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  1. Exhaust header air leak?
  2. Could be head gasket, is it using water?
  3. Just buy the race tech conversion and call it a day, krooztune in Aussie do a cheaper one that has external preload adjuster
  4. Yes SFF is 48mm. The shock body hits the frame on the 18, only real option is a ohlins flow, kybs new factory shock from technical touch or breaking into JGRs workshop and stealing one of their custom showa shock bodies. You can make a hybrid from an old WP shock body with Showa internals a modified shock shaft and a rmz clevis but it is a lot of work. Race tech have just released their gold valve kit which would be the best option right now, add a linkage that adds 1mm and you are good to go.
  5. Shock won't work, but you can make a shim/bush/sleave out of some light 1mm panel steel to wrap around the fork leg to make the SFF work, I did it on my bike for a while. It only needs to be done on the bottom clamp. Just get it cut it just under the height of the bottom clamp and about 150mm length I think from memory and get it rolled at an engineering shop and your good to go. (Might pay to do your own measurements, it was a while ago now)
  6. That's fantastic news, thanks for the update Chris
  7. You will have to adapt but the suzuki 450 is very mellow, its not gonna tear your arms off or give you whiskey, it will be heavier but you can cancel that out by using the extra power. You will love it, its like a right of passage into vets haha. Just bang it in 3rd and go
  8. I have heard of people have the flywheels fail, the magnets die on them, try that
  9. If you are using suspension to wheelie you aren’t “pulling a wheelie” you are doing a power stand aka goon, you should be on the balance point, find the fulcrum. I can wheelie any bike first time without even riding the bike before, be it moto, street or pushy, it’s just a thing you train for, suspension has very little to do with it. Best place to practise is up an incline
  10. My mate has a GP1 Get ECU from his 2014 KXF-450, I want to put it on my 2015 RMZ-450, from what I have read, all that is different is the maps. What do I need to install the maps and is it as simple as that? Can I just make a simple serial cable?
  11. That sux, I have had a head gasket leak into where the timing chain is, symptoms were similar but more of a loud ticking noise. Hope you get it sorted? I know Darryl Hurley has a room full of those motors from the suzuki race team, he might be able to help you out if something has seriously let go, otherwise you might get away with just some gaskets and a new piston kit. Was there much debris on the magnetic strainer? If it only has a few hours I would definitely go back to the dealership
  12. Do you know if the get ecu can be swapped from brand to brand? My mate has one for his KXF he wants to sell, I doubt it would work on the RMZ but would be awesome if it was as simple as downloading a new map? thoughts?
  13. Hmmm, doesn’t sound promising. Try it on the stand so there is less load on the spring. Think your best option is to disassemble that fork leg and check everything, they are very simple and should only take a few minutes.
  14. How much do you weigh? I found I liked that fork best with the preload backed all the way out. It should turn with a 14mm, it takes a bit of force as the clicks are very positve. It may be allready back out so try going in on it?
  15. I highly recommend throwing in the race tech gold valves if you have done suspension work before? Or get a shop to put them in for you. They have a very good feel for that year bike