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  1. it's natural to be somewhat nervous i have raced for many years and still get nervous at every start what i can tell you is the race is not won in the first 100 yards. Practice your starts and settle in behind some fast riders in the beginning to get in your zone, always look ahead and try to ride somewhat loose its easy to tighten up and start focusing on your front wheel. looking ahead allows you to see what is coming up and have your body and bike in the right position for the next obsticle. try to improve your lap times each lap i find my best lap times are on my second or third lap. remember to breath and most of all dont forget your suppose to be having fun just enjoy the ride and you will do fine.
  2. cw14123

    2012 300!

    Very nice bike! I was checking the 300 out a few weeks ago and rode one of the Husky 300's WOW is all I can say so much power but one cant go wrong with KTM, hope you get the enjoyment you got from all the RM's. It's gotta be a bitter sweet feeling!!!!!
  3. HI my name is Ron Jeremy and I'm selling my slightly used RM 80.
  4. Welcome to the club! there is no better forum on TT than our RM 2 stroke forum everyone on here is so helpful when you have a problem or question. Now pin that RM and enjoy riding the best!
  5. I think your right 500 to start with but 850 is just to much
  6. Hey guys a few months ago you helped me with the carb on this bike so I thought i would ask this. the guy who owns this 94 RM 250 wants me to buy it for 850.00 thats what he paid for it. after working on the bike for him i know what it needs tires, brakes, fork seals, new plastic, etc. motor is sound but i really dont need it that money can buy a lot of parts for my 03 RM 250. My question is what is a good price for a 94? if i buy it I will go all the way and fix everything cant stand a half ass job when it comes to my bikes. my worry is i'm going to sink upwards of 1500 or more in this bike and never be able to get my money back on a re-sale. looking for some thoughts
  7. im not sure but i dont think so. what would your options be if and if not?
  8. A few weeks ago I posted that I am trying to get a 94 RM250 to run my problem was that when I turn the gas on it runs out of the exhaust port around the pipe, the needle seat is working fine when I move the floats up it seats fine and stops all flow on the bench. Could I have bad floats? this is not my bike so before I put a new carb kit in I want your alls opinion, problem: 1. gas is flowing (dripping) out the exhaust when turned on. 2. floats are not sticking they move fine on bench and on bike thanks for any help what is the best place to buy a complete carb kit for this bike.
  9. thanks for the reply getting ready to take carb off and rebuild will drain case and try again.
  10. 94 RM when I turn the gas on fuel runs out of the exhaust pipe, there is a small crack in the exhaust right by the exhaust port and fuel is runnung out. of course it wont start wanted a quick opinion before i take carb apart, floats sticking? any help greatly appreciated.
  11. These are great goggles I have a pair and just ordered 3 for what I paid for 1.
  12. My 03 250 broke a spoke and since i'm doing the winter upgrades and maint i noticed my rear wheel is extreamly gouged tarnished and just looks like plain crap. I was going to re-spoke and move on but i found a Warp 9 wheel really cheap on RMATV and wanted to know if these wheels are good and hold up well or if they are just cheap. Excels are so expensive but I want a good rim and spoke set. Have any of you used the W9 if so how are they?
  13. Well Santa dropped off a new Clarke tank for my 03 RM 250 fits on great but I have a couple of questions for those of you who have installed one, of course I didn't get a petcock and I'd like to use one that would give me reserve if not I can change out from my old tank. Where can I buy one and do they make one that will give me "reserve" thanks for any suggestions
  14. this good i'm going with a clarke and they have them in zook yellow should look good when i'm finished.
  15. Gotta go with the 01 offroad replica, it will be nice to watch the build on TT. Good Luck and do us proud!
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