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  1. mikewrf18

    JUMPING TIMING? My yz250 has reverse!

    Excellent advice still smoking! Thank you for your reply. I'll start with stator. Never thought reeds would be a possibility, since it runs so good at times, I'll check that too if I come up with nothing at stator.
  2. mikewrf18

    JUMPING TIMING? My yz250 has reverse!

    So, if I understand you correctly usedyz426, the stator is probably loose in there causing the bike to move in and out of time while hitting bumps and such while riding? That could very well make sense, I will need to further inspect today after work when I pull flywheel. I think I read on here that key could have sheared off. Woodruff key, would that result in same symptoms? I found no metal shavings, metal chunks or anything else in the fluid or anywhere else so far so I'm thinking and hoping I did no damage to clutch and tranny.
  3. mikewrf18

    JUMPING TIMING? My yz250 has reverse!

    That is what I'm wondering. It does me no good to just adjust the timing if something else is causing it to go out of time again. It has to be going in and out of time since it will run great one minute, and then running horrible and going in reverse the next. Just not quite sure where to start at this point. I'm pretty new to 2 strokes as well.
  4. Mind boggling to me! I've had my 02' yz250 with recluse clutch for a little while now, with zero issues. This past weekend I took it out for a ride, and experienced some mind boggling symptoms! It started up first kick and ran great on the trail for about 15min. I hit a few long whoop sections, and immediatly after began to sputter and then stall. It ran horribly, stumbling all over itself and stalling continuously. Replaced plug, and it did the same. Then all of the sudden it would come back to life and run great again for a short while. On a couple restarts, i would give it some gas to get on going, and I would start to go in reverse! (And no I didn't imagine it, and no I was not drinking! It really went in reverse!) I have witnesses! Shut it back off and restart and I get going forward again. I read a ktm thread similar to these symptoms, and it sounds like a timing issue. That's the only resonable explanation for the engine rotating in the opposite direction? My question is what would cause my bike to jump out of time, then back in time? It started up first kick again after washing it when I got home! I did hit some mud, it was wet, so the weather conditions were colder and wetter then my bike has been used to over the last few months. I drained the tranny oil, pulled the recluse clutch cover, and ignition cover and inspected, with nothing out of the ordinary I think. Ignition has some dust and rust on flywheel, so moisture and debris is making its way in there. Please give me some advice on what to look for and cross off the list of potential problems!
  5. mikewrf18

    04 ktm 125 running backwards?

    This happened to me this past Sunday during a ride on my 02 yz250. It had me mind boggled! I thought I had ruined my rekluse and or tranny. I really hope it is in fact timing. Thanks for this thread!
  6. Old outer race on the left, new one on the right. New race was too sloppy! Old race back in, nice and tight!
  7. ChickenHauler, thanks again for your wealth of knowledge on this subject! Did that, it's tight, and the new bearings I dropped into the new races as well, and they turn smooth as butter! It's been a couple hours but my outer races aren't snug enough yet. I'll keep the hubs by the heater tonight and hope for the best in the morning.
  8. Inner races went in tight, even after sitting in the freezer for 24 hours, and warming up the hub. Had to rotate with a punch to get it seated. I do believe no need for lock tight! It is really tight! Outer races dropped right in, no driving with a punch necessary. I hope that when the races warm up they will be tight, if not I may look into locktight for them.
  9. The spindle looks good and clean, no pitting, where the inner bearing races mate. I was very careful not to cut through the bearing race into the spindle. I cut 3/4's through, then used a chisel and hammer to crack the race. The hub looks good as well. I'll try the red lock tight idea, for added piece of mind.
  10. mikewrf18

    Best Sound Ever

    Love it!
  11. Got the most time consuming and head banging work completed today! Cut the frozen inner races off with a cutting wheel/grinder, and pounded all four bearing races out of the hub. It was a real pain in the a$$! New races are in the freezer over night, and will be installed in the hubs tomorrow, and the truck will be put back together, providing everything goes smoothly as planned! Thanks for all the help fellow TTer's!
  12. If you haven't read my previous posts, divorce! LOL! Money is tighter then ever! I have considered it as a last resort though! I'll through everything back together with what I got before I go that route! Besides that, I have bikes, and a travel trailer to be moved!
  13. How ruined was your spindle? Does mine look recoverable? Any pics? ChickenHauler, check my pics after moderate cleaning. Still useable? Still have a bit more work to do on it.
  14. Spindle almost cleaned. Best way to clean this? Tips? She just wants to roll again! LOL!
  15. Yes, I do believe it is part of the old bearing (inner bearing race??? not exactly sure on the correct terminology) Just wanted someone to verify before I started cutting on it. Thanks! I'll try a bearing puller on it first. I have to purchase one first. Getting to the parts shop has proven difficult since I live in the sticks. Nearest auto store is 20 minutes away. No taxi service either! I have to depend on friends to take me up when it's convenient for them. On top of that, my friends have come back with the wrong parts 3X now! Not their fault, they don't really know what they are looking at, but you would think that O'Riely's would know what to send them back with when I left detailed instructions and notes: 1994.5 Ford Powerstroke 4WD (Dana 50 front axle) Inner and Outer wheel bearings and races for both sides, and inner hub oil and grease seal for both sides. Is that confusing to any of you? Even provided part numbers for them!