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  1. True520

    Petcock confusion ?

    Well, it looks as if the petcock just has the one hose coming from it to the carb. I will have to take the tank off to get a really good look at it. I did put about 60 miles on her yesterday with just leaving the petcock set between RES and PRIME... seem to be dumping too much fuel into the carb at full PRIME position. Guess the carb will have to come off too....so maybe I will dig a little into the carb adjustment advice on here and do that while it is off. LOL Bike ran perfect all day tho...just like I expect any DR to do. LOL
  2. True520

    Petcock confusion ?

    OK... I just got a pretty clean, stock 04 DR 650. And, while tinkering with the bike the first day, I noticed it would run perfectly while the petcock was set to PRIME. BUT, she runs out of gas in a mile or so if the petcock is placed to ON or RES position. I did pop the gas hose off and sure enough, gas pours out in the PRIME position and shuts off in either the ON or RES position. So, no big deal ( i figure...) I will just leave it in the PRIME position. Well, next morning... bike wont turn over. Luckily for me, I had an EX 500 years back which would fill up the cylinders if you left the fuel on, so I pretty much knew right away what was wrong. So, after blowing all the fuel out of the cylinder, and changing the oil (which didnt look too bad, but I knew it had to have some gas in there.)... I am left wondering... 1) Do I have a messed up petcock... OR, is something else going on? By the way, bike runs fine if left in the PRIME postion while riding...if anything, it is getting TOO much fuel, She pulls EXTREMELY good compaired to the last DR650 I had...and it was an 05. Thanks in advance! Mitch
  3. Chuck... Its an 86 model. I actually talked to a body shop guy today who said he could weld some add-ons to them... so i may just go that direction I do like the looks of those IMS pegs tho. Sweeeet
  4. Super dave, I am mainly going as a ride along partner fog one of mh buddies... he is racing an 83 cr 125, 250, and, 480! He is also a lot better MXer than I. I just bought the xr so i wouldnt have any reason to sit on the sideline. LoL. Im not sure about Mod ohio yet... he just got back from Unidilla...so we may wait till Buds Creek round.
  5. I actually looked at a few of the "well known" name brands... ie: IMS. They didnt have the 200 listed as a product offered... Even had the little XR 100, but not it's be-loved bigger brother. LOL I figured someone on here knew exactly who made some to fit.
  6. Hey guys, I picked up a real clean 1986 xr200 to race in a few AHRMA pre-disk brake classes. (Im really not a motocrosser, but one of my ridding buddies is, and he will be out there on an 83 CR... And there is no reason for me to be sitting in the Bleachers! LOL So, I am basically going to leave the little xr all stock... EXCEPT for some fatter foot pegs, and maybe a little stiffer spring in the front too. Feels like Warm Butter up there! LOL Thanks in advance!, Mitch
  7. True520

    06 DRZ s only idles with choke out...

    thanks for the heads up...I will check the pilot jet first thing in the morning.
  8. True520

    06 DRZ s only idles with choke out...

    just looked at the micro-fishe and noticed there was a "sensor" on the side of the carb... I unplugged this, and it didnt change any. What does that sensor do?
  9. Hey guys, Just picked up a sweet looking 2006 DRZ 400 s this evening. guy said it has been sitting for over a year...and the gas smelled pretty much dead. So, I drained the carb and tank...even took tank off and let it sit upside down for a few. After putting in fresh gas...she fired right up with the choke out...was idling pretty high tho...but when I pushed in the choke...she dies right away...like you had hit the kill switch. After fooling with her for a little while, I can get it cranked with the choke off if I continiously move the throttle...I can keep it running by twisting the throttle in short bursts...but if you let off the throttle...dies immediately. AND, if you just hold the throttle at 1/4 or so...it pops and cracks loudly thru the tail pipe. (does have a loud FMF too...so it pops and cracks even louder. Any help is much appreciated.
  10. Title asks it all. I picked up a used 04 V-force and it has a DMC dual exhaust on it...which is too loud for my taste...AND, I have a buddy who rides a 2007 Brute force...and he actually likes the louder sounds. Can we just trade exhaust? Thanks in advance!
  11. True520

    is it easy to convert a 200 to a 220?

    Well...looks like I am going with an FMF.... Would anyone happen to have one laying around? OR know anyone who is selling a nice used one.? Thanks, mitch
  12. hey guys, standing in someone's yard trying to decide whether or not to take the KDX 200. It is a 1995 and all i need is the motor for a 125/200 hybrid project. Thing is, I think I remember someone saying i needed to buy a 1996 or newer.. Thanks, Mitch
  13. True520

    is it easy to convert a 200 to a 220?

    just thought of something important The bike I am getting has a stock pipe and silincer... I usually like to keep those, but with head and carb mods...should I get another pipe? And if so, what ? Thanks Again
  14. True520

    is it easy to convert a 200 to a 220?

    Sounds like RB was what i needed to know! I had a late model 200 and 220...and I loved both motors...even though they responded differently I often told my ridding buddies...the 220 grunt with the 200 reving would be the best motor ever! I will jerk her out this coming week...check the bottom end bearings, and if all is good there, I will send the Carb and head to RB! Thanks again!
  15. it looks like my 125/200 hybrid is getting off to a start (finally) well...the KDX I am picking up is a little rough looking....so I am figuring a rebuild before i stick it in the 125 frame...well, i was actually thinking the 220 may suit my riding style a little better...can I just change the jug and piston?? thanks in advance!