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  1. Your steering would just have 14 clicks of adjustment
  2. Look’s epic man, and congrats. Would love to say it gets easier but you’re never going to sleep again 😂😂😂
  3. Everyone knows a factory ecu is where all the real power is made. Trouble is finding one, JS7 would still be racing if he could find one, I guess you could try a vertex or athena but it won’t lift the front wheel like a factory ecu does
  4. Perfect result
  5. Yes you can make it out of a 12v battery and a 12v led/bulb. I would check your tip over sensor
  6. You will definitely notice it when it loses pressure, it should be set at 5bar.
  7. I did my 08 on youtube along time ago, go for it! super fun project
  8. Nice Brian! great bikes.
  9. I have the krooztune spring conversion and racetech gold valves and highly recommend them. The race tech spring conversion would be ideal if you could get a package deal. You won’t regret ditching the air
  10. Which button? There is no hot start 😂
  11. A couple of the loom connectors will plug into the wrong plugs, I think it was on the throttle body, make sure you haven’t swapped something by accident. Sounds like you have covered all the bases though
  12. Please do your own research but I read that they have changed the T6 formula and it’s too slippery causing the clutch to burn out. We don’t have rotella in NZ so I can’t comment from personal experience.
  13. Definitely try the grey mellow coupler if you haven’t already. The rekluse should be top of the list, look for a second hand one, you should be able to pick them up real cheap
  14. The older forks are shorter, pretty sure the shock hasn’t changed
  15. I never purchased oem ones but any automotive store should sell them. The pins never fail it’s always the female side corrodes or collapse’s. Just cut them off and recrimp the new ones on.