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  1. I have a 2000" DRZ S model. I'm so glad I have a kick starter along with the electric start because after about 1/2hr into my ride, the electrical goes out. No speed-O lights or electric start. But, At least the kick starter fires it up & I can ride it home. My main battery fuse- 20amp pops out? Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. TheKing

    DRZ400S Dual Sport Tyres

    Thanks for the info. I'm going to look into those tires.
  3. TheKing

    Any 40+ guys here?

    I just turned 54yrs old a few days ago. I started riding/racing when I was around 15yrs old in the mid 1970s. Many injuries later at 54 I still ride & race. Also, do a lot of dualsport riding up in the mountains. Race old & new bikes. I'm hurt rt now but, hoping to ride again in a few weeks. Helps keep me young. Well.. at least thats what I tell myself. This pic is from a few months ago. Glen Helen.
  4. TheKing

    What is a good Rear Trials tire?

    WoW, Thanks for all the information. If we were talking about racing MX I'd be very very concern about traction & handling around the track. Like with my different race bikes. But, for my old 2000" DRZ400S & where I ride, traction doesn't seem to be too much of an issue for me. Even with crazy hill climbing. Seems to be mostly hard pack up here in the Southern California mountains. I never ride in the desert. The only problem I've been running into is Snow & Ice. But, I'm going try & not ride that much any more. Specially with a very bald tire. (Tired of crashing). Anyway, I have a Tube-liss system in my rear tire. I used to have one in the front but, we all know that doesn't work. The Rear system does work great. I want my rear tire to last as much as possible with-out having to find someone that could change it for me. Most shops don't know how to change with that system. A few other riders that I've rode with use (Trials tires). Hope I'm saying it rt. They look like the tires that came on the old Yamaha enduro bikes from the 70s. Told myself thats my next tire. I remember, back then they seemed to dry-rot before they wore out. So, really for me I just need a lonnng wearing tire. Also, I just found out today that the Pirelli MT-43 won't fit on my 2000" bike. Not sure why? Guess, I'm still tire shopping. I do welcome all information. Thanks.
  5. TheKing

    What is a good Rear Trials tire?

    Another guy I talked to mention Pirelli also. I'll probally pick one up this week. Thanks For mountain offroading, a trail tire should be perfect for me.
  6. I'm looking for a good (Trials tire) for my DRZ400. I'm not looking for traction but for long wear. I'm hoping the knobbys don't break off. I've been running MX knobbys, & don't like the way the tires have been wearing down too fast. Anyone have any suggustions?
  7. TheKing

    GoPro or Contour?

    I've had my GoPro for about 4 months. Nice thing about it is I can mount it anywhere. I've shot some great videos-Mt. biking, MX racing, Radio Control planes. But, now & then. I come home to little to no video. I always make sure I use good strong fresh batts, but the biggest problem I think is turning this camera on & off, really sucks. My friend has the same problem. I'm really thinking of trading my GoPro in for a Contour. My other friend with his Contour never has any problems. Anyone want to trade?
  8. I have not tried to post pics on here since you told me. But thanks for the heads up on it. Hey, SuperMario, So, your bike has these same Cat stickers as this one I posted? The big question?
  9. Yes, It has an Automatic chain oiler.
  10. My friend (Jerry) bought it a long time ago from the original owner which told him that out of the crate those stickers were there. So, I guess someone from the warehouse maybe stuck them on there? Ya, I saw the post from thumpertalk a few yrs back about this bike. Talking about it's nick name the CAT. I found other pics online without the stickers also. Jerry told me he is going to just keep it & ride it. He just wondered about those CAT-Stickers. Thanks for the reply's.
  11. A friend of mine owns this bike. 1974 TY Cat250. He said that brand new it came of of the crate like this. It says Cat 250. Anyone out there know *any information* about this? I know it's not a thumper just a 2-stroke but, thought I'd ask anyway. Many yamaha experts were asked but don't know. Question is, what does the CAT mean? Thanks for any help about it. http://i1130.photobucket.com/albums/m522/WillEKing/ty250005.jpg http://i1130.photobucket.com/albums/m522/WillEKing/ty250001.jpg Sorry, ThumperTalk is so hard to post pics
  12. Both 2 wheel & quads are fun to ride. Both can be Dangerous. Mostly depends on the rider. I think out in the open, Sand or the Desert- Quads can be easier & funnier to ride. Only thing is you can ride at more different places on 2 wheels. Very narrow trails- Single tracks & mountains.
  13. TheKing

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

  14. TheKing

    DG, anyone?

    Thanks. I called MRD today. I'll go to Riverside to pick it up. Ebay has a few FMF mufflers but, MRD would be the complete pipe.
  15. TheKing

    DG, anyone?

    Where Can I buy a MRD?