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  1. basalt

    E-start issue(s) on my 2017 500 RR-S

    https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/mcy/d/2006-husaberg-fs650e/6703900053.html You won't have more fun on the street than this. I take no responsibility for the trouble you get in... 🏍️ Don't buy the bologna about KTMs, thats pure Swedish engineering with some KTM parts.
  2. basalt

    Voyager - GPS Function???

    You will never get "MAPS". You can import TRACKS. It is still the most functional stock dirtbike dash there is, but it is not a navigation device so much as a track recording device.
  3. basalt

    Downieville to Gold Lake

    I was going to post my video of a POS that couldn't breath riding at 8000 feet around Gold Lake, but its pretty sad. The dirt bike didn't run very well either...
  4. basalt

    Any word on the 2019 CC forks ?

    Wait, so will there be no RE's at the Beta Demo Day? hmmmm.
  5. basalt

    New Shnit

    Same question I had. I went from the Leatt Body Protector 5.5 which is a freaking sauna in any conditions, to the TLD 7855 protective shirt- which I love. 7855 breathes fantastic but I wish it had some hard protection.
  6. basalt

    Stonyford/Upper Lake damage assesment

    The joke is that dirtbikers are too lazy to make it happen (and I am guilty of being lazy). You state it very clearly: Do something and save our trails or do nothing and lose them.
  7. basalt

    CA emmision regulation changes

    Interesting. All the salvage yards have the used Cats for sale- but they are called "exhaust pipe" and connected to another Cat (but still no muffler). I'm just going to file a claim and see if I can upgrade to the TRD exhaust. We'll see what it does to my premiums. Any perfectly "legal", aka CARB Compliant, new aftermarket cats will cost me $2300 anyways and according to the law, they are not legal for me to install or use because my engine is not in the correct "Test Group". I think its all just a giant scam. I'm all in favor of revoking CA's waiver!
  8. basalt

    CA emmision regulation changes

    Hmm, half way there: https://www.tlsautorecycling.com/search/2011/toyota/tundra/395621.html
  9. basalt

    Latest GPS on a budget options?

  10. basalt

    CA emmision regulation changes

    I wish. I looked and would gladly have bought them back for $500! They get recycled for $$ Don't want to go insurance, but replacements are $3000 just for parts.
  11. basalt

    CA emmision regulation changes

    Cats got stolen off my Tundra last week. Its still sitting because there are no approved CARB replacements and Toyota can't keep up with the thieves!
  12. Man, you guys carry a lot of extra stuff. Tennis shoes, jump packs. No point in saving weight with a Lithium battery if you have to start carrying all the other stuff! These are what I carry for emergencies:
  13. 390 will be easier to kick than the 500. If you're doing it right, leg strength should have little to do with it. You can leg kick a 2t, but these require your weight so the strength to straighten your leg is less important than the ability to jump up (or off something) and straighten your leg. The carbed bikes will also start much easier than a dead FI bike.
  14. basalt

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    I'm guessing Metcalf Motorcycle Park. KTM does them at Hollister all the time, but neither are really in Morgan Hill so who knows.
  15. Beta isn't listed in your "Battery Finder" on the restart page. How much weight does the Restart add over the non-restart equivalent? Might want to rethink this label: