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  1. burra boy

    Real men don't wear shop gloves!

    I bought 5 boxes of his gloves (I'm in Australia) and they are very good indeed. My hands are a lot cleaner now.....
  2. burra boy

    RR - WA to AK on an XR650L

    XLNT trip, m8. My missus and I did much the same trip in 1989, on a K75 beemer. Went right up to Inuvik - helluva ride. The sign at the Arctic Circle said: "welcome to the Arctic Circle, the second driest region on earth." So of course it rained!! The front wheel kept jamming with the mud and we kept falling over. Great memories. We did 48000 kms on that trip, down to the bottom of Mexico and all over the joint. We still have friends in California that we met in Anchorage. For you guys that live a lot closer than I do, you've got no excuse - it's a tremendous ride. Oh, and at either Tok or Haines was a sign I'ver never forgotten: Welcome to Alaska, the last foreign country on earth friendly to Americans.
  3. burra boy

    solomotoparts - Sargent Seat sale

    Just ordered mine. I'll bet it doesn't get here before Santa....