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  1. Brewster Two

    XR400/250 clarke 3.8 gallon tank pictures please?

    Despite the lack of love for the IMS tank, they have been race proven for many, many years now. Personally, I think it is due to the price compared to a Clarke, NO FLAME WAR INTENDED, lol. The IMS has served admirably for several years now on both my 400 and my Son's 250. It would appear the IMS molds are in better shape too.
  2. Brewster Two

    A bunch of reasons why Clarke tanks suck!

    I replied to this post and then realized it was 2 years old! It's true, I'm a dummy, LOL.
  3. Brewster Two

    modern MX forks that will fit the xr400 triple clamps?

    You're going to have to change the triple tree's due to the USD forks. The new CRF450's come from the factory with a steering damper. Dampers are worth their weight in gold IMHO!
  4. Brewster Two

    2002 honda xr 200 decompression cable? air filter?

    The Uni filter replaces the stock air filter mounted in the air box (you need the air box). I'd get the decomp cable replaced asap as the XR200's kick starter will give you problems with prolonged use without it.
  5. Brewster Two

    Uh...where'd the oil go?

    I find the instructions from Honda don't always work. I have to ride the bike a short distance after it is warm. Then I shut it off and check it, its the only way I can get consistent readings. XR's ARE among the most dependable bikes ever built IMHO.
  6. Brewster Two

    Uh...where'd the oil go?

    If you did an oil change and oil filter, you should have put in 1.5 US quarts. More than that and you have overfilled the bike. Lets first make sure you have the proper amount of oil in the bike.
  7. Brewster Two

    Uh...where'd the oil go?

    What is your procedure for checking the oil? Its not as simple as removing, wiping and inserting the dipstick into the engine/frame. XR's require "the procedure" to get an accurate reading.
  8. Brewster Two

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    Well, Tricky Dicky DID have things to hide, LOL.
  9. Brewster Two

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    I'd like to ask a silly question, and I'm not trying to be a smart a??. Why do people cover up their license plate number when posting pictures? I mean, it is on public display while riding, what am I missing? On another note, I cut out a flat piece of plastic from a water jug and mounted it under the plate, it keeps the license plate from getting destroyed under normal conditions, FWIW.
  10. Brewster Two

    xr200 dual sport project. lighting stator options.

    I agree, but for a girl trail riding at night once in a while, this will suffice for now.
  11. Brewster Two

    xr200 dual sport project. lighting stator options.

    True, no argument here!
  12. Brewster Two

    Removing the XR200R choke plate ok?

    That would all depend on the size of the valves, the lift and duration of the camshaft, and the overall design of the head {intake/exhaust passages}. Should be a bear to start in cold weather though! LOL.
  13. Brewster Two

    xr200 dual sport project. lighting stator options.

    I just put this Baja Designs headlight on my daughters 2000 XR200R, used a 35W H4 bulb, the tail light is also from Baja and is LED. I'm using the stock stator ....... works great for trail riding but I wouldn't want to compete with it!
  14. Brewster Two

    Wiring An Acerbis LED Vision Headlight on My XR400R

    I've got 4 "street legal" XR's, and just to clarify, DOT requires a battery to be street legal (this would mean DC power). The reason is, if the bike stalled or was broke down on the side of the road at night the lights would still be ON, giving other motorists the ability to see you. Some states check for this and some don't. I've kept my XR's on AC power and have made them "street legal" as they are all for "Primarily Off Road Use". I'm willing to accept the tickets if an officer were to ticket me. I guess you need to just weigh the odds and go from there.
  15. Brewster Two

    CRF100 or 125 for my 10 year old?

    Yeah, my 29 year old Son got engaged last month, I went out and got my new daughter in law this 2000 XR200R. I went through the bike completely and its now "Mechanically Sound". The idea of dying in the middle of the desert due to a "stupid" mechanical failure is not something I'm willing to accept, so I've done all I could. These bikes are as dependable as the day they left the factory (I hope). I'm just working on its appearance now (I'm overly ANAL) and I'll have a Baja Designs light kit on it in a week or so. I just LOVE these XR's !! (obviously).