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  1. Thanks for the input, its always great to heve help.... I'm leaning towards the Polaris just cause its stronger and newer and so far I haven't heard any negative about it...... But I'm still open to suggestions
  2. Hello, I'm trading one of my atv s for either a 2005 Polaris predator 500 or a 2000 Honda 400ex The 400ex is a clean bike with some aftermarket parts like a new piston extended rear axle and exhaust. The Polaris is newer but it doesn't look as clean but nothing too crazy I can see from the pics it has some aftermarket but I'm not sure what ..... I haven't gone to see either of the bikes in person but I'm very torn between the differences .... I know the Honda has better reliability and that is very very important to me but it would be nice to have the extra power...... Please I need help .....many input would be greatly appreciated ...... Thanks
  3. Gdm08

    rm125 HELP PLEASE

    I got the bike not too long ago and i dont know much of its history
  4. Gdm08

    rear rim and spokes

    Ok, but where is the best place to get it? ( cheapest)
  5. Gdm08

    rm125 HELP PLEASE

    I have this rm 125 that runs good, no huge problems with it at all.... starts easy, but when it gets up reved really high it dies. It doesnt really bog out, almost like someone pressed the kill switch. I think its electrical but I have no idea how to check. What should I do?
  6. Gdm08

    rear rim and spokes

    on my klx I have almost all rear spokes come off.... where is the best place to buy a spoke kit for this bike? or is it better to buy a used rear wheel off ebay?
  7. Gdm08

    Value of stock 2008 KLX 110 in good shape

    I just picked up a klx110 04 for 350 off of craigslist, the winter price is great. I know that during summer I could never find such good deals
  8. Gdm08

    Shifting Problem.

    I pulled the side of the engine out yesterday and found the shift star, and it was missing two pegs on it, they broke off... I already ordered a new one from Kawasaki, thank you guys for your help. Thanks 03sik50 I appreciate the help.
  9. Gdm08

    Shifting Problem.

    I just bought a klx in great condition that runs great but will not shift into gear at all. The guy I bought it from said it was the shift star, would the shift star do that? is it hard to change? and should I buy an aftermarket one or just get one from the dealer? THANK YOU FOR THE HELP
  10. Thank you very much for all the help i was going to use some random place off google.
  11. how much do they charge for the plating??
  12. Last week my kx125 1997 lost compression and once I took it off I saw that it needs to be replated. The shop near by want to charge me 350-400 for the replating and cylinder, but I am afraid that just like any shop that can turn to 400-600 in no time. What is the recommended place to do that?
  13. Thats exactly what i was afraid of, but from what these guys have been saying there are plenty of dry land to ride bikes
  14. Thank you very much i will pm you, i just finished recording the deed today and ill send out for the key tomorrow.
  15. Thank you guys for all that info, today i pick up the deed from the guy, i just wanted to be able to ride somewhere where i dont get traspassing warnings by the cops, unfortunatly i do most of my riding during the weekends.