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  1. Rotaholic

    2014 RMZ forks versus 2015 RMZ forks

    I would also pick the 15, send the shock and fork to racetech for a revalve and spring conversion and you will have one sweet ride. Night and day difference
  2. Rotaholic

    Oil leaking

    Unsure without seeing it, the valve cover seal can be used a few times so try it first
  3. Rotaholic

    Oil leaking

    Sounds like you have stripped the threads, I did that on my 05 and removed the cam journals and tapped them out to the next size up and it worked great. You wont be able to use the origanal bolts anymore, I just used allen cap screws and penny washers.
  4. Rotaholic

    18 impressions

    I think it will BNG but a new linkage arm and revalved shock setting would be nice
  5. Rotaholic

    '17 RMZ popping while idling, decel, and flame out

    Have you checked for air leaks first? head pipe, mid pipe, old packing etc. Maybe try the factory ECU with the couplers to see if it helps and you will know which way to go
  6. Rotaholic

    Rmz450 mapping

    I have the vertex which I love but I’m pretty sure the couplers don’t do anything once you swap ecu’s, it may be different with the get
  7. Rotaholic

    rekluse clutch

    You can run more idle
  8. Rotaholic

    compression braking

    Yes you can get rid of the compression braking to a certain extent with the rekluse
  9. I'm so glad I live in New Zealand, our police don't even carry guns.
  10. Rotaholic

    18 impressions

    Exactly, looks like it's happening on the down shift, the boot presses on the bend and not on the shifter tip causing the boot to slide towards the case. This is made worse when wearing a boot like a gearne that does not have moulded soles.
  11. Rotaholic

    18 impressions

    Change the shifter to a hammerhead and it should fix the rubbing issue. Stock shifter bend is horrible
  12. Rotaholic

    18 impressions

    This is a pretty good read https://krooztune.store/tested-2018-suzuki-rmz450/
  13. Rotaholic

    18 impressions

    Your steering would just have 14 clicks of adjustment
  14. Rotaholic

    18 impressions

    Look’s epic man, and congrats. Would love to say it gets easier but you’re never going to sleep again 😂😂😂
  15. Rotaholic


    Everyone knows a factory ecu is where all the real power is made. Trouble is finding one, JS7 would still be racing if he could find one, I guess you could try a vertex or athena but it won’t lift the front wheel like a factory ecu does