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    Keithsburg is worth the drive if everywhere else is frozen, it is very deep loose sand most everywhere and constant whoops that have no even spread between them, if you are driving from hours away I would only recommend this if you can stand up for 90% of your ride time. It is a great place to exersize your leg muscles. The harescramble is coming up in a couple weeks. Good Luck
  2. Is Chadwick still open for the year? Whats the terrain like?
  3. oh Yes Keithsburg, If they would Use the $ that you donate to do something with the place,(other than for the horse trails) I would go ride the Sand more often, But the the whole place looks like a AC Voltage waveform, (constant whoops tight, deep and tall) fun for a section or two but not 4 miles, I like to get out of 2nd gear once in awhile. I still will probably go there atleast once this year but would love to hear of a weekend that it is fresh. Infact if anyone has a loader or tractor with a drag in the area I would donate $50 for fuel costs to be there after it was done.
  4. Snowmobiles just aren't the same, with the warm weather does anyone know of a track or riding area that has not recieved the snow we have in Iowa and is a reasonable driving distance from Iowa City? I would probably drive 5 hours or better if the conditions were good. I am not a huge fan of the Sandbox arena and have not been to Racine MX. I was kind of thinking southern MO or Indiana but I am open to anything. Most of my riding buddies are tied down to their job so I am always looking for others like me who are flexible and can ride during the week. Let me know if your out there and going anywhere.
  5. You should check out Lakeview OHV near Cedar Rapids find us on the Web at www.lakeviewohv.com, there is always someone to ride with, if you are in the area contact me via the email on the site and ill get you my phone#
  6. Looking for information on what's open and rideable around St. louis for March 2nd through the 4th this weekend. I live about 6 hours north and a couple of us were thinking about bringing bikes with.
  7. A buddy and I from Iowa are flying in for the supercross race on January 14th in Phoenix, it would be sweet to rent a couple of bikes and ride some tracks in the area. we could bring all of our own gear but cannot ship the bikes. We both ride 2009 CRF450s and are experinced riders so we are not looking for ttr110s if anybody knows where we could rent bikes on Sunday the 15th that would be a great help, Thanks
  8. I live in Eastern Iowa and one of my favorite ride spots for winter is Keithsburg IL. It is also refered to as Sandy Oaks. but in my area I ride Lakeview OHV near Solon IA there is a mainly sand outdoor style motocross track.
  9. Hello eveyone I am looking to fly into Arizona with all my gear and find a place or person's that rent Motocross bikes. If anyone knows if this is possible please let me know. I currently ride a 2009 CRF450R and would prefer to rent a 450. There would potentially be 4 to 5 people all Veteran riders 30 plus so we would need a place that has more than one bike.
  10. Thanks for the diagrams thats what I needed
  11. Hello everyone I have a stumper on a thumper, A friend brought in a 2001 DRZ 400 and I do not have wiring diagram, the problem is it only runs when you hold the start button down, as soon as you let off the ignition it dies. any ideas?
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