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  1. thats so sweet, love it! is there a spec list available?
  2. j16out

    01 YZ125 Jetting Issue after rebuild (Video)

    how did you repair this? did you buy new powervalves? chances are if you just pressed it back together its probably fallen out again, had the same problem on my 99. If this wasn't fixed properly the powervalve won't open at the same time as the other, but once rpms come up theres enough pressure to open it up, that sound may be the one valve fluttering momentarily before it revs up.
  3. j16out

    88.. yz250.. no start.. no spark

    coil i think is grounded when bolted to the frame, i think the ohm specs are between 0.2 and 0.3 ohm
  4. j16out

    yz 125 backfire...frustrating, HELP!

    how does your plug look, is it really wet or super dry after you try starting it?
  5. j16out

    fiberglass pipe guard...DIY

    probably, ill use hose clamps once i pick some up
  6. j16out

    fiberglass pipe guard...DIY

    yeah im not sure either, had the stuff laying around an was bored lol worth a shot though
  7. j16out

    2001 Frame

    since they changed the motor in 2000 and changed the body style in 2002/2003 i think you may be looking between 2000 and 2002, that is to find an identical one, if the motor mount positions never changed during the motor change then i would think a 96 to 2000 would fit as well although not sure which years the linkage may have changed. the frame changed in 2003 this may also be an opportunity to think about upgrading to a 2003+ style...may increase final resale
  8. j16out

    fiberglass pipe guard...DIY

    here the semi-final result, i plan to see how well it works before i spend a couple hours filling and smoothning it to a professional finish, so here it is with a quick sand and paint:
  9. heys guys decided i was going to attempt to build a fiberglass pipeguard since the carbon fibre ones are pretty expensive, heres the result so far
  10. j16out

    concerning noise?

    hmmm interesting, could be this, they were koyos as well, i made sure the crank was free after tightning everything down
  11. j16out

    concerning noise?

    thanks guys for the help, heres another vid where its more prominant, it would be nice if it was normal, thought i should check though...safe than sorry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8t3jYaR9WLU originalmonk we have to go for a boot sometime, how often have you been out this year?
  12. j16out

    2 stroke 5th gear problem

    Definantly sounds like transmission, had this happen to me on a wr, same sound and everything and only in 5th, turned out to be extremely worn out shift fork among other things
  13. j16out

    concerning noise?

    hey guys just recent rebuilt my 03 yz250. i replaced the crank, bearings, piston, rings, plating, and two of the tranny bearings. ive probably have about 10hrs on the motor and its seems to have this whining noise that runs with the revs, seems to quit a bit when the clutch is pull in but not by much though, its hard to pin point which side of the motor its on, im running 10w-40 synthetic oil @ 750ml, i just pull the clutch apart again and everything seemed sound. The sound seems to get louder the harder i am on the clutch so im wondering if its clutch related? engine performance is excellent, at this point im wondering if its something serious or if im i just hearing things. any info will be appreciated thanks in advance heres a short clip:
  14. j16out

    yz125 throttle not responding well

    yep sounds like its running really rich, pull the carb apart, make sure one of the jets hasn't come loose and as blackwoodz said check the float height, heres an article on how to do it properly: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/347305-is-your-two-stroke-running-rich-read-here/