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  1. mx250s4life

    Honda CRF250X (2004)


    Great bike! Lots of fun trying different mods out on. Bike has alot of potentional here in california
  2. mx250s4life

    Honda CRF250X 2004

    Great bike! Lots of fun trying different mods out on. Bike has alot of potentional here in california
  3. mx250s4life

    Pics of your CRF250R (just pics, no questions pls)

    my 07 with only 40 hours on it. picked it up for 1550. swapped the 2010 front end with graphics on the way
  4. mx250s4life

    2011 plastics fit my 08 crf250r?

    the front end will swap but i came across a pic that someone did with an 05 250r underlying the 2013 450r plastics. from what i saw everything would/should bolt up but the rear fender would require some work as well as the air box panels.
  5. mx250s4life

    '07 Carburetor Tuning

    i have the same problem. the 175 main that is stock fouled my plug several times. switching over to the 172 made a world of difference. 07 crf250r
  6. mx250s4life

    05 to 13 450r body swap

    i saw this pic of an 05 crf250r that a guy posted with 2013 crf450r plastics on it and the yellow marks are the mounting points that fit perfectly. most of this seems legit and i've already successfully performed a few other swaps in the past. so assuming this could be done my next venture would be to see if the dual exhaust from the 06-09 years could be fitted onto the 05. i know that you need a subframe from an 06-09 the mount the duals and the left side panel to accommodate the second pipe. however, i was wondering if the duals could be fitted without the 06 subframe with some fabrication? the second pic is the rear view from an 05 followed by the 06 view and the 13 450r rear view. i know this seems like a lot of work for nothing but it could be the first 250r with duals with the new look or the 2014-or so crf250r.
  7. mx250s4life

    is it possible!?

    The shroud bolts aren't even close to the old mounts on your 02 tank and the rad mounts aren't either.
  8. mx250s4life

    is it possible!?

    No because the frame completely changed from 05 to 06.
  9. mx250s4life

    03 YZ250F No start

    took my bike out riding after i raced one week prior and it ran fine at idle but after about 50 feet it began cutting out completely. afterwards it would not start. i came back the weekend after and completely cleaned the carb. i ran it for about a minute and figured it was fixed. however, i went to start it the next weekend and nothing. valves clearances were in spec, jets were clear, got compression, and got spark. there is fresh gas in the tank. it fired for a sec a few times but could never get past that. any thoughts?
  10. mx250s4life

    is it possible!?

    going from a 02 to 06 plastics no. however the front end from any of the later years will fit but the 03-05 years plastics will fit. i performed the plastic swap on both my yz250fs.
  11. mx250s4life

    Who has the NICEST YZ/WR 250F on Thumpertalk?

    my 03 with 02 frame finally finished.
  12. i just bought a 2002 crf450r and was looking to see if the newer body styles could be modified to fit mine. saw these pics of a 2002 cr250 that uses the same plastics and frame and thought it would be possible. theres a vid of him converting a 2001 cr125 also. youtube 2010 cr125.
  13. mx250s4life

    Who has the NICEST YZ/WR 250F on Thumpertalk?

    i don't think you got enough dirt scooters there sir
  14. mx250s4life

    Who has the NICEST YZ/WR 250F on Thumpertalk?

    my rockstar 02 yz250f with 03 bodyswap
  15. mx250s4life

    85 xl600 connecting rod

    i'm in the midst of rebuilding an 85 xl600 and i was wondering how u replace the connecting rod? do u have to have it pressed out or is it a bolt on?