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    Chillin with my buds, ridin the Fo-fiddy, and snowboardin
  1. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    Problems with Zstart engagement

    Hey dudes, i was working on my dads old DRZ that has a zstart and i checked the clearance inside, and its in spec, but it doesn't sit there and idle in gear like is supposed to. If i physically push on the lever thats held by the spring i can achieve this, but the spring should hold that, right? Am i missing something here? Thanks for any help. My CRF450 does the same thing, but not to the same extent....i'm at a loss. Josh
  2. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    Some new bling

    no, the red isn't coming of, they were annodized and then machined again.
  3. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    Some new bling

    Hey dudes, its been awhile since I've been on here, but I got some new bling and thought I'd show it off a bit. let me know what you think of them guys. I'll try and get them on the bike soon...barley harvest is taking up all my time these days so I haven't had a chance. Edit : BTW these are 7602 racing plugs. I have been nothing but happy with the clutch cover i got from them, so I figured I would get some nice red plugs too.
  4. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    Dedicated winter tires or m&s?

    I'm running Dick Cepek FCII's on my truck and i love them in the snow.
  5. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    Riders in Fort Collins...??

    shut up clay. how am i supposed to know this? on a side note, when are you comin up here buddy? the drunken monkey is calling our name.
  6. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    Riders in Fort Collins...??

    i don't know what VDR is.....fail. i just moved up here for school this semester....so i don't know anything about anything up here, except where to get cheap beer, and where to party, lol.
  7. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    Riders in Fort Collins...??

    Hey guys, I just brought my bike up to FoCo with me and would like to get together with some, or all of you guys and ride at some point. I'm more or less up for anything. Just wanna meet some fellow riders, and hit the track or the trail. Thanks. Josh
  8. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    Stripped front sprocket bolt

    you could try using a pair of vice grips....
  9. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    clutch cover

    i've got a red 7602 cover and its pretty bad ass. the anodizing is hold up quite well so far. its WAYYY more beefcake than the stocker. i highly recommend it. clay is cool to deal with too.
  10. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    like the idea of a stroker?

    a stroker seems to be a very good idea to me. if it makes the same sort of difference in the bike as it did to my truck it would be amazing. (350 to 383 stroker) how much does a stroker kit cost for the 450s?
  11. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    Finally got it! chedk it out.

    sorry that took so long guys. ya...150 bucks. the guy's name is clay. he's real cool to work with. the fit and finish is amazing. i'm very pleased with it. its much stronger than that magnesium one that comes on these bikes. you would have to really raise hell to break it. also, his website isn't updated yet, so you won't see them on there. his phone number is 719-274-0606
  12. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    Finally got it! chedk it out.

    I have been on the waiting list for this cover since i saw the original post a couple of months ago. After checking in every 2 weeks or so it finally came in last night. now i can check my oil condition and level by just looking at the sight window. i am also running a rekluse and the cover already has the added depth built in so i dont have to run that leaky gasket anymore. heres a couple of pics.
  13. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    Amount of oil i should use in my 06 crf450r

    as do i. never had any problems.
  14. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    Bad News Again!!!!!!!!!

    yeah, you can do that or pay them 950. if it was me, i'd definitely go get the thing and take it elsewhere, thats outrageous.
  15. ReD_RiDeR_CRF450R

    having trouble with my rekluse lurching

    i'm pretty sure its not too tight. the last real ride i did with the bike was in moab last year, and i think it would be too loose if anything. i guess i'll pull all the plates out and check for warpage. thanks dude.