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  1. ktm400bill

    Brake Fluid Steaming

    Too much brake fluid in master cylinder will do it also.
  2. ktm400bill

    Where to get a CRF250L owners manual??

    Buy the service manual. It has everything you need. Better than owners manual.
  3. ktm400bill

    XR400 Fork Set Up For CRF230

    When you shorten the spring, it will be stiffer. A.42 spring cut down will now be a .43,44,45.Depends on how much you shorten it. It will get stiffer no matter what.
  4. ktm400bill

    05 CRF450X help

    The rod may look good but the crank pin and lower bearing or rod bushing aren't. it will work for awhile and then can go bad. The shock of the piston hitting the valves hurt the crank, not so much the rod.
  5. ktm400bill

    230 shift shaft

    cut it off as close as you can and then take it out from the other side as you would.
  6. ktm400bill

    Clutch hub and basket not fitting

    It looks like the sleeve where the bearings are is sticking out too much and not allowing the hub to sit down far enough. The center of the basket and sleeve should be even with each other. First washer in might be too thick.Some bikes are that way.
  7. ktm400bill

    Just picked up a yz250

    First thing that you need to spend money on is a service manual from Yamaha or off the internet. The service manual will show you everything you need to know about your bike. Good luck it looks like it has been lowered.
  8. Those tires have been around forever and they have always worked. If it works, don't change it. 756's, M403-404's.
  9. ktm400bill

    Screws for ignition/starter cover locations/lengths

    Match up the number on the diagram to the parts list and it shows size and length of the part. bolts,o-rings and anything that is sized.
  10. ktm400bill

    2008 crf250 doing my head in!!

    put fresh gas in and retry. Ethanol gas will go bad quickly. Will start(maybe) and then wont run correctly.
  11. ktm400bill

    2016 150sx gearbox problem

    Check with Ktm before opening it up. If they wont fix it or look at it , then do it yourself. If you open it and then take to ktm , they will say you already worked on it ,so no.
  12. ktm400bill

    Reed replacement

    You need pro 174 for your Rad valve. 2001-2002 yz125 same. These are the pro reeds that have a carbon fiber and a fiberglass reeds.
  13. ktm400bill

    Big Bore piston identification

    Get in touch with XRs only.
  14. ktm400bill

    Yz250fx starting issue when warmed up.

    Make sure the gas cap is venting like it should. Just had one in the shop and as soon as we pulled the vent tube off it would now start when it was hot.
  15. ktm400bill

    Thrust washer dimension

    If you leave it out, the clutch hub will lock up to the clutch basket and then nothing works. buy one and put it in so it will work. Don't know size of it in thickness which can make a difference.