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  1. racer651

    YZ250FX More Power!

  2. racer651

    YZ250FX More Power!

    No extra heat. I ride a little bit of everything from high speed whoops to tight hike a bike stuff. I was planning on putting a WR fan kit on it when I installed the big bore in anticipation of the extra heat, however it still hardly ever boils over. It sure doesn't seem any worse than when it was stock. It just simply has a little more power everywhere. The extra bottom end torque makes it easier to ride.
  3. racer651

    YZ250FX More Power!

    Cylinder works 270 kit is a pretty good bang for the buck.
  4. racer651

    Which front brake disc?

    I have the tusk setup on my 15 and it works great.
  5. racer651

    Differences between the F and FX?

    I put a Cylinder Works 270 kit on mine. That definitely helped with the low end power.
  6. I have spent some of time on both the FX and the X. I own a 15' 250FX and my buddy owns a 16' 250X. Before my FX I was on a highly modified 2008 YZ250 smoker with a EG 295 kit. Both are awesome bikes, you can't go wrong with either really. The X is probably more fun and exciting to ride if you are into the two stroke feeling, it is obviously lighter and snappier. The FX is easier to ride, the electric start is sweet, I love fuel injection now, and the six speed is nice. For me I am faster on the FX because it is slightly more planted due to the 4 stroke feel and it just doesn't do anything unpredictable or wear me out like the two stroke. However, I still love jumping on the X for a rip because it's just fun and I could probably be just as fast on it once i got used to it. So take your pick. If you really love the two stroke feel get the X. If you prefer 4 strokes or are really set on getting electric start, get the FX. The suspension is great on both.
  7. racer651

    YZ250fx Big Bore

    No oil consumption here. All good
  8. racer651

    YZ250fx Big Bore

    I have this kit on my bike and really like it. It didn't seem to change the way it revs at all on mine, just a little more power everywhere. The additional torque is most noticeable and makes it more luggable. I read that article in Dirt Bike mag and think that their other engine mods, cams etc. where too much, and that's what hurt them. My motor is completely stock other than the big bore and runs great.
  9. racer651

    Skid plates

    Another vote for the Enduro Engineering. Mine has taken a beating and still looks pretty good.
  10. racer651

    Screwed up big time

    My old CRF450 was opposite too, the hole faced the cover. I think that's why I did it, just out of habit. I was also talking on the phone and trying to keep my 3 year old out of the oil pan, lol.
  11. racer651

    Screwed up big time

    Yes it is.
  12. racer651

    Screwed up big time

    Don't feel too bad. I did this on my 2015 FX when it had only about 15 hours on it. I went to an off road race and rode the whole preride with it like that and then tried to race the next morning and only made it about a mile before she locked up. Entire top end, including the head and cams were smoked. Didn't seem to hurt the bottom though. I replaced the cylinder with a Cylinder works 270 kit and put a new OEM head and cams in. It was an expensive mistake... You'll just have to tear it apart to check it out. Sounds like you caught it sooner than I did so you may be in better shape.
  13. racer651

    New 2015 YZ250FX First bike in 10 hrs!

    I'm 5'8" 180lbs and I don't have a problem with the bikes height. It felt a little tall at first compared to my old bike, but got used too it. I run 112mm sag which helps a little. Feet are on the pegs most of the time anyway.
  14. racer651

    WPS lithium batteries

    Got mine installed this weekend and it seems to work great so far. Rode all day with it on Sunday and it turns over a little quicker than the stock one. Can't believe how much lighter it was. Check out the stocker weighed 4.52lb and the WPS weighed 1.09lb on my cheap little scale. I'm happy with it, I only paid $79 for it on fleabay.
  15. racer651

    WPS lithium batteries

    I just ordered the 150 CCA for my 250FX. I'll report back when receive it and get it installed.