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  1. Rotaholic

    2018 RMZ 450 impressions?

    Bone stock but a perfect canvas
  2. Rotaholic

    2018 RMZ 450 impressions?

    I finally picked up an 18 on Monday, can't believe this will be my 6th RM-Z 450. It is used with 19 hours but I will give it a good freshen up and post pics once I've built it into something I'm happy with. If anyone is after an a kit shock for last gen rmz let me know.
  3. Rotaholic

    2018 RMZ 450 impressions?

    Hey Adam, where did you get the showa shock sticker from? I found blackbird do the fork decal but no shock.
  4. Rotaholic

    2018 rmz450 question

    SHAC - suzuki holeshot assited control. When you start the bike, short press or long press will activate the two different modes. I cant remember which one is for what surface as I run a vortex ecu
  5. Rotaholic

    13' RMZ450 Fork Service

    I’m not talking about the rebound nut on the damper leg...... I know an awful lot about the gen2 sff fork. Good luck, seems you know it all already
  6. Rotaholic

    13' RMZ450 Fork Service

    Its been a long time but im sure I took it apart at the other end. On the fork foot/lug undo the bolt 22mm? and then get a long bar and put it through where the axle goes and with the fork cap on the ground and the fork standing up, sit on the bar to compress the fork! or get a friend to help sit on it and then undo and your good to go. No special tools needed.
  7. Rotaholic

    RMZ bolt kit?

    Palmerston North, how bout yourself? Just got back from taikorea, man that sand track can be brutal
  8. Rotaholic

    RMZ bolt kit?

    Haha yes indeed, gotta stay hydrated.
  9. Rotaholic

    RMZ bolt kit?

    I always try and put bolts back where they came from when possible so they never get lost. It definitely helps
  10. Rotaholic

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    You should know better, 3k would get you a think seat, new tires, tubeless conversion, full Ti exhaust and titanium axles and pegs. That’s close to 10lbs right there
  11. Rotaholic

    counter shaft / shift shaft seal leaking 08 rmz 450

    Really easy to replace them both, just grab new seals and a pick and rip them out.
  12. Rotaholic

    2014 RMZ forks versus 2015 RMZ forks

    I would also pick the 15, send the shock and fork to racetech for a revalve and spring conversion and you will have one sweet ride. Night and day difference
  13. Rotaholic

    Oil leaking

    Unsure without seeing it, the valve cover seal can be used a few times so try it first
  14. Rotaholic

    Oil leaking

    Sounds like you have stripped the threads, I did that on my 05 and removed the cam journals and tapped them out to the next size up and it worked great. You wont be able to use the origanal bolts anymore, I just used allen cap screws and penny washers.
  15. Rotaholic

    2018 RMZ 450 impressions?

    I think it will BNG but a new linkage arm and revalved shock setting would be nice