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  1. steve0xr

    New member/rider from Northern NJ

    Congrats on your first bike. Theres also a mx track in middletown ny. Its a good place to ride mx for the first time. Next season I'll be hitting some Wednesday practices there.
  2. steve0xr

    Exhaust leak

    Crush gasket goes between the header and the head. Need to look it up for your model bike.
  3. steve0xr


    Btw there's a place over here in jersey city where alot of shitheads tend to go ride on weekends. Its where I would go look for my bikes if they were stolen. Pm me if you want the location. Can't be more than a half hour away from SI.
  4. steve0xr


    I'll keep an eye out sorry to hear.
  5. steve0xr

    Decibel measurement

    They have db meter phone apps. I remember seeing a YouTube vid of comparing one to a real db meter and is was pretty close. Of course I forget which app. But might be an easy way to check yourself.
  6. steve0xr

    Red Bull Rocks and Logs Carnage 2014

  7. steve0xr

    Red Bull Rocks and Logs Carnage 2014

    Your edit is way better than the one they put up on Vurb. Nice job.
  8. steve0xr

    Keeping new bikes looking new?

    You spray the plastics down with it? dosen't it leave them slick feeling?
  9. steve0xr

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    I now qualify for this topic! 13' KTM 300 exc
  10. steve0xr

    Another tire topic

    I spend a decent amount of time on the roads between trails and the 404 on the rear holds up well.
  11. Buy a rekluse with the override. You can ride it just like a regular clutch, and it will give the effect of a flywheel weight (plus a nice light clutch pull). I have two 06 kx250fs one for the woods and one for the track. They two completely different rides. I originally had a flywheel weight on the woods bike and it was good. Then I added a rekluse and the bike was too tame, so i went back to the stock flywheel with the rekluse.
  12. steve0xr

    Decent gear for track riding

    I buy the majority of my gear from motosport on clearance. I usually don't have stuff that matches but I don't really care either. Good luck at the track. Take your time getting use to it and have fun.
  13. steve0xr

    Pine Barons Enduro Riders Hare Scramble

    I've raced this a few times, you guys put together a good course.
  14. steve0xr

    rebuilt 07 kx250f

    My 06 and 07 both do that. I fill the oil to the sight glass and they seem to blow out the breather until oil level is in the lower end/just under the sight glass. I guess I'm overfilling? I don't measure the oil so I wouldn't know.
  15. steve0xr

    Oil loss!

    Oh and my 06 has been losing some oil out of the breather for years, not sure why, but never resulted in too low of a level.