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  1. Stu35

    Best solution for lost key?

    When I used to have a helmet lock, the key for it was not the same as the ignition.
  2. Stu35

    2006 DRZ 400S blue graphics kit

    So do I - Looks great!
  3. Stu35

    Cassville Nationals HGP Round 5

    Really enjoyed both videos. Nice area.
  4. I have the 3.2 IMS and have had it on for 8 or 9 years. Stock shrouds and E petcock. Last year I noticed the fuel cap seal was eroded (ate away). It looked like ethanol damage but I doubt it since the bike only sees E10 in an emergency basis (5% of the time). I just got some hi-density rubber and cut a new gasket/seal. Tank is great.
  5. Stu35

    Sunset Ice Riding on the Rum River, Minnesota

    Is that whole river only 1' deep or are you guys plain nuts riding so close to open water?? Not for me and I ride on the ice (lakes not rivers)
  6. Stu35

    RS-2 Pop Rivet Specs

    I repacked my RS2 3 years ago and happen to have some of the rivets left. I am not familiar with rivet specs but I will give you the dimensions of the SS ones I used. overall length including nail: 44.5mm Exposed nail length: 31mm Diam of rivet: 4.7mm This may be how they are specd Diam of rivet keeper: 10.0mm This may be how they are specd Diam of nail: 3.0mm I just went to Fastenall. You can buy the 8 or so you need. Good luck and I hope this helps. Stu
  7. Stu35

    Cylinder head troubles

    1. Remove the head. 2. If there is enough of the broken bolt threads showing in the cylinder, grab it with a vice grips and turn it out. 3. If not, drill a small pilot hole into the broken bolt and use an EZ out to remove the broken portion. 4. Buy all new head bolts - If they are not broken, I'm sure they are stretched. 5. Buy a torque wrench and use it. Not a big issue. The process is pretty easy. Good luck.
  8. Stu35

    What is the hot tail light set up?

    DRC Edge for sure.
  9. Stu35

    Overheating after rebuild

    I agree that this is not how I break in a new piston / cylinder - but if you let any bike w/o a fan sit and idle for 20 minutes - it is going to overheat. Nothing abnormal here.
  10. Stu35

    Real or Fake?

    It is real
  11. They are all a bunch of punk-ass welfare sucking future inmates.
  12. Stu35

    Times like these

    Nice video - thanks. That has to be some of the greasiest mud I have seen.
  13. No updates for over a week? Good build!!!