still can't get them on. Even if I take out the chain guides, I still can't get it over the 2nd cam
  5. sk8bd117

    08 yz450f cam chain issues

    Thanks grey. I'll give that a shot when I get home today. And no I was not able to pull the chain guide out without removing the head
  6. sk8bd117

    08 yz450f cam chain issues

    I even took out the front chain guide, and tried to see if I could get the chain on the cams with it out. Still no luck. I'm stumped on this one
  7. I am doing a new piston and sleeve on my bike. When I'm trying to put on the new cam chain over the cams, I simply just do not have enough chain to get over them. The tensioner is not in. And I have triple checked the guide positions. It is seated on the crank sprocket. I even tried to get the old chain back on, and couldn't get that one over the cams either. Anybody have any clue.?
  8. sk8bd117

    08 yz450 rust coloring on intake.

    No,There is no other sign if It on the intake side at all. But the divots for the exhaust valve on the piston had slightly the same coloring. The motor was slightly out if timing. About one tooth advanced on the exhaust side. Bought the bike used and don't know the past . Notice there exhaust can(left) is advance about one tooth when at top dead center
  9. I noticed today a rust or copper colored mark in my intake today. When I rub it with my finger it doesn't come off. Could this be from something like overheating?
  10. sk8bd117

    Chatter coming from clutch

    Thanks gray! Puts me at ease.
  11. sk8bd117

    08 yz450f making clutch chatter sounds

    I would agree with you if it was a constant sound. But it only makes this sound when the clutch is engaged. When it is disengaged, the motor sounds completely normal.
  12. My 08 450 just start making a chattering noise when the clutch is engaged. No sound besides the motor when it is disengaged. So far I've pulled down to the plates. All plates are in tact. No broken bolts or anything. Basket has slight notching but isn't too bad. What could this be? Clutch bearing wearing out possibly?
  13. I have an 08 yz450f. I'm starting to notice that in neutral, with clutch engaged there is a slight chattering sound coming from the clutch side. When I disengage there is no sound besides the motor running. None of the plates are cracked. Could this be a clutch bearing wearing out ?