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  1. Hamish

    Lukes Racing

    I fitted a Lukes 290 kit to my wifes last WR (06) and will do the same for her 08 when the top end needs doing. Luke is a top bloke and has always helped me out and answered all my questions. I have spent thousands there without any problems, he can get genuine parts too
  2. Hamish

    450X - e strart promlem..

    Hi, 1st post over here. I have a 05 450X which has had stareting issues for some time so I'll run you through the chain of events. Bike is a 05 450X CP piston 12.5:1, SS valves and springs, FMF Q4 and otherwise stock. Start button got jammed with mud when daughter was riding bike and the brushes in the starter didnt like it. They got replaced and all was well. Started fine in nuetral and in gear when it felt like it Later I fitted a R camshaft and it cranked over heaps faster and would start fine in gear even when using a crap gearbox oil and clutch was grabby. Even though the clutch basket isnt really flash, I have ruled this out due to it starting fine with the R cam Now the X cam is back in it's gone back to not wanting to start in gear. The bike will turn over 1/2 a revolution or so and stop when it hits the compression stroke I have just checked the clearances and re checked the decompression clearance The 2 methods I tried were : 1:leave .30mm guage in RH ex valve and adjust decompressor for .35mm 2: Set decompressor to .62mm, or whatever Honda recomends Does anyone have any ideas besides refitting the R cam?? Thanks
  3. Hamish

    250x Electric Start Problems

    when you hit the start button, do you hear a 'click'? if no, the problem is between the starter solenoid and the start button if yes, the problem is either the start solenoid contacts or the start motor itself
  4. Hamish

    big bore kits 2007 WR250f

    have a chat to Luke at www.lukesracing.com I got a kit from him for our 06, a lot of his kits say 'all years' so shoot him a email
  5. Hamish

    D piston in new B cylinder?

    Swapper, after having a look at your occupation I see why you are worried Stop fingering the customer and they may buy from you. It'd also be a good idea not to lie, as you'll always get caught out Would you like to name the 20 dealerships that have closed in Brisbane? I can't even think of 5 on the last 5 years
  6. no crank is different, as is the lh crankcase
  7. Hi guys, Does anyone know what the internal differences are from 04 - 08 250x forks and shock? and if the old items can be 'upgraded'? I couldnt get over the plushness and cornering grip of the 08! Thanks in advance
  8. Hamish

    Valves Valves Valves

    This thread is funny All the people with 08's that only got 70hrs out of their inlets might not thinks its propaganda
  9. awesome thread! You just made up my mind for me about the upcoming rebuild on my Wifes 06 250F, I think she'll be happy. Already have the JD kit, Q4 and megabomb, only grey area is re the cams. She rarely revs it hard. Currently it has YZ timing via grind mod, but I fear it will struggle to start with the extra cc's, so may also go s1 HC. I had S2 HC in our 250x and it completly killed the bottom end
  10. Thanks for the reply. SO its safe to say that racetech have cocked up their listing Originally we did the conversion with the small wheel swingarm, but changed to the large wheel swingarm when they had the recall.
  11. sorry to hijack this thread, but I have a few questions about what the US sold bikes are sold as. I assume that a 150 RB Expert is just a big wheel version of the 150R? Here in australia we just have a small wheel and big wheel, no expert. If you go to the racetech site they list completely different spring types for the 150R and the 150R expert but I assume they have the same shock/forks Our bike started life as a small wheel, but its now a big wheel and I need a stiffer rear spring. I ordered one based on the 150R listing on the racetech site, but ended up with a 270mm spring Thanks in advance
  12. Hamish

    Which Pipe for GG EC 300 09

    I went to fit it and it started to get too hard. My stock pipe was bent a bit, and the muffler was bent to suit, so I passed it onot my mate with a 09R, as he prefers to replace pipes than fit a bashplate
  13. Hamish

    Suspension CRF 05 450X 04 250X

    bump cmon guys someone must know! Are 250 & 450 internals the same bar the spring rate and valving???
  14. Hi guys, wasnt sure if this should go here or in the Honda section I have a 04 CRF 250X with heavy springs and valving for a big fella (me) I have just bought a 05 CRF 450X with light springs and valving Is there any reason why I cant just swap the shock and forks over on the 2 bikes as a light rider will eventually have the 250X and I'll take the 450 thanks in advance Hamish
  15. Hamish

    Honda Needle Codes

    I also have JD jetting calculator and would also love the answer to this question, but I am more intrested in the OBEK and NCYQ etc. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.