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  1. Evan127

    will dungey ride in the monster cup

    lol whatever makes it a trail bike will be replaced with factory parts......
  2. Evan127

    Will Reed retire?

    2012 will probably be his last full season. One more chance at both of the titles then its full time team owner!
  3. Evan127

    Two-Stroke Fuel Injection Kit

    now throw that on a 2012 sx150!
  4. Evan127

    2012 ktm 250sx compared to a 250f

    Mind me asking what is your age? If you are fairly young and still growing, I would get a another 125 or 150.
  5. Evan127

    2012 ktm 250sx compared to a 250f

    here u go from the new mxa mag. the 2 stroke dominated the 250f! Right click view to see pic bigger
  6. Evan127

    Let the Silly Season begin!

    lol has he even raced a 450 in supercross? Outdoors he is definitely a contender
  7. Evan127

    James Stewart destroyed by money and SX only

    I am just showing my ignorance being from cali.............
  8. Evan127

    James Stewart destroyed by money and SX only

    I think your just jealous that we have to pay an arm and leg for a house while you can buy one for the price of a two cars
  9. Evan127

    Dungey Pre Race Problems (Semi-Spoiler)

    Ray Ray go eat a carrot. Gingers have no souls! hehhehe
  10. Evan127

    AMA RULES and Kawasaki's new bike

    lol Every factory bike has had launch controls for years...Its the switch they have near the throttle.....haha
  11. Evan127

    Fair price for a NEW 05?

    I bought a new 07 RM250 for $4800 OTD in may of 2010 and I thought that was a tad high. IMO so a 05 would have to be less than $4000 OTD or its a ripe off.
  12. Evan127

    KTM 350SX's

    lol.... There is more non racing riders than ones who race. Second the bike is plenty good for amateurs. Who cares how the pro's like them, what matters is if u like it.
  13. Evan127

    What gear do you usually corner in???

    07 RM250 Novice rider 2nd every corner unless a sweeper. 3rd for most big jumps. 4th for long straights or if to tired to scream in 3rd for big jumps. Starts 2nd.
  14. Evan127

    clutch noise-2004 RM 250

    my 07 does it every once in a while.
  15. Evan127

    Who's Your Favourite Retired Racer?