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  1. My bike has been driving me mad over the last 6 months as I have been on and off trying to get it to start. The problem arose at the end of a normal ride, I was bumbling along slowly and all of a sudden the engine stopped (quietly, as if kill switch was used). I then tried to start it many many times, but absolutely nothing (sometimes a loud bang in the exhaust)... until I bump started with the help of a fast tow (was towed a long way until it started). So I had it started, engine seemed normal (same power) but I noticed if I dropped the revs to let it idle the engine would bog and feel as if it was about to die so I rode around for a while keeping the revs mid to high... and then it suddenly died again. And since that, I have tried starting it maybe 200 times, but nothing. My early diagnosis pointed to an intermittent spark (probably wrong but oh well...) so I replaced all the electronics, except for the CDI unit, and that resulted in a reliable, strong blue spark with a new plug, tried an old plug and the spark was yellow (is this ok?). I cleaned the carb, set float height, made sure fuel was getting to it, reeds are all in tact and tight and air filter was cleaned. I have no compression guage, but removing the spark plug and placing my thumb over the plug hole as tight as I can while kicking the engine over pushes my thumb straight off no matter how hard I press. Bottom end compression I have no idea. I took the plug out after trying to start, the tip was wet (it's a new plug). One observation... If I remove the spark plug, and place my hand over the plug hole, and kick over hard multiple times, I feel no fuel on my hand... I have a feeing this is not right?
  2. raymanh

    Ongoing intermittent spark problems

    Also, if I'm buying a new ignition coil, will a 2010 or 2009 coil work for my 2001 bike?
  3. raymanh

    Ongoing intermittent spark problems

    ah good question, I mean the ignition coil, not the stator coils
  4. raymanh

    Ongoing intermittent spark problems

    I have an 2001' YZ125 with an intermittent spark problem. I have checked continuity in all the wires and they're fine, I have checked the resistances in all the components and they're fine. The kill switch is good as well. I thought the problem was the stator because I somehow got it running once and the bike would run fine at high rpm but it seemed like it bogged at low rpm (stator not producing good voltage at low rpm?), but I replaced it with a new one and the problem still persists.
  5. After installing a brand new stator, I thought I had this problem fixed, but a few kicks later and I was wrong. Just to let you know I have checked everything else- fuel, air etc and the problem with the bike is electrical. I can confirm this by kicking with the plug out and touching the head and only seeing an intermittent spark. I have checked continuity is all wires, and the kill switch seems fine, it seems to problem is the either the ignition coil or CDI- that's all that's left right? Would anyone else be able to shed some light?
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    Sweet edit

    Has anyone seen this:
  7. raymanh

    Shining up rusty faded bolts?

    I have and old 86 RM125 that I rebuilt. All the bolts were rusty, now they're shiny new. I just used a wire brush drill attachment.
  8. raymanh

    MOTO 2 The Movie

    Thanks for the link, I shall be watching it
  9. If you have 2.5 gal at 46:1, then you have 2.45 gal fuel and 0.0531915 oil (using the ratio). So you want 32:1 by adding oil. So after you do this you will still have 2.45 gal fuel, but now 0.0531915 + X of oil. And now the total volume is 2.5 + X. Therefore using the ratio, ((2.5 + X)/33)*32 = 2.45. Therefore X is 0.026563; that is the amount of oil, in gallons, you need to add.
  10. It's because when you open the link, it automatically plays it in 720p. Normally, youtube vids play in 360p as default.
  11. I believe my stator is bad on my 01 YZ125 and I have found a new aftermarket stator, called Niche Stators, which have models for various bikes. They say their stators produce 20% more wattage- this won't burn up my coil or CDI will it?
  12. raymanh

    01' YZ125 stator rewind

    Hi, long story short I have a intermittent spark problem, and, with some advice, have narrowed the problem down to the stator (signs: not starting by kick, bogging at low rpm when output is low). I've had a look and stators are pretty expensive, so how easy/difficult/impossible is it to rewind the coils?
  13. raymanh

    fuel injected 250f's

    What year's was is for 450f's?
  14. Try this. Start the bike in neutral, pull the clutch in with your two fingers to your pinky and shift into first. If the bike doesn't lurch or move then the clutch is not engaging and the bite point is further out on the release of the clutch lever so your fine. If it does bite, just adjust the knurled nut that the clutch cable runs through by the lever so it bites later. Some people have a little bite/drag when the clutch is pulled into their gripping fingers.