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    Bad Carb???

    I had the carb on mine replaced not long after purchase (they claimed a factory fault?) mostly due to popping etc. I think it was justa jetting issue anyhow, still had to rejet the new one. The idle screw hasnt come unseated by any chance? fuel screw still seated? good luck!
  2. kiwirag

    black plastic?

    ufo also sells the kit in black, and fits pretty decent.
  3. kiwirag

    Heavier clutch springs?

    I put aftermarket heavier springs in mine and the pull became unbearable.. ive found it better to use the originals and keep an on having anough freeplay. my 2 cents worth
  4. kiwirag

    Muffler packing?

    Sounds like you need to repack it, I just did mine and it looked the same as yours. It takes about 500g of packing.
  5. kiwirag

    Desperate for World MX GP coverage

    make it three of us!
  6. kiwirag

    Carmichael joins Suzuki!

    Just saw the official press release on suzukis website, RC is going yellow from 2005! http//www.suzukicycles.com/News
  7. kiwirag

    recall or not to recall

    I had the new CDI fitted on mine a couple months back, made no change whatsoever. My dealer was told through Kawasaki that there is no performance improvement as such in the new CDI, it was just that many of the original ones started to lose their map for no reason, or temorarily lose their map. So it is just a more reliable unit with the same settings, apparently.
  8. kiwirag


    Checked mine at 10 and 20 hrs, both times well within the tolerances. Very ease to do urself!
  9. kiwirag

    Trying to figure out oil change intervals

    You can never change ur oil TOO often. Ur better to run clean semi synthetic, than overused fully synthetic. Fully synthetic is about double the price of semi, so u can afford to change with semi more often. Ive found semi-synthtetic to be better, and dont go more than 3hrs on the motominder without changing it. and do the filter every second oil change. Works for me!
  10. Gday. I was just after some advice on which 2 pc cover to buy, I can either get the sfb or pro circuit cover, was just wondering if anyone had had any problems with either? I was just a little concerned the PC one might seep or leak, as the oil filter cover uses the original bolts and thought this may cause seepage? any advice would be great