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    Dirt bikes, quads, rc cars, family, and friends.
  1. nickdawg18

    Guy rages and throws pitbike!

    I was laughing at the dude who couldn't put his googles on. Lol.
  2. nickdawg18

    CRF STUFF 2013 450R Product Fittment Overview

    I have the vented wheel spacer. Definately a great investment.
  3. nickdawg18

    03 crf450r

    Hope u didn't buy an automatic tensioned.
  4. nickdawg18

    Auto Cam Chain adjuster to Manual - Need TDC?

    I didn't set to tdc on mine. I put in the new one, started the motor, and turned it in till the chain stopped making noise. Done.
  5. nickdawg18

    Alessi is a danger out there

  6. nickdawg18

    Millsaps proving its not the Yamaha

    Did u see the second moto??? I think it's the bike.
  7. Go pro. Think about it. You can use it in different hobbies. The video quality is the better of the two. All the mounting hardware is pretty damn stout. I've hit branches full on and it didnt break, just tilted backwards.
  8. How many are in the group buy right now?
  9. nickdawg18

    Lets see your before and after pics!

    They are powdercoated. Thanks for the compliments too!!! Bike runs really strong for an old girl. As far as the roost guards, I love the pro taper ones. Ive wrecked a few times and they've held up just fine.
  10. nickdawg18

    Abandoned Dirt Bike

    Looks like the case is blown right by the front sprocket.
  11. nickdawg18

    A Different type of Honda......

    You must've had mixed emotions when trying to decide on which bike to buy huh?
  12. Contest has been over for awhile now. There is a group buy going on that you can get in on. The more people the better.
  13. nickdawg18

    New to jumping

    When Dylan said "grip with your knees", what he means is squeeze the bike with your legs. It keeps you in control while in the air. Have you ever heard of the gyro effect? When your jumping certain variables make your bike do different things. You can compensate mid-flight. If your in the air and your front tire is high you can pull the clutch and hit the rear brake. It will bring the tire down. If your front tire is low in the air you can rev the throttle and it will bring it up. Have fun. Start small. Stay safe!!
  14. nickdawg18

    Kx450f oil leak

    Your probably right!!! Where do you live?. I'm on da way!
  15. nickdawg18

    How to tell titanium valves from stainless steel

    Stainless is magnetic. Titanium is not.