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  1. Cardinal Rule

    Reed Cage Air Leak

    I just had this exact problem. I ordered an extra reed paper gasket and haven't had a problem since. Thought about using a gasket maker, but didn't want to have issues with scraping it off and resealing the next time I need to get in there. The paper gasket is much easier to replace without going the route mentioned above about replacing the whole seal. I haven't run a leak test, but the bike runs beautifully.
  2. Cardinal Rule

    '04 CR250 workshop manual

    My Honda Service manual says 2002-2004 on the front.
  3. Cardinal Rule

    PWK air striker guys which cable?

    Slightly different, but I used my stock '04 cable on my PWK. Works great. From what I understand...comes down to length. As long as your PWK isn't drastically shorter or longer you should be fine.
  4. Just because its the answer you want to hear doesn't make it the best answer.
  5. Cardinal Rule

    cylinder head/piston removal inspection

    I'm still confused why it was hitting. It shouldn't even come close...even if you fixed it by grinding it down, it would indicate to me that something else isn't right.
  6. Cardinal Rule

    www.mt-llc.com Review?

    Sent my cylinder to them with a chip and was unsure of a potential crack on the exhuast bridge. Asked them to inspect. If it was just a replate I was going to have them do it, but if it needed welding I wanted to do a different setup from Eric Gorr after comparing costs. They inspected and shipped to Eric Gorr as a core exchange at no cost to me. Hands down awesome service. Plan on using them in the future for sure.
  7. Cardinal Rule

    cylinder head/piston removal inspection

    Nice ride, you are smart for checking everything on a used bike, never know what previous owners have or haven't done. Did you ever get it put back together? Can anyone explain more about the diesel flush...why and what for?
  8. Cardinal Rule

    Cylinder Picture

    Now that the update is done, I thought I would update you on the progress. Mill. Tech inspected the cylinder and said they found a crack at the bridge in the exhaust port. So with welding, the price went up enough that new options opened up to me. For almost identical prices I could have them fix it, order an OEM cylinder, or get a new setup from Eric Gorr. Gorr had an oem cylinder in stock and said if I sent him my head and exhaust valve he would inspect, clean, and set up everything with the piston he had. I decided to go with Gorr, get everything done and matched for the same price and get his expertise. I am so glad I did. So props to Millenium Tech...they ship to him a lot and just threw my old cylinder in with another shipment. He called and said that I actually had an 02 cylinder. Goes to show you that you never know what previous owners have done....gotta go through and check everything. He replaced it with an 02 saying that is a better year. Picking it up on Thursday!
  9. Cardinal Rule

    98 cr125 failed wrist pin bearing

    What do you mean by ruined the cylinder? Scratch/gouge? Pics?
  10. Cardinal Rule

    Cylinder Picture

    I asked them to set it to OEM bore with the piston letter. They said that's what they typically do unless you want a specific bore.
  11. Cardinal Rule

    Cylinder Picture

    Cylinder is all boxed up and ready to ship out tomorrow to MT. I'll post up before and after pictures when I get it back. Had a difficult time with the exhaust valve and a dowel on the jug. Some time and patience got the flapper shaft out, guys at MT told me to forget about the dowel...it will dissolve during the chemical process. If it ends up needing welding, which I don't foresee, the price jumps up enough (with all the shipping) that it makes more sense to get an OEM replacement jug altogether. I told them to call me before they do anything. Should have it back in a week or so.
  12. Cardinal Rule

    Cylinder Picture

    Been following your thread..def won't use US Chrome! Plus I don't live too far from Eric Gorr or Millenium Technologies so I can just drop it off.
  13. Cardinal Rule

    Cylinder Picture

    Only indication that anything was wrong was a rough idle, which I thought to be a jetting issue due to sudden cooler weather, or plugged power valve. Anything above idle it was fine. Couldn't fix it so I garaged it until I had the time to pull it apart and this is what I found. Should I be considered about damage in the bottom end? Those pieces have to be somewhere...or out the exhaust....?
  14. Cardinal Rule

    Cylinder Picture

    This will be a first for me...will have to do my research on a good place to have it done. What causes something like this?
  15. Cardinal Rule

    Cylinder Picture

    Bought this 04 CR250 this summer, in process of thorough clean/grease/top end/etc. Came across this in the cylinder...thoughts?? Edit: photo