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  1. Can someone with a known good unit test it when hot to see what they get since we have no specs for a hot unit?
  2. No but the range given in the manual is also at room temperature!?
  3. Tested pulse generator hot today and it tested roughy 620 ohms... What would I see either hot or cold if it was bad? I know cold it was right where it should be and then hot it had more resistance by roughly 130 ohms...
  4. Sorry, I misunderstood, I tested it cold....
  5. 485 OhmsAccording to manual you unplug 2P connector and measures resistance to test it, 485 falls right in the required spec...
  6. Reviving old thread here! Does anyone know of a good power source behind headlight shroud to power a set of Oxford heated grips? Switched definitely a plus!
  7. Woody469

    XR650L,, what's this connector?

    Reviving old thread here! Does anyone know of a good power source behind headlight shroud to power a set of Oxford heated grips? I do use my blinkers so don't wanna bastardize that source!
  8. Just finished testing pulse generator and it ohms well within range for being good!
  9. I had an IM conversation with Brianhare and he didn't think it sounded like CDI to him for one because it always dies while riding along and not at stop lights or non rolling situations. He thought I should start with cleaning right hand switch gear assembly! And go from there? Like I said in the original post, the odd part is that it always seems to require me to hit the starter to start back up, I would think that rolling along at 40mph with clutch in and in gear that if I let clutch out it would start, but it doesn't? Then I pull clutch back in while still rolling, hit starter and POW, it's running like nothing ever happened???
  10. Woody469

    Steering Head Bearing Grease Fitting

    Yes 2 zerks is probably overkill but that's a lot of cavity to fill!! Unfortunately the seals are not made to retain grease very well so it does "poop" occasionally! But I used a high temp high grade grease that really seems to stay in fairly well! The bottom line for me is its certainly better than it was before as it does have SOME grease there and hopefully it's enough to make it more than the 8000 miles my original bearings made it!
  11. NamibiaXRL, thanks for the feedback, I never noticed my side stand light on but I will certainly watch for that next time it happens!
  12. So, I really can't wrap my head around this, can't seem to find any other posts quite the same so I'll just put it out here! First off hot/cold don't SEEM to be a factor, it's happened in both conditions. Bike runs great, has great power, runs fantastic but quite often, and I mean too damn often, it just DIES!!! Any speed, on street, on dirt, doesn't matter! Lights and electricals all seem to stay on and fine? First I thought I had some crud in the float bowl that it would occasionally suck up and kill it, and I mean it just flat ass dies! Here's where I think it gets really odd! If I'm rolling along at any speed but let's just say 50mph and it dies, I pull clutch in, let engine come to a complete stop while still rolling, if I let the clutch back out, it still won't start??? BUT....... If I pull clutch back in and hit starter it starts right the hell up?????? So it seems the only thing that gets it going is the starter, what does hitting the starter do that a 40mph push start doesn't do? Why do I HAVE to hit starter to make it start?? I'm perplexed by this issue to say the least and I'm gonna get ass ended on trail sooner or later by it stalling, had several close calls already! Since hitting the starter seems to be a factor for restart I really don't think it's a fuel or air issue but I've got no clue! Anyone had anything even remotely similar to this happen! Any help or constructive thoughts would be greatly appreciated!