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  1. jump6pack

    Cr 85 plastic on a cr 80???

    Yes they will. The rear portion are a different shape, pointed instead of flat, bUT they will mount right up.
  2. jump6pack


    I have built quite a few CR80s and CR85s and have parted out over 40 of them. My suggestion to you is to scour craigs list in your area, find either a 97-2002 CR80 or a 2003-2007 CR85 and pick it up. You can take the motor from it and swap it into your bike, or keep the other bike. You can part the one you dont want and make money off the deal. Motors on ebay sell for between 400-600 (80 or 85cc, 05-07 have flat slide carb and better exhaust flange), forks and triple tres sell for 250-300, wheels sell for a good chunk (I have sold RB or expert sets with swingarms for 500), plastics and seats sell also. I would not put 700 into a bike that would be worth about 600-800 after a new motor. Jim
  3. jump6pack

    trouble finding parts for 91 250EXC

    That is what I am going to have to do. All Balls got back with me, basically said they don't show anything for that year bike. So I will go to a couple shops in Tucson after I take the bike apart. It will be a month or so, I am riding it this weekend with my son. Thanks for the help Jim
  4. I decided it is time to refresh the 91 250. I did my son's CR85RB a couple of years ago and want to repeat the process with my 250. I plan to strip it down and powdercoat the frame, rims and hubs. While that is being done, I want to replace all of the bearings. Problem is, I am having problems finding the correct bearings for a bike that old. All the places I have checked do not list bikes that old. I found steering stem bearings on the TT Parts store, (YEA!!! TT Partsstore comes through again!). I was wondering if someone knows where I could find a cross reference chart for these bearings. I did email All Balls about this and am waiting a reply. Thanks in advance, hopefully soon I will have a really nice 250EXC!! I am riding it this weekend. Before: After - COming SOON Jim
  5. jump6pack

    New to me DR200SE

    I am excited about this bike. From what I have read on many different forums, CMan and Adam, you are spot on. Everyone says they are a great little, bullet proof bike. I understand it isn't an offroad monster, but it will take you where you want to go and then some. I have other bikes for breaking trails and blasting across the desert, this one is probably going to end up helping my 15 year old son get some on road experience riding with me. He rides a KLX300 off road. He likes the 200 because it has all of the lights/turn signals, and it has an electric start. He is 6 foot and weighs 140, but he likes the small size, it makes him feel more in control of it. He can get his permit in a couple of months, so now I get to get the KLX licensed for the street. AZ is easy in that area. I just need to wire in a brake light (already have the banjo bolt for the rear brake) and add a mirror and a honk, honk, squeezable bicycle horn and I am golden! Thanks all for the help and advice. Jim
  6. jump6pack

    Another Polaris 90 wiring dilemma

    Update: I'm still a at a loss on this thing. I have a good bulb, but no brake light at all with key on, kill switch in run, brake lever pulled. I checked for continuity in the brake switch and the circuit is open, when I apply the brakes it closes the circuit. I have power to the key. I have spark when it turns over by jumping straight from the battery to the starter. Anyone?? Any ideas where to check next?? Jim
  7. jump6pack

    CRF50 carb adjustment questions

    Once I got the bike I cleaned the carb, it isn't a problem, it is spotless and everything flows. I ordered a 60 and 62 jet, just waiting on them to come in in a couple of days. The exhaust is stock, but the pod filter flows a LOT more air than the stock airbox. Since I can't even get a change with the airscrew, I am going to start with the 62 and see if I can adjust from there. Once on, I will see where my airscrew needs to be set at and that will let me know if I need to bump to the 60 or stay with the 62. So right now I am waiting on the jets for the CRF, I cleaned the rust from my LT50 tank and I am chasing wiring on a 2004 Polaris Sportsman 90. Anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram for the Polaris? Thanks Jim
  8. jump6pack

    Another Polaris 90 wiring dilemma

    Update: I cleaned the carb, was able to get it to fire and run on carb cleaner. I still have the tank off it as I am still chasing the wiring problem. I jumped the starter directly from the battery and with a new plug it fired and ran. Smoked a lot, I think a lot of oil was in the cylinder. So far I have power from the battery to the key, but am at a loss where to chase next. I think I am just going to start checking continuity on wires, anyone got a wiring diagram for this thing? Jim
  9. I do not have a wiring diagram for this bike, but am trying to diagnose an electrical problem. Here is what I do know: Battery has 13 volts and is in good shape starter works well when jumped straight from the battery. I jumped the brake switch The key switch has 12.8v at the red and black, when key is on, red and the wire next to black have 12.8v fuse on positive battery connection is good. I do have spark, I jumped the starter and I grounded the plug and had blue spark. I am stuck on where my next check can be. I have a multimeter and know how to check for current or connectivity, just not enough experience to know what should be reading what and what wires to check next. Are there any checks I can do to identify if it could be a coil, CDI or the starter switch that is my problem? I have searched and seen that these are common problems. I got the quad for $50 and can throw money into it and still have a good deal, but do not want to just go buy a new coil, CDI and starter switch cluster. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jim
  10. jump6pack

    Test riding the kids CRF70

    Excellent. One thing about stepping up, make sure they are ready for it or it might put them off riding. I started my son off at 10 on a CR85 and it intimidated him. Now at 15 he likes trail riding with the KLX300 (after 3 years and growing a lot). But if I had to do it over again, and thankfully I can with my 7 year old daughter, I will start with a tame bike and let her max out its capabilities before I move her up. I have a CRF50 she putts around on and am waiting for the day she wants more bike. Like I said, don't let them get intimidated by the power of a bike, let them learn and grow. Looks like fun, even I ride the CRF 50 and my daughters LT50 quad, they are a blast. Jim
  11. jump6pack

    CRF50 carb adjustment questions

    I will try that, I pulled the plug and it has been running lean, some black around the threads but the insulator is very light colored. Thanks for the advice, I will definitely try it. Jim
  12. jump6pack

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    I got this 05 DR200SE for fixing a friend's quads. He has an 02 Polaris Sportsman 90 that needed the following: kickstart lever, kickstart shaft, carb cleaned, petcock cleaned, new fuel, new plug and a battery. He also has an 03 Polaris Trailblazer that needed: petcock cleaned, carb cleaned (had to replace due to oxidation eating awat parts of the jet area), battery and a new plug. I got a smokin' deal and he was happy to get the quads going so he and his son could ride. It is an 05 that has spent its life baking in the AZ sun. Apart from the faded fenders, the wasted seat cover and a nice white speckled overspray from when his pool was redone, it is in great condition with only 260 miles. Yes, that is correct, 260 miles. It had been flopped a few times from the previous owner and had the rear turn signals replaced, but it is a fun bike. I also included pics of a couple of my other bikes for when the 200 isn't enough. 2005 DR200SE KLX300 with lights removed 1987 XR600R ($300 yard sale find, cleaned carbs and it runs great!) 1991 KTM 250EXC for 2-stroke fun Jim
  13. Hello again, I bought an 07 and the air box was destroyed, so I put a pod filter on it. It has a bog about 1/2 throttle. I adjusted the air screw all the way in and the idle doesn't change. With the pod filter I am assuming it is getting tons more air and needs jets. I can take bikes apart and rebuild, but cannot diagnose carb adjustments to save my life. The bike is all stock except for the filter. I have looked but can't find anything to help. Thanks Jim 07 CRF50 06 Trailblazer 250 05 CR85RB 05 DR200SE 04 Polaris Sportsman 90 00 KLX300R 91 KTM 250EXC 87 LT50 87 XR600R
  14. jump6pack

    New to me DR200SE

    Hi there, first experience in the Suzuki area, I have a menagerie of bikes, second Suzuki. I just got a 2005 DR200SE for doing some work on a friends 2002 Polaris Sportsman 90 and his 2003 polaris Trailblazer. For getting them going (had to replace kick start parts on the 90, clean carb, drain old fuel, clean petcocks, new plugs, etc) and he gave me his DR200. I know both of the previous owners and it only has just over 250 miles on it. It has sat in the AZ sun all its life and the plastics are faded and the seat cracked, but it is in good shape. The original owner had his pool resurfaced and the DR200 got some overspray all over it. I cleaned the carb, draned the fuel, cleaned the petcock and changed the plug and it runs like a champ. It has had a rough 250 miles. It obviously has been flopped by the scratches and the replaced rear turn signals (they don't have overspray on them). Here are some pics, even the original tires are in good shape (although I have seen them refered to as Death Wings!!). I look forward to putting some miles and also to training my 15 year old on some street riding. He can get his permit in 2 months and has done a lot of MX and trail riding. He likes trail riding better than MX. Jim 1987 Honda XR600R 1999 Kawasaki KLX300R 2005 Suzuki DR200SE 1991 KTM 250 EXC 2005 Honda CR85RB 2007 Honda CRF50 1998 Suzuki LT50 2004 Polaris Sportsman 90 2006 Polaris Trailblazer 250
  15. I am working on a friends 2003 Polaris Trailblazer and opened the carb and found tons of oxidation. I tried carb cleaner, but the majority of it is still on the carb. Is there something that will eat away the oxidation (coke perhaps?) I have cleaned many carbs, but have NEVER ran into anything like this. Thanks Jim