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  1. Kroynon

    KDX 100 Project for the Wife

    Fyi I used a Rekluse 2.0 in my 92 KDX250 from my 08 KX450. It fits and wotks well
  2. Kroynon

    Rekluse clutch for a kx500

    I found that a Rekluse for my 08 KX450 dropped right in to my 92 KDX 250 although not listed. I'm sure you can probably make something work vy experiment.
  3. Kroynon

    Steering stem bearing

    I usually gouge it with a small cutoff wheel in a die grinder for a spot to set a chisel on 2 opposite side and then split it woth the chisel and a hammer. Always works for me...
  4. When that bolt on my 06 KX450 stripped, I tapped the outer case for an m10 to hold the filter cover on properly and was never an issue. When that bolt stripped on my 08 KX450 I just left it off. Also never had an issue. To fix it properly you need to pull the outer cover. I was too lazy and that could be an issue...
  5. How many hours or kms on that stock piston?
  6. Kroynon

    Foot peg

    Yes mine is the same
  7. Exp requires removal of a steel and 2 frictions. This is countered by stiffer clutch springs. This may work in your case if the lever pull is manageable.
  8. Kroynon

    2007 not oiling

    Oil filter in backwards perhaps?
  9. Probably said somewhere already but this thread is ruining dirt biking.
  10. Kroynon

    14 1/2 year old on 250 2t?

    Wait till you're 14 3/4 or 14 7/8 for the 250.
  11. I bought a used kx450 that once I cleaned all the grease from the underside of the engine, discovered jb weld had been smeared all the way along the case half seam. The crush washer was missing from the drain bolt. Put on a new one, chipped off all the jb weld and no oil leak. That's the only one I've ever replaced.
  12. Kroynon

    Tips for brake caliper alignment for my retro install

    How can you tell "it's a little off"?
  13. Kroynon

    Rekluse Abuse

    I run a Rekluse on ALL my bikes. I've had em since 2006, most are the Z-start Pro model but I do have Core EXP 3.0 on my 14 450xcw. I dont know much about the 3.0 other then it feels just like a normal clutch and works awesome for what I typically do on the bike. Mostly exploring, some tech. Not much abuse. So on the Core 3.0 I cant speak to how it handles any major abuse, but I can speak to the abuse I put on the Z-start Pro. It's EXTREME. First, I have to laugh at all the misinformation about them, typically I hear the stuff below most commonly. They over heat more then a conventional manual clutch. True and False: Depending on what you ride you may overheat WAY sooner IF you havent set the Rekluse up properly. The typical setup from rekluse is for it to be SMOOTH. And it is and it works amazing in the gnare. You will go up anything with incredible traction but it will come at a cost, steaming. If you run gnare simply add TC balls, and keep going until your setup properly. Done right the bike will steam less then a conventional clutch. FACT. Because the Rekluse slips more you will wear out clutch plates. True and False: It's both true and false for the same reasons in the previous comments. Just know what your riding and set up the Rekluse properly. I have NEVER wore plates out yet. NEVER. ================================================== The other stuff about them I hear isnt so much the performance of the product but more the problems when using them. If you dont make a hill you will go backwards. True and False: In the unlikely event you cant make a hill with a rekluse (hills are easier with a Rekluse), you have no tranny to hold you up on the hill IF your bike stalls--VERY true. It sucks and in the unlikley event a rekluse stalls you better be ready for it! But since Rekluses never stall simply apply some throttle, then do whatever it is you do with a conventional clutch. If you lose your kicker your screwed: Very True: I've actually witnessed this. No way around it unless you have estart, or spare kicker (in our situation one guy carried one-couldnt beleive it). or a spare plate. Remember this is with the zstart pro the core 3.0 you turn the slave and your good. With Rekluse you lose your manual clutch skills: True: Yup I lose my stalling skills for sure. Glad to be rid of them.  The Rekluse is a tool just like anything else you put on a dirt bike. Purists dont like them, and I'm ok with that. I was pretty good with a clutch and it was made easier with KTM's juice clutches but I still stalled. In a race that is not good, since I want to win I do things that help in that effort. They are expensive. True No getting around it. The Z-start pro is 500 and the 3.0 is like 900+. A lot of coin. In fact I think a lot of the negativity one hears about rekluse is the fact that some guys just dont want to spend the money and when others do it ticks them off. human nature I guess?? Then add the cost of a new dirt bike that may come with estart, so why bother? True: There is less reason to go rekluse now. The negatives of stalling using a manual have been minimized by the additon of having an estart, no doubt about it. Than again, not stalling at all is a better deal for me and others. Rekluse should be on all bikes Hell NO! They arent for everyone and there are some good reasons not to go with them. On the z-start Pro the clutch feel is weird and tuff to get used to for SOME. I certainly get that. You also have to check to see if the clutch is wearing. I check mine twice a year and never had to adjust it since 2006. I ride 200-250 hours a year, so it gets used. But still you should keep an eye on it. There's probably other reasons too. Probably other reasons to go with them that I missed. It's a great product that isnt for everyone but overheating due to the Rekluse is NOT a reason. Hey you like what you like. Nothing wrong with that.I too like lugging my well set up rekluse equipped bike up a hill, ledge, HUGE down log, well just ANYTHING the trail has to offer. I guess an argument could be made about trials riding a clutch control but I still have a weird feeling but functional clutch in my bike and the core exp 3.0 that works/feels just like any other clutch. So I'm not sure why with trials guys it would be any different. Maybe there bikes are geared so impossibly low it's impossible to stall them?? I'll google the double blips or whatever to see what that is. Trials riders and rekluse does get brought up a lot and maybe I just dont know enough about them other then be astounded by what they can do. Unforturately I dont see MUCH of what astounds me on the TRAIL, even while watching jarvis, or walker. What they do I can only dream of but still not trials type astoundment. There are a few things I see, like doing a stop-e going down a hill and turning into the switch back. I have actually seen a local guy do this. Still what I have seen done has nothing to do with a rekluses lack of perfomance as compared to a manual, Your wasting your time on the type. Many seem to be the type that can't afford one and get pissed that you and others can. I know others as well. They'll tell you that the reklused have no skills yet they'll be the one stuck on the hill as you continue on. You can see them seething even under there helmet. It's funny as hell.  I do however get the purists out there. Clutch work is part of the bike experience and it is a point of pride with them. I dont think there is anything wrong with that. The purists USUALLY dont care what others do and in fact understand why those that want a better tool would go that route. Maturity works that way in both camps. Some good stuff on pro/con of a Rekluse and user experiences so I'll add mine: If I still competed offroad I would have estart and Rekluse, but since I don't I don't, sort of. Every second counts and any time spent restarting a bike, for any reason, is time the bike is not moving towards the finish line. Some of those same advantages carry over to trail riding but not to save time but rather to save a stop and a possible fall in a difficult situation. A good point is the last stair step at the top of a steep hill; the front wheel is over the lip and in the air, the rear wheel hits the step and the 4T flames out, both then descend some distance down hill. I like to run 4Ts at low rpm when trail riding and I like to feel that throttle position has a direct effect on torque to the rear wheel. I don't get that with a Rekluse, even a Core 3 with heaviest weights and lightest springs. Brake sliding into corners is a blast with a Rekluse because you will never stall the engine. rekluse recluse