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  1. surveywaters

    No Reeds in an LT50? Help me understand

    Thanks for that, just trying to understand the design.
  2. I just got an '86 t50 in great condition for a song. In the process of making sure everything is in good shape, I can't seem to find any reeds. Can someone help me understand this. Thanks
  3. surveywaters

    '96 XR80r Crank Lateral Movement

    That is what I needed to hear. It's time for a top end job and I was worried that the paly down there would wear out the lower rod bearing and oval out the cylinder. I don't want to throw money at a piece of junk. Thanks.
  4. surveywaters

    '96 XR80r Crank Lateral Movement

    The only spec I see for lateral play at the crank is the rod bearing. Also, the manual indicates that the right bearing be pressed in; the outer race of this bearing is sliding in and out of the bore. I understand the need for thermal expansive tolerances, the play II have explained is far beyond this. It seems that the main bearing has managed to move closer to the crankshaft weight.
  5. surveywaters

    '96 XR80r Crank Lateral Movement

    Does anyone here have any experience splitting an XR80 case? Where is the play coming from that allows the clutch side main bearing to slide in and out of the case about a mm?
  6. surveywaters

    '96 XR80r Crank Lateral Movement

    '96 XR80 The crank moves side to side; with the clutch removed I can see that the bearing is moving in the casing. I assume this means a new case is in order right? I have done lots of top ends but splitting a case is something I am not real familiar with. How is it there is room for the bearing to move? I'm guessing there's no thrust bearings so what stops the bearing from going to far onto the crankshaft? What would have caused this? Unbalanced crank maybe, the left case was broken from throwing a chain and the flywheel was full of mud. What other damage could this have caused? Trying to get an idea of what all will need done.
  7. surveywaters

    XR250r Pulse Generator

    Yeah, sparks crisp until I ride for a while. I believe the pulse generator is acting up when it gets real warm and is giving a weak spark. This is a problem I've seen mentioned quite a few times from other owners. Just no way to test other than replace. I know it's not the wiring, cdi, coil, boot or plug. So all that's left is the pulse generator. Thanks though
  8. surveywaters

    XR250r Pulse Generator

    I have had an issue for a while now with my '87 XR250r. It runs great, but after trail riding a while and then shutting the bike off it doesn't want to fire back up until it cools down a while. I have gone through the normal diagnostic process and am now at the PULSE GENERATOR. I have not seen an accurate means of testing so I'd like to replace it with a new unit which is of course difficult to find. Looking at the parts diagrams the '86-89 are the same (86-87 was superceded). However, looking at the 90-95 diagram and the diagram for the xr250l, the parts all look to be the same. Does anyone know if later years will bolt up? Does anyone know a source for a NEW replacement? Rick's doesn't carry it. Thanks Guys, Jon
  9. surveywaters

    How much can I expect to pay for 93 XR 250R?

    it's a guess with out pics or looking over it. The mileage doesn't mean much, I rode mine with no speedo/odo for years to keep from breaking it. If it's truelly in GREAT shape I'd go $1250 around here, $1000 would be more typical. It's too new for collector status and a lot older than some great bikes on Craigslist in that price range.
  10. surveywaters

    Newbie with questions

    You should be fine calling it a '90. Have fun
  11. surveywaters

    xr250 Frankenstein R-L

    Is the rake difference between the R and the L in the frame or the triple tree? Is this what causes the 2" difference in ground clearance? All the components in the rear linkage are the same, the rear shock measures the same and the forks are within a cm of each other. Also, should I use the rear shock from the '87 R or the shock from the '91 L? I will ride 2-up at times.
  12. surveywaters

    1995 XR250R muffler

  13. surveywaters

    1995 XR250R muffler

    Very good info. Let's add headers here. Anyone know if post '96 headers are similar to pre '96
  14. surveywaters

    1989 xr250r cams and rockers

    That is a good deal on the rockers, but how do the sub rockers, valve tops, and tappets look? Also are the cam surfaces still within limits? I have seen this before and it is almost always caused by running low oil or an oil pump failure, mine was the pump failure. Pull the clutch side cover, examine the oil screen for metal and take a look at the oil pump.
  15. surveywaters

    xr250 Frankenstein R-L

    Got my frame and spent time stripping what looks like house paint off the L engine case. I am still looking for thoughts on the suspension. i understand the R has better suspension than the L, but this L is 5 years newer than my R; which should I use. Also, what changes need made to '96 and up mufflers to fit older R's