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  1. basalt

    California Gas Tax

    I don't know how anyone can afford to rent in California (well I do, its because the rest of us are paying for it). We just bought a new house in Sacramento, moving from Woodland. Had to rent an apartment until the house is built (walk through today!!!). Our previous mortgage was $1300/month for a smaller 3/2 on a large lot. OUR RENT IS DOUBLE THAT! In a crappy neighborhood in a barely acceptable apartment complex, with 5 million neighbors who don't give 2 shits their dogs are leaving 2 shits ON THE FREAKING SIDEWALK. WTF is wrong with people. Our new mortgage is less that our current rent for 2500 sq ft 3/2.5 on one of the biggest new lots in Sacramento (for less the $1M anyways). Of course, with taxes and insurance that is 50% more! Our food bill has gone from $300/month to $600/month. Its crazy. Credit cards/Debt and handouts are going to run this Country into the ground.
  2. basalt

    California Gas Tax

    Why would we need voter approval to get $#%@&* in the ass? California approved that a long time ago.
  3. basalt

    Missing Beta guy

    He bought and Adv. Bike.
  4. basalt

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    If staged at IV, point your bike north and head uphill. You'll be at Stony in 15 minutes.
  5. This is mostly for others at this point, but I would never buy a bike without looking at the air filter. Sure its easy for the PO to cover up improper air filter maintenance, but if they don't even try to cover it up before selling it...
  6. basalt

    Help me pickout a new skidplate

    To me, the AXP is massive, sticks out all over the place, and at the same time seems to lack coverage in some areas and the tabs seem flexible.
  7. basalt

    Beta demo this weekend

    Anyone know what CS sprocket was on the RRS's? Even my 500 was sadly lethargic until the 13T went on.
  8. basalt

    Motorcycle Suspension Tuners: Stillwell or LT?

    Not disagreeing with Marty, but if you aren't doing most of it yourself KYB conversion is going to cost you close to the same as the cartridges. $400 is a smoking deal in my area for the correct KYBs unless you get lucky so: $400 forks $50 caliper bracket $50-$200 custom spacers $50 axle $200-$400 service and revalve Obviously, the more you do yourself the more you will save. Then you just have to decide for yourself if they cost the same are the KYBs better for you (more tuner options, potentially better tubes, etc)? I paid ~$750 for my forks ('11 CRF450R) in California fwiw.
  9. How did i know someone would get all pedantic about my statement. :P is this better?
  10. Its all about production numbers. If Beta produced 100,000 bikes a year they would be held to much stricter requirements. Just like if you build a custom bike you won't have any emissions requirements.
  11. basalt

    Motorcycle Suspension Tuners: Stillwell or LT?

    Its all relative! I'm in Northern California. I'm C/low-B until I'm gassed. Then I'm just a middle aged guy trying to catch his breath. Been riding since I was 4. Probably only place we might have in common is I rode Upper Nestucca (?) in a day by myself once. It was amazing but pretty easy. You guys keep your trails in too good of shape Went down a hill I decided might not be a great idea to go back up alone. Most of what I ride is pretty rocky, some roots but not much, lots of downed trees with all the fires. Desert to Sierras. Stonyford, Kelso Valley/Jawbone, Piutes, Kennedy Meadows, Pozo La Panza most of the time.
  12. basalt

    Motorcycle Suspension Tuners: Stillwell or LT?

    Exactly why I replaced my stock forks (Dal soggio too much $$$ and Enduro/MX tech didn't exist yet). Going slow I would think "These forks are alright- soaking up these rocks no problem." Then I'ld twist the throttle and it would be like pinball. Now I charge the same section in 3rd instead of tiptoeing in 2nd. (and it gets by on an MX track, the desert, slow going, etc.). Biggest thing for me was the big g-outs or square edged hits in the desert that if you get it wrong once you're done.
  13. basalt

    Motorcycle Suspension Tuners: Stillwell or LT?

    I've gone to KYBs so I haven't used either cartridge, but my problem lies in the OC technology in general (differences between model years mostly doesn't matter once you revalve - exception being things like more travel or if they change the geometry). If you're actually fast, and ride a wide range of terrain, the tech is these cartridges can handle it better. A CC fork swap will do the same. You could probably be perfectly happy with just a revalve, but IMO these cartridges or a swap have the potential that OC does not.