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  1. PDR447

    cal city mx park

    I was just out there sunday. pretty much agree with robby. That was the first time in a while I've been intimidated at a track. It was fun once I got it down but definately not a track for beginners!
  2. thanks for the offer yuuj! PMed you...
  3. I've been shopping around a little for a new bike(kawi or KTM) here in SoCal. There are a few shops that are out of the SXF but you CAN find them without too much trouble. From what I've seen the KTM runs about 700-1200 more than a Jap bike. I think what may be scaring people(and has got me a little nervous) is trouble getting parts...
  4. Thanks for all your guys' input! As for the comment about the KXF valves eating up the extra $1000, my 04(purchased right when they came out) is still on the stock valves with no problems! Oh and thanks a lot to desertridingdude. I PMed you.
  5. I definately would not hesitate in buying ANYTHING from Pro Circuit for my KXF... those guys have this bike wired!
  6. Hey guys, I'm currently riding an '04 KX250F(which I'm very happy with) but, it's time for a new bike. My first choice was the new KXF. My local dealer is great and I've always ridden Kawis. However, a couple of my buddies have pounded the idea of getting a KTM into my head. At first I simply dismissed it cause I thought they would be just way to wierd. But, after a little session at one of the local tracks(AVmotoplex) aboard my friends '06 525 my curiosity is getting the best of me. The KTM didn't feel that "wierd" and I've heard so mutch about the 250sxf's motor that I'm starting to seriously consider the KTM. But, before I plunk down the exra ~$1000(price difference between the kawi and the ktm) I would like to turn a couple laps on the SXF. So here goes... I was wondering if any local socal SXF owners would let me take their baby out for a couple laps. I understand that this is asking a lot and I'm definately willing to work with any concerns the owner may have. As I said I'm in socal, northern socal I guess, I live in ventura county and I ride at I-5, AVmotoplex, Racetown, Competitive edge... Thanks for your time and if anyone would like to discuss this further feel free to PM me or post here.
  7. PDR447

    checkin in...

    Haven't been on here in a while, and looking at the threads on here reminded me of why I left... so much complaining about how the bike(motor mainly) is so horrible. Anyways just wanted to let you guys know that my 04KXF(purchased pretty much right when they came out) is still running perfectly. All I have done to it is the PC oil/water cover, engine ice, FMF Factory 4, and jetting. I race C class so I'm not super easy on it or anything. Just change oil/clean air filter and check the valves(which have never needed adjustment!) Oh and I've run 100 octane unleaded since day 1. These bikes are as reliable as any out there, just a couple problems here and there(same as any manufacturer). That is all.
  8. PDR447

    Good kx250f reliability stories?

    You sure about that??? I could swear the 04's had the soft and the 05's had the hard.
  9. PDR447

    '06 engine locked up

    Scottyboy and 178 STOP THE ARGUING!!!!!
  10. PDR447

    Good kx250f reliability stories?

    Acutally, the 04 had the "soft" limiter. The 05(06 is the same) went to a "hard" limiter because pros were complaining of bad top end power.
  11. PDR447

    '06 engine locked up

    Yeah no worries Cy, I broke it in nice and good for ya. It'll be fine!
  12. PDR447

    '06 engine locked up

    ok a the average 250F revs to about 13000 and makes 40 hp(at the crank). So lets compare this to a ford mustang... 250cc is .25L A mustang is 4.6L so that's 18.4 250F motors in a mustang A mustang making comperable power to these bikes would make 736hp naturally aspirated on pump gas!!! oh and it would have to rev to more than twice it's current redline! Maybe that will put into perspective for you guys just how high performance these motors are! sure they could tune it down to a scale mustang and have it super reliable... mustang is about 300hp... divide by 18.4 you get 16.3 hp at the crank. So theres your choice... reliable and 16hp or spend a little on maintanence and have 40hp your choice...
  13. PDR447

    '06 engine locked up

    It's hard to believe because these guys have no post to their credit... These are their first posts and they are just complaining. Also they way it died sounds a little suspicious. If the motor is completely wasted it doesn't make sense that it would slowly die, as he said it did. A motor that is completely destroyed as he is describing it should have just quit instantly. He said he "was going through the whoops the bike lost power and just ground down to a halt". That's not characteristic of a motor that "completely dissintegrated. it grenaded and there wasnt anything left.top or bottom"
  14. PDR447

    '06 engine locked up

    I say this is either all BS or the guy that had his bike let go i the whoops put his oil filter in backwards. You did say the oil was changed just that morning right? And as someone else said 2 bikes out of who knows how many isn't bad. I'll bet there are already some 06 hondas that have blown up.
  15. PDR447

    Good kx250f reliability stories?

    oh and I race 125c class... so I don't baby it!