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  1. Budlite

    Who's out? Who's in??

    now here is a true statement.......a lot of races left in a very hazardous sport
  2. I think I would get on google maps and look at them to see the layout and tree stands that would block vision.....I would guess that Lakewood is the best from a fans point of view. You can sit on the mountainside to the west and see virtually the whole thing....
  3. Budlite

    NBC sports SUCKS!!

    you might try logging out of the gold app or delete the app and redownload it..logging out forces you to re-activate your device and the app will update
  4. Budlite

    NBC sports SUCKS!!

    If qualifying went back to actual racing instead of this putting around waiting for an openning to get in a hot lap I would by the app again but the current qualifying isn't worth it. As far as replacing tv programming with this app simply means you don't watch tv. There are a lot of other things to watch besides mx and sx.
  5. Budlite


    he should have won all 3 so far
  6. Budlite


    I have to wonder if it is the result of the pressure put on him by being on the Pro Circuit team and not living up to their standards or is he simply a basket case come race time. He should be winning but but he's worse than Tomac ever was....he's by far the fastest right up to the point he hits the ground...I think he'll probably win one race and it will probably be the last one after the titles have already been won..I picked him to take the title and he's been a big disappointment but then he's only 9 points behind...!!!
  7. Budlite

    It's Not The Bike

    the real truth is almost all the smaller riders (which is most of the riders) would do better on the KTM....it's lighter and fits smaller riders.........even Tomac would do better on something else in my opinion.....I'm a Tomac fan but I still pick him to finish 4th......if he were on a KTM or a Honda I think he would be faster but that might not be good for him...
  8. Budlite

    It's Not The Bike

    no but I wouldn't start raving about Webb over one race...Baggett won last week and look at this week......Webb is fast or he wouldn't be on a factory team but let's watch a few more and see how he does before we start praising him as the next coming of Christ,,,,,,,my guess is Roczen will still have the red plate next Sunday
  9. Budlite

    It's Not The Bike

    except the 3rd heat, main, whatever you want to call a moto,,,,Eli actually got the holeshot and disappeared.....
  10. 2 sets of whoops,,,,not good for MM so he'll probably win....lol...my picks though are KR, JA and........................................................Brayton followed by Tomac and Barcia
  11. Budlite

    NBC gold app

    wonders never cease....they confirmed that I was correct and fixed the problem,,,,,,I can now watch the outdoor races from 2016, 17 , and 18......hallaluyah
  12. Budlite

    Tickle Suspended

    and that's a bad thing ?
  13. Budlite

    Glen Helen MX OFF the 2019 National Schedule?

    all the AMA Pro Sports does is provide a central location for the dispersal of information, in other words, a clerical office. Feld bought Supercross. The rules are dispersed by the AMA but, in SX, they are made by Feld which follows the FIM to a degree. An example are the use of the metal starting grates and the foot stools the shorter riders can use. The stools were illegal until recently. Don't ask me why. My son is 5'4" with short legs. He never raced a single race in his life that he could touch the ground with both feet on the starting line.
  14. Budlite

    Glen Helen MX OFF the 2019 National Schedule?

    in reality AMA Pro Racing doesn't even exist anymore,,,,,,,smoke and mirrors and has never actually been part of the AMA that runs amateur racing....
  15. Budlite

    Hey Eli

    And it might ! it's what I've been saying....I sure hope so, I haven't been north on 93 in a long time...