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  1. BEEF706

    Dodge Dakota towing?

    I,ve got an 01 with the 4.7 and I tow a 6x10 inclosed with camping and riding gear and my 450 with no problems at all it will maintian 80-85 on the interstate with no trouble, I don't remember the towing capacity but I looked into one of the 14' toyhauler and it was doable.
  2. BEEF706

    How many guys use the R for off road vs moto?

    Moto only; Im askeert of trees and sand
  3. BEEF706

    Question to this site???

    I thought I heard the sound of someone smacking their forehead in Hawaii
  4. BEEF706

    fork question

    The tube diameters are the same so they will fit in the triple clamps, but the axle offset is different, they will make the 05 steer a little slower; not that noticable, had a set on my 05 while mine were being revalved
  5. BEEF706

    I need some proof

    I've had mine since December, ride or race every weekend, still in spec, no issues, like someone else said; if you ride one, you won't ever think about the valve issues again
  6. BEEF706

    38 yrs old & gonna race again......

    as far as the classes , for moto they usually have a "D" class for beginners, you should start there, even if you are fast in the woods . for the age group classes most have a vet (over 30) and senior (over 40) and then further divided A&B C&D, the over 30 is usually one of the faster classes at our local tracks (the A&B guys anyway) I usually race vet senior and 250c, the C class is almost always doing all the jumps and combinations, so if it is a pure moto race I would start out D then move into the age classes. My experience has been the vet and senior class riders are much less likely to t-bone you or land on you, (I started racing again at 41) but the classearae faster when you first start out. Have fun
  7. BEEF706

    Is This RC's Last SX Title?

    Reed is fast and smooth and seems to improve as the year goes on, Bubba is faster than a speeding bullet but his own worst enemy, Ricky is short and had red hair, I say RC wins one more (defy my logic if you dare )
  8. BEEF706

    Custom graphics

    Give Lou a try at www.441designs.com he's a great guy and a rider and can help you out!
  9. BEEF706

    How should the 06 be better

    Better air filter access is the only thing on my personal wish list.
  10. BEEF706

    Track Diffiuculty Poll

    The trend I've noticed in our area is towards obstacles in kind of stages, stepped tables, step ups/step overs, doubles with rounded tabletop landers, triples that have a real lander after the double etc. These still reward tthe fast or daring, you can make up a lot of time by jumping all of it, but don't make you fell like you are staring an ER in the face just looking at them It started really with one track in our area (Sandia MX) and the others are following. Ususally they will leave one really difficlult section thats always rollable, but most of the tracks are jumpable by a C.
  11. BEEF706

    Rhino a Title Contender?

    My head says Millsaps, I think he is gonna break out big, I think Rhyno will be a force in some of the races but not the overall (I hope I am wrong) and he and Mike Brown will knock each other down at least once.
  12. BEEF706

    What kind of helmet do you have?

    New TLD lid, I love it do far!
  13. BEEF706

    Need crf450 fork springs

    I e-mailed you, where in CO are you?
  14. BEEF706

    05 crf450r lost tranny oil.

    There is evidently a seal between the oil sides that can go bad (or is not seated properly in some bikes) search this forums for the details. The good new is it doent't seem to be that hard to fix, but that sound they make when the tranny runs dry is very scary!