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    Pros/Cons of '07/'08/'09 CRF450?

    I agree absolutely with VPMX. As a shop sponsored senior b (and sometimes national qualifying) 6', 200lbs, 40 year old who has had a new bike each year since 05. The 09 is unbelievable, i had fully intended to keep my fully setup 08 as a spare / practice bike but the difference is such that there was no point. The 09 lets me ride faster, safer and nail the inside-inside of ANY corner (try that on an 08 or older). In addition i now jump more things than ever ( i am a late entrant to MX, started at 33 so BIG jumps are not my cup of tea) BUT the 09 is so much more manoueverable in the air it can recover from (most of) my errors and carry on as if i intended to take off nose high/low etc. It is a great bike. With the right maintenance you SHOULD be okay with mechanicals but as a race bike, luck and nature may take it's course (as would any brand or model). A couple of things, the forks are sprung wrong and new springs make a big difference and i have found it VERY sensitive to rear ride height affecting the balance and steering. Balance wise i get pogoing in braking areas, and steering felt like my 08 when to low in the rear......in addition the FULL power, one micron off zero throttle, was not for me and a full pipe and/or new ignition map will solve/spread that out if you feel the same. Everything is just quality, the plastics, levers, bars just spot on. My vote is to go for it..... Mark

    dont you just love your 09?

    XR70, how did the pins come out. I just removed and replaced my subframe but haven't started it yet. Did you not remove the ecm from the subframe before you removed it? (that is the black box down by the base of the tank right?)

    PICS: updated pics of my -09 ride....

    Maybe a world champion on spending money on your CRF though!! Awesome bike.

    Do you Need 450 Motor

    Hey Marv, i see your point and think it was good of you to give the heads up. I AM a 4t guy and love them, so each to thier own. These guys are just a little "sensitive". after years of 4t bashing on the forums.

    CRF template

    Did anyone come up with a template ? Especially looking for 08 but i believe 05-08 is the same..... If anyone can help , would really appreciate it, want to have a go at my own graphics with a vinyl cutter we just bought for our work vehicles. Cheers Mark

    09 CRF450 w/stock pipe and Sisneros map

    Hi Eddie, can you supply new ignitions with your map on? It's just to ship one over from NZ would put me out of action for too long.... If so, how much in US $? Cheers, Mark

    '09 EFI - Spot on or needs tweaking?

    Ed does your map take away that "snap" off the first crack of the throttle? We have a lot of hard pack, rippled tracks and that sensitivity makes me blip the throttle in to corners sometimes.......very embarrasing overrunning etc.

    09 crf450 front brake

    I would try new fluid first and maybe a braided line. The 09's i have ridden had way better brakes than any of my 08's did. You will love a bigger disk though. However i have gone back to standard size recently and not really suffered (lit can be less tiring sometimes).....
  9. How can they run Showa when it is supposed to be a "production" bike rule? Are they using the new model, factory model rule to get around it or do the rules have a loophole. If so it makes the "production" side of things a bit pointless.....

    Cavitation issues - things to try...

    Thanks for the replies guys. appreciated! That is a good question, i am not sure. I suspect it might take a couple or few laps to happen. But i need to ponder that.... I think maybe a couple of laps it is okay and then does it. Fork oil is replaced quite consistantly but shock maybe every 4-6 months....
  11. Hi Guys I am a New Zealand National class rider (just) about 15-18 seconds slower per lap than our guns (Cody Coopers speed) on a 3 minute national track. For the past few years i have had major problems with what i finally conclude is cavitation on hard pack, clay type tracks. The little acceleration and braking rivets that develop just cause the forks to oscillate out of control, you can here the springs and internal components rattle and the bars shake in your hands really badly. This is particularly up jump faces. I was wondering if there are any general guide lines to help reduce or eliminate this? At softer tracks the forks are great, only these hard pack, blue groove type tracks. Cheers Mark

    Which Setup would you rather have - 07 vs 08

    I have an 06 with GPR and now a stock 08 as well. I am almost certainly going to put the GPR on to the 08. THe mini stabilizer does NOT act like a traditional stabilizer and i miss it. Scre the obsolete crap, the 07 sounds like a good deal. The 08 is VERY stiff, so you will need suspension work as well. Good luck with your choice, hard as it is, it is more a case of spoiled for choice these days isn't it? Mark

    2008 forks

    I am not sure the suspension is entirely the culprit. I have temporarily swapped out my (very well sorted and plush, finally!) 06 suspension and have had to wind the clickers out considerably on the 08. Almost as if the geometry is compounding the stiffness....... Mark

    Michelin MH3 Backorder? How much longer?

    Jeez i thought it was just us in lil' old New Zealand getting screwed by Michelin. We have our National series starting this week and trying to get hold of these tyres is pretty much been impossible for the past 5-6 weeks. Some lucky buggers got in on a sold out back order shipment but the rest of us still waiting. We all presumed we got shafted by the US market's demand....... Mark

    "A" Typical Top End Questions - experts only

    I don't think this has been mentioned above yet either, RECUT THE VALVE SEATS. Paid for knowledge (experience) allows me to offer you that advice! New valves, new seats. Good luck. Mark.