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  1. the bartender

    Supermoto Dragon

    5 years ago you could do this in B.C. (contrary to whats been posted, its not a federal registration). You however can no longer convert an ORV to street legal, and in some cases ICBC will not legalize a converted bike at registration transfer. p.s. there is no limitation to using knobbies on the street. there are lots of legal enduros sold with them.
  2. the bartender

    How reliable has yr 2011 husaberg fe570s been to u..

    FS, but 70 hours, a half dozen oil changes, valves havent moved. no problems whatsoever.
  3. the bartender


    things would have been set in stone 12 months ago. 2013 bikes will be in production now, and shipping within 60 days.
  4. the bartender

    Any pics of a 2010 or newer YZF450 supermoto bikes ?

    dont think VSM has existed for a couple of years now. The location they show on their website was vacant this time last year, and didnt look like any one had been there in sometime.
  5. the bartender

    Motorex 10w60 in an FE570?

    thats not relevant to this thread though.
  6. the bartender

    Motorex 10w60 in an FE570?

    *2 the advice the dealer gave you on using it for hot temps is bang on.
  7. the bartender


    this pic has been explained on KTMtalk. iirc its just a one-off bike built for a rider, and has nothing to do with production bikes.
  8. the bartender

    DDM tuning H4

    the light output isnt from the bulb, its from the reflector. so removing that doesnt really help. the shield also a heat shield, and without it dont be surprised if your headlight housing fails melts/cracks. p.s. and just because you arent getting flashed, doesnt mean your headlight isnt blinding them.
  9. i'd make sure that the container can vent. the gas isnt that dangerous, but if that container was full of fumes, it would be.
  10. the bartender

    What will you replace your DR-Z with?

    if its a supermoto - husaberg 570 or ktm 690 if its not - triumph street triple R although the idea of a touring bike has certainly been on my mind a lot lately
  11. the bartender

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    got rid of the barbed wire.
  12. the bartender

    my drz400sm build TURBO FI

    i actually meant whats the new project, since I saw this one is for sale on CL.
  13. the bartender

    my drz400sm build TURBO FI

    So Dan, whats up next?
  14. the bartender

    Lets See Pics Of Your White DRZs

  15. the bartender

    make sure I'm buying the correct DRC edge.

    thats the right one.