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  1. DirtWhore

    false neutral

    Same as above, I hit a false neutral while accelerating up to a large double. I was in third around the corner shifted to fourth hard on the gas and hit the face in neutral. Went over the bars broke my collarbone in 2 places, my scapula, broke three ribs that punctured my lung, and fractured my pelvis. I know it was not rider error on my part. How can it be rider error going from third to fourth? After a week in the hospital with a chest tube (hurt more than the broken bones) I have learned to just keep it in third. The good news is my bike landed on me so it did not even get a scratch.
  2. DirtWhore

    Does anyone ride 2 diffrent bikes?

    I used to always ride two different bikes, then I noticed that made me slower on both of the bikes. My lap times improved when I took the time to really train on one bike and get comfortable on it. Besides your RMZ is so much better than the YZF the question would be why? Unless you want to get used to a bike with a brutal power band, has a high center of gravity, and does not corner very well. Then switch over to a bike with great balance, easy to ride motor, and corners better than any 450 ever made. Just my thoughts, have fun either way.
  3. DirtWhore

    Suzuki part #'s....

    You are correct the part #'s you gave are for a 2003-2004 RM250. Remember that your RMZ is a Kawasaki and the correct Suzuki part number will start with a K. The part numbers you are looking for are qty:6 - K1308-80005 and qty:2 - K1308-80006. Hope this helps.
  4. DirtWhore

    05 RMZ Or 05 CRF

    OK guys here is the scoop, right now in my garage I have an 05 CRF450 and an 05 RMZ450. My CRF is all stock with @ 6 hrs or less. I have had Pro Action revalve the front and rear for me. The RMZ is new. I took both of the bikes to the track and rode the CRF first (what I was used to) then rode the RMZ. I continued to swap back and forth on the two bikes hunting for any weakness the bikes had. I was a little worried about handling with the RMZ because of how tall it felt in the seat compared to the CRF. Once I got on the track my first impression of the RMZ was, well....it felt almost exactly like my CRF. The RMZ starts easier hot and cold than the CRF. It also cornered better in the tight stuff, even with stock suspension. My CRF has a tendancy to climb out of ruts and the RMZ sailed right through them. I did get a little headshake on the RMZ at the end of a few of the straights but nothing to bad. The RMZ did not rev out as far as the CRF but every where else I could not tell the two bikes apart. This only bothered me on long straights when I would have to upshift on the RMZ instead of letting it rev. The RMZ feels lighter in the air and is easier to manipulate. This amazed me because my 05 CRF felt so light and nimble compared to my 04 CRF450. I hate the bar bend on the RMZ. They were very narrow for me and swept back more than I like. It is too bad to because the fat bars are a plus on a stock bike. But this is the very first thing I am going to change. All in all I am very impressed with the RMZ and I felt right at home on it. Kudos to Suzuki for getting it right (even though it took a while to get). I think either way you go on bike selection you end up with a great bike. I will end up racing the RMZ to combat the sea of Red bikes at my track every week. Oh yea by the way my 05 CRF450 is for sale. $5500 Shawn
  5. DirtWhore

    2005 CRF 450 price OTD

    No dealer cost is @ $5480. I paid $5500 for mine OTD.
  6. DirtWhore

    Look what I found for sale!!!!!!!

    I am a sales manager at a Suzuki dealership. My regional rep tells me to not expect any RMZ450s before February. I got a little worried about moving the 10 units I had on order with such an overdue release date so my Rep let me back out of a few of the units (if that tells you anything). I do not know why Suzuki has not given an official press release on the matter but my guess is Suzuki is buying time. They figure the longer everyone thinks the bikes will be here very soon they will not get allot of cancellations of early orders. I can tell you that if Germany or Canada had them the Factory Support riders around here would have them as well. Jeff Dement lives near here and He is waiting for his just like everyone else.
  7. DirtWhore

    Legal Dispute!

    That is not a very informed thing to say....All Suzuki did was hand over blueprints to the Kawasaki guys and they took it from there. Do you think that Suzuki would have built a motor with KX clutch assy? I also do not think nor have I seen any more "problems" with the RMZ than any other race bred four stroke. I own a MX track in Texas and I have a birds eye view of hundreds of different machines and riders every weekend. Andrew Short trains at my facility from time to time and I never saw his RMZ250's overheat or have any other problem. The same goes for Kevin Swantz and his RMZ. I have seen the RMZ/KXF overheat on the starting line when a nervous beginner starts his bike and lets it idle for a long time. But I have also seen YZF's and CRF's do the exact same thing. In fact I have seen more people pushing CRF250's back to the truck than any other bike. Does this mean they are bad bikes and have allot of problems probably not. It probably means there are more Lemming Honda riders out there than any other.
  8. DirtWhore

    Legal Dispute!

    Sad to say but it is true. Suzuki has not gone public yet but the release date is sometime in Febuary/March at the earliest. Calling your dealer will not be very much help on this one either. No one is supposed to be saying anything just yet for some reason. Our regional rep is fairly tight lipped about the reasons but hinted at production/performance issues with the frame.
  9. DirtWhore

    450 RMZ first test

    I own a 04 CRF450 and a 04 RMZ250. The RMZ has a lot of low end but the difference is in the gearing. Honda can get away with taller gear ratios in the tranny because of the amount of torque the 450 puts out. If both bikes had the exact same gear ratios there would be no comparison. I have just sold my CRF for the RMZ450 (looks like I should have waited a little longer).
  10. DirtWhore

    Not yet on the way

    I have been told Feb/March of '05. Seems the original frame was having issues at the swingarm mount.
  11. DirtWhore

    help with info on rmz 450

    Very sorry to say boys, but the RMZ450 will not be released until Feb/March of '05. Suzuki is still very tight lipped as to the reason (any kind of lawsuit is not one of them) but the industry buzz is the frames are suspect. Looks like my RMZ250 is going to take a beating for the time being.
  12. DirtWhore

    Swantz and Supermoto

    Kevin rides at my MX track all the time. He is very low key when he comes to the track. The only way you would even know he was anyone special is the RMZ250 he rides has allot of trick Yosh stuff on it. His mechanic Mitch comes by the Suzuki shop I manage and brings bikes in for all of us to drool over. Last month Mitch brought in a very sweet GSX-R1000 with all sorts of handmade factory goodies. Luckily for us Mitch is not a stingy mechanic and allows test rides :cry: Mitch has done some testing with the new RMZ450 engine and he told me it had more power stock than the full factory Yosh DRZ400/450 engines they were using in Supermoto.
  13. DirtWhore

    what the hell

    It is funny to me everyone says MC had a bad season on the Suzuki. He lost the SX championship by a very slim margin and it came down to the last race. Most riders would have been thrilled with the results. But MC and everyone else had higher standards. I think there was allot more to it then just the switch. His mechanic Skip was not there helping him out, he switched very late in the season and did not have enough testing time on the new bike. It would not suprise me to hear that RC already had his hands on an RMZ450 for early testing/development. I was talking to Kevin Schwants mechanic the other day, and he said Suzuki had already given them a RMZ450 prototype to begin testing for super motard. He also said the new RMZ power plant is more powerfull than Kevin's factory Yoshimura DRZ400 power plant a bike with tens of thousands of dollars in the motor alone.
  14. DirtWhore

    what the hell

    OK here is some......RC will do fine on yellow. Pull your head out and quit worshipping the Honda God. Honda makes a great bike but so does everyone else. I think at the pro level it is 95% rider 5% bike. I think RC, Bubba, Reed, and Windham would/could win on any color right now. They are on their "A" game.
  15. DirtWhore

    '05 CRF450 -- Fuel injection???

    Where do you see a FI throtte body? I only see one pic of a works CRF with the rear wheel off. My jap sucks