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  1. For &%$#@! sake! It came out in the middle of the GFC competing with established bikes. Could have been the creme de la creme but the ruined it with emission shit and poor electrics.
  2. pantera66

    2017 klx450r running warm

    F'n hell 170's a bit fat. I went a 160 and a stock pilot.
  3. pantera66

    KLX-KXF chain slider

    C'mom Glen you are the most senior member of tf the klx crew down under. You should be tellin newbys things like this.
  4. pantera66

    Photo of my KLX - let's see yours...

    Too bad not qld wanna ride with some other klx ers
  5. pantera66

    KLX450 Aussie vs USA

    Just remember our brakes are ADR brakes so the resivour should be the same as the klx250 not the kx same reason the levers are different
  6. pantera66

    Photo of my KLX - let's see yours...

    What state you ride in?
  7. pantera66

    Photo of my KLX - let's see yours...

    Thats nice
  8. pantera66


    I would say no. Msg them.
  9. pantera66


    Send us the link want to check it out please?
  10. pantera66

    2008 klx450 help - Electrical/Wiring

    Yeah it was a ADR mod they just drilled a hole in the back of the unit and stuck an extra light in it (same as the Nuetral/hi beam,indicater light)
  11. pantera66

    2008 klx450 help - Electrical/Wiring

    Sorry Glen but they are back lit as i just rpl thwe bulb because i broke it. Just had the same issue. Took me for ever to find it but all good now.
  12. pantera66

    Where is the green?

    LOL love your satire. I think he was asking for help on a blown motor, and how to post pictures. Niether are in response to this thread as i pointed out before. As a nub with only two posts I'll give him the time to respond in kind.(and already have) 1: start new thread. 2: Search for "How to post pictures" (This may be hard because there used to be a tip on "how to post pics" but i can't find it atm and i can't be arsed seaching for you) not directed at you Wiely, for "supermn" 3:Sit back and watch the replys fly in
  13. pantera66


    Sorry but you are stuck with stock. I have been down this path myself with no luck. Let me know if you hind a sloution.
  14. pantera66

    Australia Brisbane any 1 from here ?

    Yeah. Got a mate who lives in north lakes. rides a kx250 but it lives at my place and he has the only transport we have (4wd ute) but its in for repairs and its gonna be a long time tll we get a chance to go out again.(being repaired really cheap from a family member that why it'll take so long)
  15. pantera66

    Reverse bike chase (crash)

    I never piss my bike off to chase me. You should just be nicer to your machines and they won't try and mow you down.