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  1. Clearly he is testing whether or not he can still eat a coleslaw and sausage sandwich after knocking all the fillings out of his teeth.
  2. Funny - I remember a guy that wasn't real excited with the build quality of his new 2016 Beta and got ridiculed and stung up! Since I got my teething issues worked out the bike has been solid, but Kranny has 3x as many hours as I do. Hope it gets worked out for you! I don't remember what it was called, but a friend had some airbox insert thing is his KTM 530 XC-F that he mounted a regular old cylindrical air filter to. He said it was the same thing he had to use on his CRF-X to fix their air filter issues. Wonder if they make, or will make, something similar for the betas?
  3. How do you know it is over-charging and not over draining?
  4. Beta's biggest market has been old guys dual sporting. Most dealers I've gone into will have a couple 300's, a 350, and a 430 on the showroom floor and 3 sold 500's in the back.
  5. It should be split, but into "Bologna" (cause you know, its Italian) where people can post about tie down straps, videos of old farts riding, and pressure washers and a section for "everything else". 2 and 4 stroke betas have more in common than not so that information together is great.
  6. Couldn't tell you on your bike, but whenever I try E85 in my truck, MPG goes down 20-30% so I end up not really saving any money anyways. Probably a little of both.
  7. We just sold our house for over asking (and I thought we were asking $40k over value!). Nearly every house in CA sells for well over asking (3 others in our neighborhood sold for almost $20K over asking). I've been watching Property Brothers and it blows my mind everyone is excited when they get an offer $10k UNDER their asking lol (that and 4000 sqft houses on acres selling for 1/10th what they would here). Another one in our neighborhood sold for $10k over asking in 30 minutes. The realtor was doing some shady chit to get their friend the house and screwing our neighbors because they stopped taking offers (we had other friends of friends wanting to offer more). When we told the owners about the realtor they were pissed - it got opened up to more offers needless to say. /hijack
  8. While I don't know the exact age, yes - you can plate bikes if they are old enough. I believe the cutoff is somewhere mid '70s. You'll just have to add all the lights, blinkers, etc. Also less the 50cc is plateable.
  9. Just depends where you ride. There are a lot more places you can ride year round than those you can't.
  10. Except when it comes that way from the factory/dealer and the dealer, and other dealers, and the owners cannot resolve the issue. Still plenty strong. Has almost sent unsuspecting friends over the bars many times. I just don't like crushing my fingers. The first beta I rode was a 2014 500 and it's brake was like others describe- Rock hard. I don't recall thinking it was particularly powerful, but I was used to Brembo at the time.
  11. Crap. Mine's always been the same way and nothing I could do would fix it.
  12. From the sounds of it - you are a fairly new or inexperienced rider. They saw a sucker and a quick buck. There is absolutely no reason for you to be nice to these &%$#@!. There are only 3 possible explanations: 1) YOU ARE A &%$#@!ING LIAR and a crook - Your shop chose this option. 2) The shop mechanic is a freaking retard and actually tightened it down in this position - hard to believe its even possible. 3) The shop didn't torque it properly and when you cinched down the motorcycle the fork tube slid up (no evidence of this though as I see no scratches). <------ This is the answer the shop SHOULD have gone with no matter what the actual situation. Manager should have apologized for charging you anything in the first place and someone must have been to caught up in "procedure" and minimum charges. Instead he called you a lying crook. They are clearly a desperate shop for even charging you in the first place for that service, then doing terrible work. My shop would have told me how to do it and if I was unable, do it for free. The only thing that should matter to you new is to dispute your charge with the CC. Leave them a NON-RANTING 1* review on Yelp. You're not being an ahole. They've EARNED it! You need to sound sane and not just disgruntled. Move on and never go back.
  13. Send the whole setup forks and shock to get revalved. Pointless going to springs that stiff and not revalving. They will put in the correct springs in both at the same time.
  14. california

    Grats Chris. I was going to say "Shoulda got a AFrica Twin", but that looks sweet! What a monster!
  15. Finally posted my CRF110 on craigslist for $1750. Sold in just a few hours...